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5 Ways to Use Colloidal Silver

The maximum number of drops of a silver supplement to consume per day when using it on an ongoing daily basis every day of your whole life (up to 70 years or 25, days of ongoing daily use) 12 x lbs / ppm = # drops per dayRatings: For example, if youТre pounds, and youТre using a 10 ppm colloidal silver solution, youТd multiply 12 times = 1, Then divide 1, by 10 (ppm), which is So at a bodyweight of pounds, you can safely take drops of colloidal silver per day, for your entire life, according to .

Colloidal Silver Dosages for Ude and Cats. In an article titled Colloidal Silver for the Healthiest Pets Everjournalist and usse colloidal silver advocate, Angela Kaelin, offers the following dosage information for dogs and cats, based on coloidal accounts:. This is just a general guideline.

Also, give your pet extra colloidal silver before and after any surgeries. Apply colloidal silver topically to any incisions how to work out accruals injuries to prevent infection. It is a natural cure for diarrhea and other digestive upsets. And that goes for both pets and for humans.

So a lot of pet dosage recommendations are simply composed of what people have tried on their own pets, and have written about afterwards. These recommendations are for dogs, but in my personal experience with pets and colloidal silver, this same dosage chart could easily apply to cats, as well, since it goes by body weight, which is the appropriate way to determine a colloidal silver dosage.

When my dogs or cats are visibly sick, I give them considerably more colloidal silver than the above dosage charts recommend Ч maybe triple the recommended amount usee on body weight if my dog or cat is visibly ill.

And I might stick with this higher dosage level for several days, or even for up to a week if the illness seems to be stubborn. So pet owners do indeed have to experiment a bit colloifal see which dosage levels work for their own pets, and which do not. But the two charts above will give you a good place to start. Much of what is productive resources in economics is anecdotal, meaning personal accounts from colloidal silver users who have pets.

And here are some in-depth articles with detailed testimonials on using colloidal silver for sick pets and other animals:. But it can be extremely expensive. In fact, because colloidal silver works so well against numerous forms of infection and disease, it has the highest price mark-up of any nutritional supplement in existence. The amount of actual silver in a four-ounce bottle of colloidal silver is about five to 12 cents worth. Yes, I silveer five to twelve cents.

And people are more than willing tto pay through the nose for these commercial colloidal silver products at health kuch stores because colloidal silver does indeed heal infections and prevent the spread of germs and disease faster and better than any other natural supplement on the planet!

So, commercially speaking, the retail price of colloidal silver at health food stores reflects its value to the consumer far more so than its true cost to produce. But with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can make your own safe, pure, high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for about 36 cents a quart!

In other words, you can make it at actual costjust like the big colloidal silver bottlers do. Compared to typical health food store prices, your first two one-quart batches literally pay for the entire cost of your new generator! Do you know of any other health product that literally pays for itself the very first few times you use it?

The savings are absolutely astonishing! Here are just a few reasons how to make snowman ornaments you should own oneЕ. And we never have to worry about the costs because it only costs a few pennies per quart to make!

It is without a doubt the single-best money-saving appliance in my entire house! Best of all, the machine is very easy to use and easy to store. I was concerned about ease-of-use, but my fears were unfounded. After I got mine and mucy it, I immediately bought one and sent it to my year-old mom, and she uses it regularly as colloudal.

Now that I have a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, I can use colloidal silver for everything Ч disinfecting the kitchen sinks, countertops, and the cutting boardЕspraying the toilet bowls, and the bathroom countertops and sinksЕspraying it on my toothbrush to prevent bacterial growthЕrinsing my mouth with it to prevent cavities and gum diseaseЕyou name it.

We use it in the bathtub for skin problems. And of course, we drink it when our tummies are queasy, or when we feel a cold or flu coming on. We also gargle with it in order to get rid of sore throats and sniff it up our noses to get rid of sinus problems. My husband even sprays it on his hair in the mornings and has completely eliminated his lifelong dandruff problem.

And he sprays a little bit in his eyes from time to time, and now has no more recurrent problems with sties. I finally sat down and figured out how much this machine has been saving us. So a quart of the steam-distilled water costs about 25 cents. And frankly, considering how long the. And as I mentioned we make one quart per week, and we spend about 35 cents a week on making colloidal silver.

When you put pencil colloisal paper and figure it out, it definitely takes you by surprise. I must have multiplied that wrong. In their advertising literature, The Silver Edge says the unit completely pays for itself after your first couple of one-quart batches.

But the savings is nevertheless astonishing when you reflect on it. Indeed, your first batch or two will indeed completely pay for the entire cost of your generator, compared to health food store prices!

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual. Colloidal Silver Secrets Group on Facebook. Information conveyed herein is from sources deemed to be accurate and reliable, but no guarantee can be made in regards to the accuracy and reliability thereof. The author, Steve Barwick, is a natural health journalist with over 30 years of experience writing professionally about natural health topics. He is not a doctor.

Therefore, nothing stated in this How to download free psp movies should be construed as prescriptive in nature, nor is any part of this Ezine meant to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Nothing reported herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The author is simply reporting in journalistic fashion what he has learned during the past 17 years of journalistic research into colloidal silver and its usage.

Therefore, the information and data presented should be considered for informational purposes only and approached with caution. Readers should verify for themselves, and to their own satisfaction, from other knowledgeable sources such as their doctor, the accuracy and reliability of all reports, ideas, conclusions, comments, and opinions stated herein.

All important health care decisions should be made under the guidance and direction of a legitimate, knowledgeable and experienced health care professional.

Readers silber solely responsible for their choices. Click the image above to learn more about the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator that allows you to make high-quality colloidal silver for less than 36 cents a quartand is so easy to use, even my 88 year old mom uses one!

No reproduction without the expressed written permission of The Silver Edge. We are distributors of electronic appliances and nutritional supplements. Therefore we cannot and do not offer medical advice. Please do not call with medical questions. If you have a medical problem, please see your licensed physician. Self-treatment is not recommended. The FDA has not kse the information contained on this web site.

Products distributed by The Silver Edge are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Testimonials are the subjective experiences of our customers and are not intended to be construed as being prescriptive in nature, nor a guarantee that the usage methods described are safe, effective or reliable, nor a guarantee that your results will be the same; individual results may vary.

Additionally, the contents of this web site are strictly for information purposes only, and should not in any way be construed as providing siler attempting to provide medical advice. Information on this web site is derived from sources deemed to be accurate and reliable, but no guarantee, express or implied, can be made regarding the accuracy or sipver of same.

Therefore readers are encouraged to verify for themselves and to their own satisfaction the accuracy and reliability of all reports, recommendations, conclusions, comments, and opinions. The Silver Edge does not make any claims or promises as to health benefits accruing from the use of any product.

There is plenty of publicly available independent documentation -- both pro and con -- regarding the uses and efficacy of colloidal silver and its long history in health and medicine. They are not medical devices.

The Silver Edge specifically disclaims responsibility or liability for any loss or hardship that may be incurred by the reader as a result of the application of any information included on this web site, or as a result of the use or misuse of any electronic product or nutritional supplement. You are solely responsible for your health and nutrition choices. Anyone with additional information on colloidal silver is encouraged to write to The Silver Edge at the address directly below, so that it can be shared with others who colloidal silver how much to use be interested.

Toggle navigation. Shopping Cart. Colloidal silver dosage for dogs depends on the size of your dog, rather than their age in years. Medium-sized dogs, for example, need a higher dosage of a colloidal silver solution than smaller dogs.

The general guidelines are as follows. Note: All treatments all given times per day, for kuch days.

How to Take Colloidal Silver Orally: Step 1

Calin V. Colloidal silver is a popular alternative treatment for a variety of conditions, from infection to immune system problems. In addition, many people choose to take colloidal silver supplements to support their general health. However, because colloidal silver has a potential to cause serious side effects if used improperly, it is important for people who consume this substance to take no more than the recommended amount.

Silver supplements are available in various forms and dosages. The most common form of colloidal silver consists of silver nanoparticles suspended in liquid. Most colloidal silver supplements will be dissolved in the liquid of your choice and consumed by mouth in a drink.

Many manufacturers recommend holding liquids containing colloidal silver in the mouth as long as possible before swallowing, as this allows some of the silver ions to be absorbed more quickly through the sublingual route before it moves into the stomach. Topical colloidal silver products intended to be applied to the skin may be available as well. Likewise, some people who consume colloidal silver may use it as a sinus spray or inhale it using a nebulizer.

In general, it is important to use silver supplements as recommended by the manufacturer. If you do not use silver supplements as recommended by the manufacturer, you may face a higher risk of side effects. It is also important to note that not all colloidal silver supplements are the same. Production of these supplements is not standardized, so it can be difficult to compare one product to another.

For this reason, it is very important to select a reliable product from a trustworthy manufacturer. According to recommendations published by the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of colloidal silver you consume in one day should not exceed 5 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.

However, it can be difficult to apply this standard to colloidal silver supplements, as different supplements have different concentrations of silver particles. When assuming a 70 kg body weight and taking the concentration of the colloidal silver supplement into account, it is possible to make generalized dosage recommendations. Supplements with a concentration of 50 ppm have a maximum daily recommended dosage of 1 teaspoon.

As with any supplement, it is best to start with a smaller dosage until you know how you will respond to the supplement and then increase it gradually. When choosing a colloidal silver supplement, you can choose between coated and uncoated colloidal silver. In general, coated colloidal silver is a much safer option that can be consumed with greater frequency than uncoated colloidal silver.

Buildup of these particles is much more likely when the particles are too large or misshapen. When particles are large or have odd shapes, the body cannot process them properly. The primary difference between coated and uncoated colloidal silver is a coating placed on each of the silver nanoparticles. Coated colloidal silver particles do not clump together.

They are also much more uniform in size and shape. This means that the body will be able to process coated colloidal silver particles more effectively, thus preventing build up and reducing the risk of all associated side effects. If you choose coated colloidal silver, you can typically take the product at a higher dosage and for a longer period of time without worrying as much about complications. It is a slow-releasing particle that permeates cells effectively and does not denature anything in the body.

Coated colloidal silver is also more likely to produce the desired results than uncoated colloidal silver. It is a neutral particle that will not produce any dangerous, uncontrolled reactions. Whatever method you use to consume colloidal silver everyday, you need the right product to get the best result. Not all colloidal silver products are created with the same quality. In fact, some of these products may even be dangerous, especially if they contain uncoated colloidal silver particles.

Others may be safe, but ineffective. If you are interested in beginning a regimen of coated colloidal silver, it is important to choose a supplement produced by a reliable manufacturer. Coated Silver is a coated colloidal silver formula that contains a high concentration and small, uniform nanoparticles of silver.

If you choose our solution, you can dissolve it in virtually any liquid you desire. Furthermore, the coating on our silver nanoparticles reduces the risk of clumping and all associated side effects. Contact us today to learn more or to make a purchase. Brent A. Bauer, M. The truth about colloidal silver. However, because colloidal silver has a potential July 6, How to Use Silver Supplements Silver supplements are available in various forms and dosages.

Maintaining a Safe Dosage of Colloidal Silver According to recommendations published by the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of colloidal silver you consume in one day should not exceed 5 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.

Coated Colloidal Silver: A Safer Choice When choosing a colloidal silver supplement, you can choose between coated and uncoated colloidal silver. Purchase Coated Colloidal Silver Whatever method you use to consume colloidal silver everyday, you need the right product to get the best result.

Bibliography Brent A. Useful articles. If you are interested to see more our articles. Colloidal Silver Ч Dosage Guidelines. Pop Colloidal silver is a popular alternative treatment for a variety of conditions, from infection to immune system problems. Follow Us. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Download Dr.

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