how do the holy spirit speak to us

How Does the Spirit Speak to Us?

We talk about confining on little computer chips vast amounts of information; through the processes of revelation and through this language of the Spirit, tremendous amounts of inspiration and information can be given to us instantly. The voice of the Spirit is described in the scriptures as being neither loud nor harsh, not a voice of thunder, neither a voice of great tumultuous noise, but rather as still and small, . Jul 31, When the Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit it seldom comes with an audible voice or words, just a check in our spirit at just the right time, and always for just the right reason. This knowledge or witness the Holy Spirit imparts can also involve Scripture and how He opens it up and brings it to life as we read and study mybajaguide.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Text messages, direct messages, messages on social feeds, email messages, and voice mail messages, everywhere we turn someone is telling us about something needing our attention right now. The other day I put a sensor in my car that keeps track of my driving behavior and If I pay attention to my driving, my insurance will cost less.

I was focused on driving the right way and getting a high score. After finishing my text and heading around a corner too fast, I heard the Holy Spirit speak.

What would happen if you remembered me the same way you need to focus on your driving and not get distracted. The Holy Spirit is tabernacling dwelling with us like God tabernacled with the Israelites, only better. Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit so He could teach and guide us, but in order for Him to do that, we need to know how He communicates with us.

And this takes practice. Both of these verses are how do the holy spirit speak to us about the Holy Spirit communicating directly with our human spirit. When the Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit it can be hard to describe. It was the Holy Spirit speaking to my spirit that led me back to Washington, led me to my amazing church, and leads me to witness to strangers. When the Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit it seldom comes with an audible voice or words, just a check in our spirit at just the right time, and always for just the right reason.

This knowledge or witness the Holy Spirit imparts can also involve Scripture and how He opens it up and brings it to life as we read and study it. Sunday, my how to build a conservatory and I wandered off our normal walking path and immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me by putting a verse in my head.

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, teach you, and guide you. This Proverb says that when planning, we need to give things serious consideration and seek sound advice. When we allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us through others, our plans will be directed by God and for His glory.

Our ability to speak words of wisdom, knowledge, prophecy, tongues and interpret tongues are all vocal gifts of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks to us and then, depending on the spiritual gift, we use our gift to build someone up.

The next time you feel that little Holy Spirit push to talk to someone or the next time someone asks your opinion about something, think about this. Before you speak, say a quiet prayer asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you so you speak words of wisdom and knowledge when you open your mouth.

My friend, the Holy Spirit speaks to you and I pray this has shown you some of the ways God communicates with us through His Spirit. When you do this. JohnRomansEphesians Your email address will not be published.

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Facebook Pinterest Twitter Print Email. Goodness, I can barely hear myself amidst the noise. I Heard Him Speak. The first half of my trip, I did great. God's Purposes for the Tabernacle. Responding to The Holy Spirit. Devotion Question. Did you recognize it was the Holy Spirit speaking to you? Do you recognize it now? Based on this verse, how should you change your decision-making process?

What kind of people should you go to for guidance? We also need to remember that if He remains how to build a drifting trike should follow suit. What's the Purpose of Spiritual Gifts?

Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts test to determine what gifts of the Spirit you have? If not, the one you can find here is great we use it at my church. How would hearing the Holy Spirit speak to you change what, when, or how you speak to others? Until next time meditate on these verses. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer Want Thought Provoking Content? Subscribe to our Weekly life-changing devotions.

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The second way the Holy Spirit speaks to us is to convict us of righteousness. Unlike the first example where he points out harmful behaviors, when he convicts us of righteousness, he nudges us toward good and helpful behavior, behavior that is part of his will for us. Ephesians reminds us of our purpose. Jun 21, The Spirit also speaks to us verbally using words primarily from Gods written story, the Bible, but also words of truth about Him. Here are three ways the Holy Spirit speaks. He speaks by illumining Gods Word. The Spirit is the One Who illumines our minds to see mybajaguide.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. The Holy Spirit is the only One who fully knows the mind of God, so when we pray for God to give us wisdom or the knowledge we need, it's important for us to realize the Spirit is in us (1 Cor. 2.

Who started the fight and how can I possibly know the whole truth? Trying to decide: Was it an accident that the younger one hit the older one? Is the older one telling the truth? I caught the older one in a lie already this week. But neither is the younger one all innocence.

Startled by His physical presence in her women-only space, she became uncomfortable when He spoke to her. When Jesus began asking questions, this unnamed woman replied with questions of her own to deflect His focus. Lastly, she changed the subject with flattery before she finally recognized the truth: this man was the Messiah.

Her self-protective strategies remind me of my two preschool grandsons who ask why a hundred times a day. Like the woman at the well, they told me only part of what happened between them. We cannot hide our sin from Him. But hearing the truth from Him does not condemn us. After Jesus declared the gift of the Helper Who would soon come to be with and in His disciples, He added more clarity, more understanding, by naming Him the Spirit of truth three times.

See John , , The Helper will also be your teacher, Jesus explained. He spoke to them verbally and non-verbally. He assures us we are doing the right thing or He disturbs us when we are not. His presence affirms the truth within us. All is a tiny little word, but every word of Scripture is inspired, which means the Spirit is the teacher of all that is true in the universe. God is the genius behind all knowledge.

As the Creator of the world He is the author of all truth. Someone I look forward to meeting in heaven one day is George Washington Carver, a true friend of God. George was completely comfortable with God and asked Him questions with abandon.

Years after he became famous for all his inventions with the peanut, Carver was asked to share his story before Congress. Carver, does the Bible tell about peanuts? Carver replied. I asked Him to show me what to do with the peanut, and He did. Carver, I have learned to ask God for all kinds of things that years ago I would have felt were too unimportant to bring to the King of the Universe. Usually He helps me find it quickly.

But not always. He knows all truth about what my mind and body are experiencing, and I choose to trust Him that He is sufficient. When someone asks for advice, I try to send a quick prayer for His words to be mine when I reply. He knows what she is really asking.

In my work with Ever Thine Home, I am constantly asking the Spirit of God, Who was present and involved in Creation, to give me ideas, His inspiration, His creative thinking, His new ways of saying eternal truth, His artistic touch on every new product. He knows all truth because He is the Spirit of truth.

I recently wrote a post here about hearing God clearly answer a question I asked about aging. He pulled that phrase and shone His light on it from the memory bank of all I have read. The Holy Spirit also uses hymns and song lyrics that are theologically accurate to remind me of His truth. This I know. As my day unfolded, I found myself in a conversation with friends.

As I sat in silence, feeling out of place and insignificant amidst the happy chatter, I remembered Jesus loves me. What an incomprehensible gift the Holy Spirit is to us! He is our Friend, the very best Friend one could have. He is our Helper who comes to our assistance in countless ways.

And He is our Teacher who illumines our minds and hearts, speaking truth about Jesus, about ourselves, and about His world! Ask Him what He wants you to remember and to do. Then thank Him abundantly for every way He works on your behalf. Pingback: Is That You? Thanks so much for your teaching, I know through the Holy Spirit and the word of God many people they will be help spiritually and they will know God. May God bless you so much.

Pastor Boaz E. A friend told me that God speaks to the mind but not the heart and he believes this is scripture. I feel the heart and spirit work as one for God knows our heart therefore speaks to our heart.

Would love to hear Your comment, Thank You. I am born again and was baptised by the holy spirit on 11th July after 5 days of fasting and praying. Since then I have been in an intimate relationship with the holy spirit. To begin with I now find it extremely difficult to sin. I have completely stopped specific sinful habits that I used to ainfully struggle with. This is not to say I am an angel because that would be a lie.

You will find it on YouTube. The song is in Swahili language. In the song the artist says Jesus is the Light in our lives, and through Him we who have accepted Him will shine and receive tremendous blessings.

The song is playing over and over in my mind. I wonder what the Holy Spirit is communicating to me. In this discussion I agree about keeping the Sabbath. But, if you look at a calendar. The first day of the week is Sunday. Count to the Seventh Day. It is Saturday. Sa-bbath Sa- turday. Just something to read up on if you really want to keep the Sabbath. I enjoyed this post; it hits home and is a timely reminder to pray fervently and to commit to time each day reading and meditating with The Word.

Thank you! We have a group of 5 meeting each Thursday and have gotten to know each other better along with better knowing the Holy Spirit. My favorite part of this reading was the George Washington Carver story.

Oh, to learn to ask first and then add my touches instead of figuring it all out on my own. Thank you, again. So excited you are meeting with a group of 5 friends! Thank you for this post. So often I have been distressed about something and wake up in the night praying and repeating Bible verses. In the morning the Holy Spirit often wakes me with a song in my mind that really speaks to my concerns and requests.

I know it is God speaking to me. Bad habits or things of the past are hard to get rid of. I pray that I learn to accept myself as a child of God. I am curious about the practical things the Holy Spirit showed you when you prayed about getting rest on the Sabbath as a mom. Here are two ways that I practiced observing the Sabbath as a momI hope this is helpful. He showed me I needed to protect Sunday from normal tasks. So I chose not to run any errands that day. Not legalistically but as a way to protect my space to rest and relax from the stresses of the ordinary.

I also tried to keep cooking to a minimum. My goal was to make something on Saturday that allowed us to heat leftovers. Like a roast or a big pan of lasagna. I appreciate your insight on the day of rest, the Sabbath. I grew up in a home where this was important to my mother. Thank you. I appreciate these points too. And thank you for always being willing to mentor those of us a few steps behind. Your email address will not be published.

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