how many presidents are buried in arlington national cemetery

Famous People Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Only two U.S. presidents, William Howard Taft and John F. Kennedy, are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. (Most presidents have chosen to be buried in their home states.). 40 rows · Burial places of presidents and vice presidents of the United States are located across 23 .

Gravesites of U. Warren G. Truman Dec 26, Harry S. View Gravesites by State. View Gravesites by Location Type. View Photo Gallery of Gravesites. Washington's Mount Vernon Estate.

United First Parish Church. Monticello Graveyard at Jefferson's Monticello Estate. Hollywood Cemetery. Jackson's The Hermitage Estate.

Kinderhook Reformed Church Cemetery. Tennessee State Capitol. Zachary Taylor National Cemetery. Forest Lawn Cemetery. Old North Cemetery. Woodward Hill Cemetery. Oak Ridge Cemetery. Andrew Johnson National Cemetery. Hayes Presidential Center. Lake View Cemetery. Albany Rural Cemetery. Princeton Cemetery. Crown Hill Hw. The McKinley National Memorial. Youngs Memorial Cemetery. Arlington National Cemetery. Washington National Cathedral.

Harding Memorial. Plymouth Notch Cemetery. Roosevelt's Springwood Estate. Harry S. Truman Library and Museum. Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. Johnson Family Cemetery at Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Gerald R. Ford Museum. Ronald Reagan Now Library and Museum. How to play the wooden spoons H.

Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

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Jun 10,  · The only U.S. presidents buried at Arlington National Cemetery are John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft. Taft served as Secretary of War, and later, after the presidency, chief justice to . Oct 21,  · Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, contains the remains of more than , people from the United States and 11 other countries, buried . John F. Kennedy is one of only two presidents buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Also known as Jackie, Jacqueline Kennedy was the First Lady and wife of John F. Kennedy. Despite her short time in the spotlight, she managed to become a cultural icon.

Photos: years of Arlington National Cemetery. It is the former home of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Hide Caption. Roosevelt visiting the tomb of an unknown soldier on Armistice Day in the Arlington Cemetery in Robert Kennedy kneels by the eternal flame at the grave of his brother, President John F. Kennedy, in Arlington National Cemetery in January Robert F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery on June 8, Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, contains the remains of more than , people from the United States and 11 other countries, buried there since the s.

More than three million people visit the cemetery annually. Lee, inherited the estate. It was abandoned by the Lees during the Civil War and used as headquarters for the Union army. Read More. Lee and run by the National Park Service. Arlington National Cemetery is administered by the Department of the Army. Nearly 5, unknown soldiers are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The cemetery has the second-largest number of people buried of any national cemetery in the United States.

Burial in Arlington is generally limited to active, retired and former members of the armed forces, Medal of Honor recipients, high-ranking federal government officials and their dependents.

Funerals are normally conducted six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Arlington averages 27 to 30 funerals, including interments and inurnments, each weekday, and six to eight services on Saturdays.

The flags in Arlington National Cemetery are flown at half-staff from a half hour before the first funeral until a half hour after the last funeral each day. The partial remains of the seven astronauts who died aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, , are buried at the cemetery. The seven Columbia astronauts have their own memorial at Arlington, near the one for the Challenger.

As a living tribute, there are 36 Memorial Trees for Medal of Honor recipients. The cemetery has armed guards stationed throughout the grounds. Visitors undergo security screenings and random ID checks. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Tomb is made from Yule marble quarried in Colorado. It consists of seven pieces, with a total weight of 79 tons.

The Tomb is guarded 24 hours a day, everyday of the year, by volunteer members of the 3rd US Infantry Regiment The Old Guard , in full dress uniform carrying M rifles. May 13, - The first military burial takes place at Arlington Estate. William H. Christman of the 67th Pennsylvania Infantry is buried. June 15, - Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs designates Arlington House and its surrounding acres as a Union military cemetery. The US Supreme Court rules that the federal government was trespassing.

May 15, - Memorial Amphitheater is dedicated. His remains are returned to his family and this particular crypt remains empty.

November 13, - Secretary of the Army John McHugh orders the inspector general to conduct an inspection of the record keeping operations in the cemetery. June - The Army's investigation reveals missing burial records, unmarked graves, and burial urns put in a spillage pile, where dirt dug up for gravesites is left.

Longtime Superintendent John C. Metzler is reprimanded. He is able to keep his job until his retirement date of July 2, July 14, - The cemetery announces that Thurman Higginbotham, second-in-command at Arlington, filed paperwork in the previous week to retire retroactive to July 2, He had been placed on administrative leave in June pending disciplinary review for improper handling of burial records, and was accused of botching dozens of contracts.

July 29, - Senator Claire McCaskill, chairwoman of an oversight panel on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Reform Committee, says that her investigation of the cemetery has revealed that between 4, and 6, graves may be unmarked or mislabeled on cemetery maps. December - The Army launches the first criminal investigation into the misplacement of remains at Arlington National Cemetery after discovering the cremated remains of eight people dumped in a single grave site.

December 23, - According to the Army Inspector General's report, of the , graves audited, , were checked. The consequences are that in 64, cases, the information on the headstones is incorrect when compared to the paper or electronic records. January 26, - Former Marine Corps reservist Yonathan Melaku is sentenced to 25 years in prison for attempting to desecrate graves at the cemetery. The entire process takes up to a year.

June 15, - The th anniversary of the cemetery. July 17, - Philanthropist and billionaire David M. Buried at Arlington. Kennedy and Edward M. Virgil I. Roger B. Chaffee, killed at Cape Canaveral, Florida in a fire aboard their Apollo spacecraft. They are buried next to one another Sgt.

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