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Jul 27, It virtually disappears in a mixed drink and those are the driving forces behind the companies ability to create flavors that make you forget its just vodka. At a price of around / and / liter, this one is definitely worth your time. Below are a Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Pinnacle Vodka boasts endless 30 flavors perfect for making true taste of vodka drinks. A premium vodka liquor - A vodka that speak for itself.

The lingering sweetness of this flavored vodka twirls through hints of fresh spun sugar and cqndy county fair nights. Votton with lemon-lime or club soda for a tasty carnival twist.

The vodka was great. The packaging for shipping the Vodka was terrible. My entire bottle was wet when I opened the package from the bottle mucu open during shipping. Tasting NotesPinnacle Whipped is the newest flavor sensation to hit the shelves. Light and sweet, th. Tasting NotesPinnacle Cake combines imported French vodka and the unmistakable taste of cake batter.

Tasting NotesPinnacle is imported Godka vodka. Known for their flavors, the "regular" Vodka is perf. Pull some fresh blueberry muffins out of the oven and you've how to conjugate gustar in the preterite the scent of this berry ls. Bright tropical notes give cototn to vibrant fruity flavor in this satisfying pineapple vodka.

Add a ju. Tasting NotesPinnacle Salted Caramel offers a salty yet sweet, creamy caramel combination. With its fiery cinnamon kick and smooth whisky finish, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky offers a perfect sho. Made with all of the pride and experience of the Beam's year-old bourbon-making history, Jim Bea. This item is not shipped in the original packaging. We do things a little differently around here - a. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

View Details. Description Reviews The lingering sweetness of this flavored vodka twirls through hints of fresh spun sugar and starry county fair nights. Related Products. Quick view. Add to Cart. Pinnacle Blueberry French Vodka ML Pull some fresh blueberry muffins out of the oven and you've caught the scent of this berry vodka. Pinnacle Pineapple French Vodka ml Bright tropical notes give way to vibrant fruity flavor in this satisfying pineapple vodka. Customers Also Viewed.

Jack Daniel's Old No.

What is it made out of?

The French vodka competition keeps heating up. Grey Goose and Ciiroc have a dedicated following, but Pinnacle is becoming the brand of choice at bars with a younger crowd. If the name draws a blank, just think of Three Olives Vodka, the guys that make froot loop vodka. After selling Three Olives to Proximo Inc in , they launched the hot new French vodka, Pinnacle, and with it an ever growing innovative list of flavors.

With a line of crazy flavored vodkas like no other, they have insured that they will be in heavy rotation by bartenders around the world. Below are my reviews of each of their latest additions as well as a few cocktail ideas for you to try. Pinnacle Cotton Candy : First thing you notice is the distillers ability to recreate the exact aroma of cotton candy.

The base vodka has a very smooth finish with a clean smell probably aiding to the ability to capture the cotton candy aroma so easily. The initial taste is very smooth and very sweet, leaving very little after taste and absolutely no burn.

Pinnacle Whipped: All I can say is wow. I immediately thought I was about to bite into a piece of whipped cream topped pie. Much like the previously mentioned, it too is very much on the sweet side. However, because of the uniqueness of the flavor, it leaves an interesting after taste much like you would expect for a dairy based product that the vodka is trying to recreate.

The Best thing about Pinnacle, in its base vodka, is that it has the ultimate drink-ability characteristics. Smooth taste, clean finish, little to no smell. At a price of around Below are a few fun and easy recipes for you to try at home. Energy Drink. Samples were provided courtesy of Pinnacle representatives. For more information on Pinnacle flavors and recipes visit WhiteRockDistilleries.

For any questions, comments or concerns please email us at info intoxicology. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified and makes a mean caipirinha. When not writing, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or bar hopping.

If not then head to any alcohol package store and ask a manager. My friend served one of these similar to your recipe. Ive asked the liquor store 2 get it, but they wont!

Where can i get some? If you still have no luck feel free to visit PinnacleVodka. I just picked up a bottle of the whipped cream Pinnacle in Portland, OR. Blended it as a frozen drink with a few canned peaches, half a lemon, and ice. So good! We just bought a bottle of the cotton candy. What would be good to mix it with? Oh and by the way it does have a burn to it. It mixes well with pineapple juice. Also try filling a glass with 2 oz of Cotton candy, then 4 oz of Club soda, and finally topping it off with a splash of Cranberry juice to taste.

I cant drink pineapple juice or cranberry juice, do you have any other recommendations for the cotton candy vodka?

Do you not like the flavor of cranberry or can not have the juice? I ask because most grocers sell cranberry flavored sparkling water that works well also. Pour it over cotton candy. It adds a little sweeter taste to it.

The cotton candy dissovles too! The punch is pretty good tooMakes every drink easier going down. I looooooooooove the Whipped Cream!! Seriously people, just pour it over ice and drink it on the rocks. It gets 5 thumbs up from me!!!! It is only good when you mix it with something. Loved the Whipped vodka,,,had it with Orange Crush soda creamsicle . I will never use plain old vodka again! Okay I have gone threw all of the reviews and while yes the flavor is good and it taste just like cotton candy.

But this may sound crazy- this drink gave me the giggles non stop! The whipped cream is so good! My husband is on a liqour store run right now! Does anyone has recipes for Pinnacle Gummy Vodka. Other than 7up I cannot find one that goes well with this kind. Its one of my favorites but sometimes it seems very very sweet with the 7up. I would love some if you have them!!

Whipped vodka and root beer. We call it vootbeer, and it taste just like an ice cream float. I would imagine some vanilla ice cream in your vootbeer would make a nice summer cool off! If you like white russians try substituting your regular vodka with either the whipped vodka or cotton candy vodka YUMMY!!

The cotton candy vodka makes it taste like Nestle strawberry milk!! Whipsy is whipped cream, in a can infused with a light tasting citrus wine. Ok right now it is on sale for 10 bucks a bottle so I just had to get cookie dough so if you know of a good recipe let me know!!!

About a month ago at a party, a friend of mine fixed me a drinkit was cotton candy vodka and diet cherry 7up!! I like it both ways. Just had whipped cream vodka with all the flavours of Crush soda!! All taste every wonder and taste like creamsicles! I can drink 10 before I even realize, they are that good. Served over ice in usually a 16oz plastic cup!!

It goes great with flavored schnapps, grenadine, liqueurs such as Blue Curacao, and even fruit juices like pineapple. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Kathy Ross 10 years ago Reply. How do I get promotion flyers or table tents to advertise the Pinnacle whipped vodka? The Professional Drinker 10 years ago Reply. Steve 10 years ago Reply. Cris 10 years ago Reply.

Beth Johnson Cunningham 10 years ago Reply. Jenny 9 years ago Reply. Where in Orange County, Ca can I buy this product?? Lisa 9 years ago Reply. The BevMo liquor store had a nice selection. Kim Snow 10 years ago Reply. Caroline Foote 10 years ago Reply. Anything Goes 10 years ago Reply.

Whipped is the best with Root Beer and one scoop of ice cream!! Liani 10 years ago Reply. Sara 10 years ago Reply. Not only does that sound delicious, gonna have to give it a try!

Wheelchairman 10 years ago Reply. Kenz 9 years ago Reply. MeLissa 9 years ago. Mixing the Cotton Candy Vodka with any flavor of crystal light is delicious.

Purplemom 10 years ago Reply. Try Big Red soda and Vanilla Ice cream!! Janice 10 years ago Reply. Try this- cotton candy pinapple juice pomegranite juice. Had at party this weekend!

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