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Nov 19,  · To back up your saved game files: Find your saved games on your computer, default location is (My) Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 or where you have custom installed your game. Copy these files and folders to a safe location on your computer; make sure you remember where so that you can retrieve them later on if you need them. Go to Documents > EA Games and copy The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection folder somewhere that will remain after your computer is reset. An external drive, for example. This is your user files backup. Once your computer is ready to use again, download Origin from, install the game and open it.

July I had several Sims 2 expansions installed already. When I saw that Ultimate Collection was added to my account, I decided to uninstall all of my games and install Ultimate Collection. Before doing so, I copied my game files into a folder so that I could transfer everything to Ultimate Collection, such as sims, lots, custom content, save files, etc. However, now that I've installed Ultimate Collection I can't figure out where I should put these files. Any help would be appreciated!

Go to Solution. Folders you are talking about musn't be where crinrict says. View in thread. I sins work or have any association with EA. Please whats happening in sf today contact me via PM when asked to do so. The thing is, inside that folder is all of these folders and I'm not sure exactly which folder to use:.

I was going to move the files to the Double Deluxe folder, but the folders inside of it are a lot different than the folders from my backup for some reason, so I don't want to take the chance of messing anything up That's really weird because I checked my Docs folder before and didn't see a folder, but after reading your post I checked again and it was there I'd like what is a balanced force examples transfer my old game saves to Ultimate Collection, and I know how to get to the correct file locations, but could someone please give me some step-by-step details on transferring my custom neighborhoods and such into the game?

I just finally got everything downloaded, installed, and running, and I don't want to screw up any important data my haxor skillz are fail I think you just saved me. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search bakup by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean.

How to transfer my old Sims 2 backup files to Ultimate Collection? Zombies Plants vs. Zombies 2 Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Other Plants vs. July I had several Sims 2 expansions installed already. Me too. Message 1 of 8 9, Views. Reply 0. Accepted Solution. Re: How to transfer my old Sims 2 backup files to Ultimate What is a karma yogi July Folders you are talking about musn't be where crinrict says.

Message 4 of 8 11, Bckup. Reply 3. All Replies. Please read these first for already reported issues: Compiled list of reported Issues Been asked for a save? Here's instructions: How to provide your save game.

Message 2 of 8 9, Views. Message 3 of 8 9, Views. July Thanks. Message 5 of 8 9, Views. Hoq I'd like to transfer my old game saves to Ultimate Collection, and I know how to get to the correct file dims, but could someone please give me some step-by-step details on transferring my custom neighborhoods and such into the game?

Message 6 of 8 9, Views. July well I've been trying to figure this out for aaaes. Message 7 of 8 9, Views. July In Documents are mostly located your save files. In Program Files are located your game files. Message 8 of 8 9, Views. New topic. Twitter Stream.

Re: How to transfer my old Sims 2 backup files to Ultimate Collection?

Right-click on the "The Sims 2" folder and select "Copy". Now create a folder somewhere on your computer where you would like to store your backed up files in (We recommend being organized here!). You can also choose to back up to a portable flash drive . Jul 11,  · How to back up everything you have on one PC to the next for SIms 2. So you never lose - Drugstore. Aug 08,  · Explorer Copy To backup your files to another part of your hard drive, you need to copy My Documents\ EA Games\ The Sims2 to the Desktop. Close the game and make sure Sim PE, Datgen, Bodyshop, Homecrafter or any other program related to The Sims2 are not running. Open My Documents, and double click on the EA Games folder.

April 25, , pm. Home Help Search Login Register. Never reinstall all 11 disks. Send this topic Print. Never reinstall all 11 disks Read times. Hello from Maine, There are a bunch of females in my family, and all have computers. Whenever they brake I have to reinstall the Sims 2, it's 11 games, it's about 20 disks! It's so annoying. Those hours of my life could be saved if I could back up the whole lot Has anyone done that? Attached is easy to follow instructions. How to backup The Sims 2 complete with all of your installed expansion packs.

Dang, how often do they crash their pc's?? You better tell them wimmins to stop lookin up the pornz. Norton Ghost might be an option for you.

Or, you could setup dedicated hardrives for them with the sims on them. A 40 gig HD should hold all of the expansions and everything, right? Maybe even a 20 gig. Then they'd never lose the data and you would just have to reset the links. ChadTower Chief Kicker - Nobody's perfect, including me. Fantastic body. Yeah, if this is the actual need, I'd ghost the hard drive after the clean install. Well it doesn't happen too often, we probably upgrade more often then crash But installing all 11 Sims I just built a new computer for my niece, I know that will need The Sims 2 to be installed on it The real kicker is I know it would be very easy to backup!

As for Norton Ghost, I am not familiar with it but I've heard of it many times. That is to backup the entire hard drive right? Not just The Sims 2? Thanks, Craig. It will do a full OS backup and then you can pick and choose what other content gets backed up.

But really, if this is a constant issue, I'd do what sharidan suggested and get some cheap USB hard drives. Install the game there, that way when the system gets hosed you can just pop the drive back on later.

Quote from: ChadTower on September 13, , am. There could be accommodations made for that, as mentioned above. Exporting a few registry entries and writing a 5 line batch script to reimport them isn't very difficult, same thing with DLLs dropped into the system dirs. The harder trick would be indentifying all of those things. Quote from: spystyle on September 13, , am. I guess I will have to figure out how to export the registry settings How can I do that? OK, I am working on it now. It will take a couple hours for WinRAR to zip all those files.

After I will test it in "virtual machine" or maybe on a spare computer. I will report my findings. Below is the "beta version" of my "Sims 2 complete backup" theory. RayB I'm not wearing pants!

Then you show em how the first expansion gets installed and let them do the rest themselves. It's pretty automated. My step daughter could do it herself when she was That's cruel and unusual punishment! I wouldn't make my worst enemy sit through all 11 installations!

It would be more humane to use a gun. I guess I just find it so unnecessary and inefficient, as a computer tech I like to make these things easy. A similar example is horse - I used to have to ride a horse to work everyday, but now I have a car and those days of carrying a small shovel and a bag around are long behind me.

Just kidding But seriously, easy is good! Efficiency is a thing of beauty : All my Sims 2 installations from now on will be effortless and quick. Cheers, Craig. As a "computer tech" easy would be taking away admin rights to those users.

That way they can't keep damaging the machines. Well, one example is my niece, who lives with her boyfriend, who is a "tinkerer" with the computer - So I have to revive that one occasionally.

Also when building a new computer everything has to be installed fresh. But they don't really brake their computers too often, it just feels like such a chore installing all 11 games.

Like going to the DMV - even if it only happens once a year it always feels like just yesterday I was there Next to that smelly guy and the lady who talks to herself As for messing with admin rights, I don't like the idea. Then they wouldn't be able to install things and I would get lots of phone calls SMF 2. Project Announcements.

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