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5 Practical Steps To Lead A Joyful Life

Jan 30,  · Be grateful for each second that you are alive. Feel gratitude for the ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Be thankful for your health, for your family, for the love around you, for your material possessions starting from your clothes and shoes all the way to your house and car. Be thankful for everyone and everything. 10 Essential Rules For A Happy Life | Chatri Sityodtong.

It may seem that people are behind money, recognition, or other things but in fact, they are behind Happiness. Start making your soul happy and automatically the quality of your life will be improved.

Take care of your soul and give all the love, warmth, and all the nourishment it needs. Listen to your inner voice, and find the answer to what actually makes your life meaningful? Where your true pleasure lies? It will be easier for you to find a way to happiness if you align yourself with your inner voice.

Do what makes your soul happy. Happiness is a process that happens within you. Take personality tests and recognize yourself. It undoubtedly leads you to happiness.

When you recognize yourself and appreciate the good things that lie within your soul, it would be easier for you to keep yourself happy. We habitually forget the things that make us happy, you will surely start feeling happy if you keep reminding your mind about those happy moments.

Learn being grateful for the things in your life and you will experience a wide range of life-boosting changes. Frederick Keonig. Science says helping others makes us happy. Caring about others is fundamental to happiness. You will feel happier if you start giving rather than receiving.

Happiness is like a kiss, you must share it to enjoy it. Either acquainted or unacquainted you should help everyone with your own happiness. Spend more and more quality time with your loved ones and tell them daily what they mean to you. What is a 64 bit machine your full attention to them. To connect with your loved ones, after all, your happiness depends on it.

Find Happiness in Nature:. Nature can make you care, more innovative, and happier because it recovers our energy and inner soul. Spending time in nature will calm you and it will boost your immunity. Find your happiness in the peace of nature. Go out and see birds, shining sun, stars, and find your happiness in them.

To pure your mindPray, or meditate. Both could help you find clear your mind. Pray for others too, for their happiness, mental health, peace, growth, success, and most importantly for their happiness. It will make you happy spontaneously. Thank God for what you have and He will bless how to be happy rules with happiness and all how to protect your router from hackers things you deserve. Always wear a smile and feel happy.

Whenever you feel downtry to smile. It will brighten your dusky day. By forcing smile you activate a specific set of muscles in the face that is connected to joy and happiness. Smile but keep it naturalwarm, and sincere. While you smile, take a deep breath and enjoy your smile. Before judging others on their views, understand them.

Understand what they want to say. Judging others will make you less happy and more stressed. Understand what is in their pure heart and you contently start feeling happy. Appreciate others on the little they did or still doing for you.

Always give the benefit of the doubt and you will feel more relaxed and happy. Forgive yourself and others. Forget if someone did wrong to you it releases the burden on your heart. Forgiving someone will definitely amplify your happiness. Also, learn to forgive yourself on your past mistakes and promise yourself that you are not going to repeat those mistakes.

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. Robert Muller. Stay calm if you face any problem and find a way to overcome it. Stay calm and get how to burn ubuntu 11.10 to cd in thinking of strategies you can apply to solve the problem. Set a good example for others, be a role modelreact as if you are teaching others on how to stay calm in difficulties and tough situations.

If you are good at dealing with problems you will feel happier within you. If you tend to focus on the negative side of lifeyou will attract negativity and sorrows. I myself is so far in perfectly applying above mentioned points in my life but I can feel these ideas amplified my happiness and these ideas can amplify your happiness too.

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Reduce Your Needs & Increase Your Responsibilities

Sep 23,  · You gotta put in the work and not sabotage yourself. In order to live a happy life, you basically need to figure out how to minimize the amount of stress and harm you cause to yourself and others. Combine that with the satisfaction of achieving some of your goals and you’re off to a great start. Being happy, keeping the environment around you happy, and not losing your smile come what may, is the real sign of enlightenment. 8. At All Costs, Save Your Mind! In your day to day life, people come and put some negativity in you, and that makes your mind and . Jul 02,  · Always wear a smile and feel happy. Whenever you feel down, try to smile. It will brighten your dusky day. By forcing smile you activate a specific set of .

Regardless of the rain of adversities or the slush of problems, the vehicle of happiness runs on three wheels. Happiness seems to be a fleeting thing. No matter our station in life, we are constantly seeking to answer only one question — how to be happy.

Is there a formula to be a happier person? There are three golden rules to happiness. The following post elaborates the rules to help you live with joy.

My inbox is often inundated with emails from readers all over the world, most of them have a problem, some have more than one. The issue though is not that they have problems, it is that they are unable to remain happy among such problems.

It is therefore a common belief that if my problem disappears, so will my pain and if there is no pain, I will be happy. That is rarely the case. Behind most, if not all, human pursuits is the desire to be happy, to experience joy, to feel a sense of gratification.

Happiness, however, is not just a goal, it is not the final destination. It may be one of the outcomes, but above all, it is a mental state, a state of being. Material richness, intellectual feats, social recognition may aid one to experience joy or to be happy but only in the most limited and temporary fashion. Your original state of bliss is not dependent on what you have or lack. Let me introduce you to the three wheels of happiness with three golden questions.

If the vehicle of your life is firmly mounted on these three wheels, you will complete your journey effortlessly, in the happiest possible manner. As follows:. There is something divine about acceptance. Accepting others as they are, immediately infuses peace in every atom of your existence. Non-acceptance is synonymous to resistance, it requires challenging, it is comparable to swimming against the flow, it is always harder.

Think of two different people, it is spring and flowers are in full bloom. Similarly, you need a fighting system, a coping mechanism only when you cannot accept. There is no reaction if there is no resistance. For as long as you are dependent on others to make you feel good, to make you happy, or to be happy, they will continue to mold, affect, and dictate your state of happiness. It is important to differentiate between accepting people versus circumstances though.

You cannot change people but their existence or absence in your life can change your circumstances. If you are unhappy with people, you need to look into yourself for all the answers and solutions and if you are not happy with your circumstances, you need to work towards changing them.

Acceptance does not mean you no longer work towards what matters to you, it means you do not let your present circumstances or the outcome affect your state of peace. The second wheel is attitude. How you experience and take anything is entirely dependent on your attitude towards life, others, and yourself.

When you start to wish for how life could be and should be, when you start to build on what you do not have, the value of what you already have starts to diminish real fast. Mulla Nasrudin once met a man in shabby clothes carrying a ragged sack, he looked careworn and lost, mostly like a scavenger.

Everything I have is in this stinky little bag. Without another word, Mulla grabbed his bag and ran off. The man chased him but could not keep up. After a while, Mulla dropped his bag in the middle of the road and hid himself behind a shop. Thank you God! Unhappy people spend their time wanting what they have not. Whenever life throws anything at you, ask yourself: How do I want to take it?

Remind yourself that you have two choices, to have a positive attitude or a negative one. You choose. Just before you choose a reaction to any situation, you have a moment to finalize your selection.

Choosing the right response requires awareness. When anything becomes your habit, good or bad, awareness becomes weak, your reaction becomes an automatic act. For example, let us say, someone gets angry easily, he responds to every negative situation by getting mad.

Since this is his habit, he will increasingly find himself getting angry without even being aware. It is only after a fit of rage, he would realize he got angry and may even apologize. In quite the same manner, many are unhappy more as a matter of habit than reason. Building awareness requires practice and mindfulness.

Awareness helps you tread the right path. Your actions can either lead you towards happiness or away from it. Before you react, ask yourself: Am I moving towards or away from happiness?

Choose your response with care, a great deal depends on it. If you be who you are, let others be what they are, let things be where they are, let circumstances be how they are, when you choose peace above all else, you attract happiness naturally. Happiness is your viewpoint, let it be your own. Free yourself from suffering and live life to the fullest. Learn the yogic technique of meditation in 4 days and master it over a lifetime.

Learn More Happiness, in my view, is a sense of fulfillment which comes from three things:. Together they make up happiness. Read more here. The truth is, happiness is our natural state. The way to redefine, reshape yourself, your present, and consequently your future, is to first take complete responsibility for your choices and your actions. This will help you to be comfortable with yourself. The second step is to prioritize between things you have to do and things you want to do.

Third is to invest some of your time in what really matters to you, your passion. There is absolutely no lack of opportunities, avenues and sources of happiness. There is so much you can do in this world and with your life. You just have to begin somewhere, anywhere, here, now.

This life is going by too fast. Hundreds of disciples of a certain master had gathered in a monastery. They were there to catch a glimpse of him, to hear his words of wisdom, to learn meditation and so on. In particular, they wanted to know how to be happy in this ever stressful world, was there any way even to lasting happiness?

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Resistance What is behind procrastination and how to overcome it? Keep walking. April 3, 5 minutes. Commitment What do you find yourself thinking about most of the time?

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