how to bleed fuel line on oil furnace

Dec 21, JJ Powell Inc. technician teaches you how to bleed or remove the air from the fuel line of an oil furnace. This is done when a new oil furnace is installed o. Mar 07, When your tank is ran empty air gets in the line preventing it from starting/making heat this video is my technique to bleed the fuel line and get the he.

Before you spend a day freezing, you can try bleeding the furnace yourself. The only type of furnace you can bleed and restart is an oil furnace. It can be dangerous to work on a furnace by yourself.

People who are experienced with such do-it-yourself projects will probably be able to bleed the furnace without too much of an issue. People who rarely do this kind of work around the house should let a professional handle it. If you let your oil tank get too low, the furnace might shut off and stop producing heat. Your first step, of course, is to refill the fuel tank.

The furnace should start working again on its own. To prevent this problem, refill the tank before the oil gets extremely low.

Start by turning off the furnace. There should be a switch directly on your furnace for this. What country is east of germany many furnaces, the reset button automatically shuts them off, so you may not need to switch off your furnace manually. A foot of tubing should do fine. Finally, grab a container to catch the oil waste that is going to drain out of your furnace. An old bucket or coffee can will work.

Alternatively, grab an empty bottle, preferably at least 32 ounces. If you want to reuse the fuel you bleed into the container, make sure the container is clean and do not fill it with anything. If you end up with sludge, do not reuse it. The fuel pump will have tubes going to it. The nut may be metal or it might be a rubber plug. Loosen the nut a little bit to ensure you can turn it at the proper moment. Slide the tubing into the bleeder valve and position it so its other end rests inside your container.

Not everyone puts tubing on his or her bleeder valve. Some individuals just let the fuel dribble straight out into a container. Just be aware that the oil may splash, and the process will be messier this way. Next, turn on the furnace. Remember how you loosened the valve before, then tightened it just enough to be sure you could turn it again quickly?

Loosen the valve until oil and air start to come out. Let it drain until solid fuel comes out. If how to bleed fuel line on oil furnace furnace automatically shuts itself off with the reset button, you might have to give it a couple of tries.

The problem might be a clog, a damaged fuel line, or a pump issue. When the oil comes out in a steady stream, tighten the valve. At this point, the burner should turn on. If that happens, congratulations! Remove your tubing, clean up your container, and enjoy the warmth. Start by loosening the bleeder valve and letting fuel come out.

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Step 1: Fill the Fuel Tank If you let your oil tank get too low, the furnace might shut off and stop producing heat. Step 6: Attach Nylon Tubing Slide the tubing into the bleeder valve and position it so its other end rests inside your container. Step 8: Tighten the Valve When the oil comes out in a steady stream, tighten the valve. Image provided by Shutterstock Facebook. Click to Open in Print View. Dear Customers, At this time, when the news is dominated by the Coronavirus COVID health emergency around the world, we wanted to personally reach out and let you know that we are vigilantly implementing enhanced protocols to ensure your safety and the safety of our team.

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Step 1: Fill the Fuel Tank

Sep 26, Dan explains how to do a bleed-start on your oil concept, direction and script by Surge You'll need to find the bleed nut/plug, it's on the front of the boiler but may not be too obvious, it'll usually be a rubbery plug, once you've located it you'll need to unscrew it. Fuel will begin to dribble out along with air, let it dribble until it's at a steady rate of mybajaguide.comted Reading Time: 3 mins. Feb 28, Bleeding the fuel line isnt necessary unless the furnace doesnt restart once youve put more oil inside. Typically, the reason for bleeding the furnace has to do with fuel levels: If you let the oil completely run out, thats when the furnace may need extra help starting up again.

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Login with Facebook Log in. Forgot Password? New Posts. Today's Posts. Community Member List. Forum Actions Mark Forums Read. Quick Links View Forum Leaders. Show Threads Show Posts. Ran out of oil, line won't bleed. Thread Tools. Hi Everyone, My oil furnace ran out of oil today and I got the guys to come out and put in another gallons. I went down and tried to prime the fuel pump like I do when I start up the furnace for the first every winter and it wouldn't bleed.

When I opened the bleed valve and hit the reset button a bunch of foamy fuel came out for a few seconds and then nothing. I reset it probably times thinking it just needed to get it all out but then I started to notice that no air was really coming out when I put my finger of the bleed valve, just the tiniest little bit. I bled the fuel filter like I'd heard might be necessary but that didn't work. I emptied the fuel filter out and there was quite a bit of gunk in it.

I went to Lowe's to get another one but of course they don't carry components to essential home systems. I also tried to see if I could clean out the fuel pump filter, but I don't think my fuel pump has a filter like that's cleanable. It's a Suntec A2VA I took the 4 bolts off the outside and tried to pull off a cap but it wouldn't come off, not sure if it just doesn't come off or it just didn't want.

I tried to look up the manual on Suntec's page but it didn't have that model. Does it sound like it's a bad fuel pump? Should I just replace it? Would it do the same thing if there was something in the line? What about a clogged nozzle? My main concern is that fuel pump doesn't seem to be pumping atleast nothing is being pumped out the bleed valve. Thanks ahead of time for any help. View Public Profile. Find all posts by TaoW Received 35 Votes on 33 Posts. Ran out of oil. There is a good possibilty the screen in the pump is clogged.

That cover will come off but you may tear the gasket when doing so. Have a helper turn the tank back on. If no oil flows, the line or tank valve is plugged. Find all posts by Grady. Thanks Grady, I noticed when I took the fuel filter off and turned the oil valve on at the tank it only dripped out rather than poured. The fuel filter is about on the same level with the bottom of the tank so I would imagine it should just be pouring out. I unscrewed the copper tube from the inlet of the fuel filter and opened the valve to the oil tank again and tried to blow through it as hard as I could and couldn't get it to budge at all.

Is there someway to blow it out? I heard something about a bike pump but I don't how it would attach to the copper tube. It didn't fit the copper tube flare connector like the guys said it would but I just blunt force held the thing up to the tube and let it go.

At first I didn't think it did anything but after about a minute dirty fuel oil started come out slow but a lot faster than before. Chunks of stuff came out with it and after about 5 minutes it was running pretty clear so I hooked it all back up, primed it, and this time stuff came out and it started up. Thank you Grady! Blocked line. You did well.

As soon as you get a chance I would suggest replacing that pump screen and the nozzle in the burner. Might not be a bad idea to add a second filter as close to the burner as possible. Related Articles. Clogged fuel pump on oil burner. I recently had a problem with my furnace not starting in my ski house. It turned My in-laws just had a new oil-fired boiler professionally installed in their res Humidifier fell and crashed to pieces.

Free standing deck neck to house, steps leading down from sliding door to Frost on New Dehumidifier. No or Yes to plumber's putty. Need advice on pallet wood shed nails staples glue. Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces. Coleman Furnace -Flame Goes Out!!!! The flame goes out about once a week and I have no heat. I have to reset the furnace in order to work properly.

Also Gas Valve setting is 2. I believe it should be 3. New goodman heater not blowing hot enough. Okay,here i go. I had my furnace replaced last month with a new goodman 90k btu furnace We have the LP gas here ,which is only suppied for the furnace and gast tanks are always full. I also have a digital thermostat which was also replaced when the furnace was replaced.

For some reason,the air coming out of the vents do not feel as hot as i thought it would be. Compared to the last one. But it does warm up the house. When i talked to the plumber who installed the furnace. He told to think as if you got out of a shower and you have a wind come at ya. It wouldnt feel as hot but it does come out as hot.. I asked him how else can we make it hotter. I feel as im using alot more gas to warm up the house now. So i told him okay,i will leave it alone for now.

Im asking anyone, if there is a way to either slow the blower down for it to feel hotter or if someone can guide me on how to crank up the burner a bit more. Even my wifes parents said its should be hotter,they have the same type of furnace as well. Can someone help?

Any help would be great. Ask a Question. Question Title:. Your question will be posted in:. Almost There! New User? Back to question.

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