how to block websites in safari

Nov 03, How to Block Websites in Safari on Mac Running macOS Catalina or Earlier. Step #1. Launch the Terminal (Open Spotlight and search for the Terminal). Step #2. In the Terminal type sudo pico /etc/hosts and press Enter. Pressing enter, you will . Feb 26, Head to your Mac's System Preferences and click Screen Time. In the bottom-left of your screen, click Options. Select Turn On to start using this feature on your Mac.

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This process recently changed with the release of iOS 12, so if you think you already know how to block websites, you might be surprised. This is where you will enter the URL of the website you are going to block. You can test this by heading over to Safari and trying to access the website in question. If all has gone according to plan, you will see an error similar to the one we have here. If you need to add more websites, return to the same place and keep adding.

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Apr 04, Block websites in Safari on Mac. First of all, click on the Apple logo and then click on the System Preferences. . On the System Preferences page, click on the option Screen Time. Next window, click on the Content & Privacy option. If the Content & Privacy restrictions is disabled, click on it. Nov 02, From there, tap Add Website at the bottom of the screen. This is where you will enter the URL of the website you are going to block. On the Add Website page, type the URL of the website you want to block and then tap Done on the keyboard. .

A website can be very useful educationally or entertainingly when they are in need, but at the time when you need to focus and get some work done, they becomes distracting. In this case, you need to block websites on Safari to help you concentrate on current job.

To block a certain website or inappropriate websites in Safari on Mac, here we offer 4 solutions as following. By just adding URLs of those websites you want to block, then set a schedule, you will be able to easily block specific websites in Safari temporarily or permanently on your Mac, this is how Cisdem AppCrypt helps you concentrate with its WebBlock.

Cisdem AppCrypt is a Mac utility to block websites and lock apps with a password. With its WebBlock, you can add Blocklist or Allowlist to block or get access to specific websites in Safari or other web browsers at certain times each day, each week basing on the preset schedule. The app also enables you to lock apps on Mac to protect important apps and secure privacy. Note that the blocking applies to both Safari and Google Chrome.

Safari browser itself doesn't support blocking website, but you can configure the settings in Safari to block website content and make certain websites less attractive to you, for example, stop video auto-play, turn off notifications, disable image or styles, etc. Apple is dedicated to help users to proceed workflow smoothly and efficiently, by keeping upgrading operating system, also by offering productive tools, Screen Time app for macOS Before the release of Screen Time under macOS Terminal is the terminal emulator built-in to macOS.

If you are not familiar with Terminal or the hosts file stuff, you may not feel confident using this method. If so, you can skip this method. Hit Return. Limiting access to certain websites is a great way to improve productivity, put parental controls, reduce screen time and help keep kids safe online. Do you find it useful?

Which method do you prefer? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Do you want to password protect a folder on your Mac?

This article will show you two ways to password protect your folders and you can choose the best way which is suitable for you to create a password on any folders on your Mac.

What is the best encryption software for Mac? Here we list top 5 Mac encryption software including free tools, and evaluate the pros and cons for you to better choose the suitable one. How do I block YouTube on my Mac? All rights reserved. Privacy Sitemap. Why Cisdem Website Blocker? Name Email Comment.

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