how to build an outdoor bar on a deck

25 Creative and Modern Outdoor Bar Ideas That Will Make Entertaining Outside a Breeze

Start small and use only one cabinet to build a smaller bar or use all available cabinets and build a large bar area for the patio. If you live on the coast and like the nautical theme, you can decorate it with sand dollars, starfish, boat rope and seashells . Mar 12,  · Don't leave your grill lonely on the edge of your deck — pending your budget, a full outdoor kitchen and bar create a homey and familiar outside hangout spot. 13 Outdoor Stone BarAuthor: Katie Bourque.

How to make a beaded flower someone who lives in the Midwest, I cannot wait till it gets warmer. I dream of spending starry nights with friends and family outdoors while having fun on a patio or in backyard. But I prefer to do it on a budget. Some of them come with step-by-step building plans or guides and some are just for inspiration.

Do you have old kitchen cabinets or bookcases or other how tall is the eiffel tower in france of furniture laying around? Have some recycled wood boards piled up in your backyard? This maybe all you need to build a bar, and these 15 ideas could help you to create an outdoor design that can withstand the elements. This beautiful bar idea is by Ashley Rane Sparks at Hometalk. This is a great DIY idea that you can build on a budget.

Add a few patio bar stools and you have yourself a peaceful space to have coffee, a family dinner or to entertain guests on a hot summer night. Lots of people asking for a plan for this bar. Please see it below. This is one of our favorite outdoor bar designs. To figure out the recommended pergola post installation method or how deep should the posts be in the ground, the best is to call your local office of zoning and engineering.

Depending on your local climate and location, you may decide to mount the posts to the metal anchors or sink them into concrete or directly into soil. This bar is designed to stand 8 feet tall above the ground. What does down to a tee mean depending on your installation method, you will need 8- or even ft long posts. The plan is comprised of three parts: pergola posts, a tabletop and a roof. The plan is created with a small budget in mind, so all dimensions and materials are carefully selected to have almost no leftovers and make the least number of cuts, while keeping the costs down.

We used Home Depot common timber boards to pick the materials. For a compete material spec, please see the reference list below:. Posts: 6 in. You cut the tops off at 15 degree angle, to tilt the roof, just like they did it in the original design.

The above is the bar tabletop assembly diagram. Please note — all dimensions are in actual sizes not nominal. If you want to build with precision, you need to pay attention on actual lumber dimensions. You could assemble the table entirely and then attach it to the posts, or you how to watch pac 12 network come how to build an outdoor bar on a deck with your own method.

We made sure that the result is a sturdy design. The above image shows tabletop board sizes and cut-to dimensions where necessary. As for the pergola roof design, we tried to keep it as simple as possible, while being budget sensitive. So we picked the Cedar fence pickets for the roof top.

The specific materials and the cut-to dimensions are below. The roof top is composed from 16 boards which you create by cutting 8 fence pickets in half see above and below. We think this is a great idea for an on a budget DIY project. Looking for some simple DIY outdoor bar ideas?

If you have some old fence pickets or pallets to recycle then this design can be done on a cheap. Kristin did a great job detailing the entire building process. This quick and easy design attaches to your house or shed outside wall. You secure it with hinges and a metal chain. What a great idea! Build this drop-down bar shelf. Frustrated with the lack of good DIY tutorials for making an outdoor pallet bar, Nicki at Sweet Parrish Place blog decided to create her own, based on the project she completed for her patio — see above.

Check it out! Build this Bar. No doubts, using your old kitchen cabinets is the most effective way to build a bar. And if you live in a warm climate, this is one of those cool ideas on a budget that could work for the outdoors. Start small and use only one cabinet to build a smaller bar or use all available cabinets and build a large bar area for the patio.

If you live on the coast and like the nautical theme, you can decorate it with sand dollars, starfish, boat rope and seashells — just look what is type a swine flu these pictures. This awesome idea for a patio bar design takes time and effort to build. But the end product will be your great reward.

And you can what is a document repository it on a budget if you follow the tried building plan, available here for free. Dreaming of having a sports bar right in your backyard? Want to do it on a budget? Judy connected tree wood pallets to build her outdoor bar.

What makes this a genius idea are the added bar stools. She bought them cheap at Walmart. Add lights, a TV and some beer and you have your dream come true! This rustic looking but practical beverage station was made for a lake house. And it did not cost a dime to make — everything was on hand. The twinkle lights were added for nightly entertainment. We love the idea of decorating the bar top with flowers and how the bottom shelf is used for plants in pots.

We also like the beer and wine openers attached on the sides. This simple but fun design makes drinks and utensils to be the star. Have an old sewing cabinet? Making a DIY outdoor cooler table from it can be a piece of cake. Take a look at this cool example. It was sanded with an electric sander, painted in aqua color and then made to look distressed. Finally, it was sealed with a polyacrylic, so it could be outside.

They cut out an opening in the tabletop and attached a sink from underneath. The folding top serves as a bar table. Build this Cooler Bar.

This outdoor bar made out of barrels was used for a wedding in Tennessee to show love for the couple and love for a certain drink. Here, an old barrel was cut in half before being attached to a previously built wooden stand.

Finally, the tabletop was made with reclaimed wood before varnish was added to make it all look nice and shiny. Debbie at RefreshRestyle. Her response? Using leftover lumber and Finish Max sprayer to turn this bookcase into a patio bar.

This DIY project, completed on a small budget, is a showcase for an incredible transformation. A fresh coat of paint breathed life into one of the how to build an outdoor bar on a deck outdoor designs.

Talk about being unique! Bar carts are super mobile, making them perfect if you entertain guests a lot. But you need a creative design idea and an execution plan. Medina at Grillo Designs offers her step-by-step DIY building guide for an outdoor rolling bar cart, and you can use it to make one for your patio.

She did an amazing job assembling it from copper pipes, and the final design looks terrific. Build this Outdoor Bar Cart. A patio bar on wheels is a handy idea. But if this bar has a folding counter it makes it even better!

The creative folks at the Vintage Chic site have a detailed DIY tutorial on how to make one, with lots of images and specifics. Imaging yourself playing a bartender and coming up with new drinks for your guests to try. If you love entertaining but have a small patio or backyard then this design is just for you. Roll the bar cart out before the guests arrive. Once the party is over and the guests are gone, fold the top down and roll it away for easier storage.

Credenzas already look like bars, so making an outdoor bar from an old scratched credenza is only logical. Jenny at Days of Chalk and Chocolate blog had solved this problem and created a beautiful outdoor piece. And you can follow her tutorial to build one yourself. A credenza is a great choice for a DIY bar — the multiple storage compartments makes it very practical for storing alcohol, cups, utensils, and anything else you need to keep hidden. Refurbishing it in the right way will make it a perfect patio bar idea on a budget.

Simple designs can often come from being inspired by something more expensive. She re-purposed her gift wrapping table for the bar base.

Unique Outdoor Bar Ideas

If you're looking for a new fence, you have to see these photos. While we were living in our apartment, we decided to add a bar top to our balcony railing. This way we could save space and have somewhere to sit when we wanted to BBQ and eat outside! It came out better than expected! Here's how I made it- First I started with wood I found on the side of our house- free materials!

I then screwed the pieces together to form a counter with a lip. Next, I sanded the whole thing down. Then I stained it. I went with a light color to keep a more nat…. Children have the natural need for healthy play time, and more often than not, the backyard turns a little boring for them, no much to do outside but to play ball or catch.

But you can give them a whole world of possibilities and option, maybe all you need is a backyard playground.

Also It […]. An outdoor bar makes entertaining so easy. Adding an outdoor bar is a great way to make your deck or backyard more entertaining and comfortable. Amazing fancy wood deck railings only on dovahome. Image result for light posts for ground level deck nautical rope.

Cedar Deck, Trellis, Steps, Rails. Image result for bar built into deck rail. DIY bar table and stools for the deck.

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