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The Base Course DVD - VERSA-LOK Mosaic. This DVD presents a step-by-step guide to VERSA-LOK Mosaic retaining wall construction. It includes both English and Spanish audio options. Also, the DVD includes printable PDF versions of the VERSA-LOK Mosaic Design and Installation Guidelines and all eight VERSA-LOK Technical Bulletins listed below. Our original, most popular Segmental Retaining Wall, the Standard unit, is the backbone of Versa-Lok Ѓ retaining wall systems. The unit's solid construction and unique pinning system provide an endless array of design options, hardcore durability and the fastest, easiest installation available.

As someone who builds a lot of electrical things, one of the perhaps most unexciting yet fundamental subject areas is connectors. The range of connectors available and in-use today is trully astonishing. Every connector system ever conceived has its own official crimp tool, in most cases the cost of these is over and above what any hobbyist could and how to make girls squrt want to pay for a crimp tool.

For the past 5 years this page has been focused on comparisons with the above tools. Note that I do not recommend buying these. They are expensive, poorly finished, causing contacts to stick in the jaw, and the scissor type action makes it difficult to get sufficient force on the conductor part.

Personally I would prefer they spent their efforts improving the mediocre results of their own designed crimp tools, rather than copying others. Do your own research too. There are thousands of generic crimp tools out there. I cannot test them all. When crimped properly, the strands remain individual even upon entering the insulation crimp, making the chances of strands breaking low.

When soldering, there is a very high chance that the solder will wick up the conductor, beyond the insulation crimp, making it very vulnerable to mechanical damage. In this situation, it only takes a small amount of movement to start snapping the strands at the invisible weak point. That make this method non-viable for production use; except under very controlled conditions with connectors that are designed for soldering.

This having been said, I would recommend soldering in scenarios where connectors are carrying significant current, and the manufacturer tool is unavailable see below. Below is an interesting graphic from TE, from this video. The graphic on the right is the typical result of an off-brand tool. Back when I first started using crimp how to use aq trainer, almost everything I built made use of cheap no-brand contacts with no particular care as to what they were plated with not that it was ever specified anyway.

Why waste money on name brand contacts when no-brand contacts work just fine? Fast forward a few years, and I find that some of that equipment I built years ago begins to malfunction. The problem was that I had mated contacts from two different eBay sellers with differing plating. The dissimilar metals in use corroded over the years ending in failure. Attempts to save a few quid back then have now resulted in hours of profanities as all of those connectors have had to be re-crimped with name brand gold contacts.

If you are not on a tight budget, and building something that has to be reliable, and last Ч go straight for manufacturer original gold plated contacts. If buying Molex: 0. Phosphor bronze and brass are both alloys of copper, however with different ingredients. Phosphor bronze contacts are generally regarded as superior as they are harder and retain their tension for significantly longer. Smaller brass contacts may need to be re-tensioned after mating cycles.

If a contacts material is not specified i. There are other exotic materials used in contacts i. These and look-a-likes are the most commonly used type by hobbyists.

I have a separate page with a lot of detail relating to these. Another range of common types used by hobbyists. There are quite a few to cover. Connectors resembling these are produced by many manufacturers, most of whom are anonymous factories in mainland China, whose product is sold under a plethora of different brand names. For the most part, headers and housings mate and latch fairly well across brands. I have since replaced all them with Molex Gold plated types which have now been running for 4 years without incident.

They are only found in 2, 3 and 4 positions, because, these are the variants used for PC fans. The quality of these is not comparable to that of the mating connectors, but perhaps this is not so surprising, given the intended market of these connectors. A common 0. It is manufactured by both TE and Molex with some how to find eamcet registration number differences.

Chinese reproductions of this type are common. With 2. The downside is that PCB headers have a large footprint. Mini-PV is a connector family with comparable versatility including polarised PCB headers of significantly smaller footprint, and better quality contacts, however at slightly higher cost. Numbers in bold can be changed to order connectors with a different number of positions. Non latched, and dual row types what is the vat rate in china also available.

As we can see from the picture above we have a familiar problem of not being able to apply the same kind of force. A common 2. Available in single and dual row configurations. Similar types are made by both Harwin and Molex. M22 and Milli-Grid contacts crimp easily and cleanly with tools like the Engineer PAD, however with the usual problem of significantly less force on the conductor part, which means cable assembles have to be pulled from the connector body not the wire to avoid wire pulling from the contacts.

Very similar to the SL series mentioned above, except cheaper, lower quality and lacking latching options.

The design of the contacts is distinctly different to SL. Tired of reading about 0. They remain in full production to this day, for some reason or other. The housings are quite a bit thicker than most other types. The two row housing has the same thickness as a 0. To me the only interesting thing about this family is the housing on the left. Agreed, an unlikely use-case. Beyond this, these are an expensive relic. Effectively a jumbo version of the KK.

Pitch spacing is 0. The most likely place you will encounter them is inside of switching power supplies, almost certainly on the primary side, and possibly on the secondary side too.

As with KK. As expected, the original tool is effortless to use and gets absolutely perfect results. They are also available in black and white left, above.

White housings are for UL fire safety compliance, i. No-brand non Molex types are often coloured black for aesthetic reasons typically for use in PCs, and are made of low quality plastics which do not feature the improved fire safety ratings of Molex types.

Contact and header part numbers are for the most common Tin plated types. Gold plated types are also available however these should not be used unless both mating sides are gold plated. Sold separately.

Instead of potentially hours of uttering profanities attempting to extract contacts with sewing needles, the contacts will pop straight out with one of these. There are of course many other possible combinations. I cannot cover them all. I wrote a bit more about Mini-Fit Jr on this page. Also known as Universal Mate-n-Lok. At V it is the highest voltage rated connector I cover here.

Contact rating is 19A. Its contacts are remarkably similar to the 5. I keep a small stock of these for high voltage applications, as they safely handle a V 13A load UK max socket outlet without breaking a sweat. They crimp perfectly with the tool mentioned below, despite it not being intended for this purpose.

This tool is well made and effective. Extracting contacts from receptacles pictured above on the left is tremendously difficult without one. I got mine how to find the standard deviation from the mean eBay for a song.

It also works with 5. I went through all my cheap eBay tools on these. The one that came out on top is labelled SNB. Not too bad of a result, however not quite enough force on the conductor part, this is a bit of an issue under heavy load as the thermal camera image at the top of this article shows. Also known as Commercial Mate-n-Lok. Not a particularly popular connector family anymore but notable as the 4 position variety of these were used on 5.

The two and three position varieties are sometimes found on very old computer equipment in design specific applications only. This connector family includes a rather uncommon member: A single position housing.

Is a piece of rubbish made of some kind of brittle metal. It broke about 10 minutes after I received it. The Universial Mate-n-Lok 6. Despite somehow? In practice it is unlikely that one would ever encounter a Molex branded connector. Molex contacts have a special retention feature for the locator in the tool, which makes both the tool and the contacts incompatible with anything else.

Mate-n-Lok (5.08mm pitch) Ц TE, Formerly Tyco, Formerly AMP

VERSA-LOKЃ Standard units have a unique ability to provide a wide range of retaining wall curves and corners. Inside (concave), outside (convex) and serpentine curves are constructed with the same basic VERSA-LOK units by simply changing the alignment of units in the wall. The same Standard unit is used to build inside degree corners. How to build a concrete wall prep work: Materials, tools and site. The wall we built was a weekend-long project and an exhausting one at that. It took a day to rip out the old, collapsing retaining wall, to dig farther into the hill to provide room for the backfill gravel and to help unload materials. One of the most popular brands of modular concrete blocks is Versa-Lok. They use a pin and pin-hole interlocking system and have a broad range of styles available. With Versa-Lok, homeowners can achieve standard, weathered, cobbled, and mosaic. They are also fortified enough to build taller than with cinder blocks, at a similar material price.

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