how to burn a photo cd with music

Jul 31, How to Burn Photos, Music and Videos to a CD or DVD Insert a blank CD or DVD into your CD/ DVD drive Open Windows Media Player Click on the "Burn" tab, located in the right pane. An empty burn list shall be displayed. Find the files you want to burn from your Library (Music, Videos, Pictures) and. Jan 28, What to Know. Insert a blank disc into the optical disc drive and select the music files you want to burn. Right-click a file and choose Send to > DVD RW Drive (D:). Select either With a CD/ DVD player or Mastered > Next. Go to Manage > Finish .

This article explains how to burn dc to a disc in Windows without iTunes, Windows Media Playeror any third-party burning software. Instructions apply to Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. To burn a CD without iTunes or any other audio burning software, just pop in a disc, choose which songs to write to it, and then send them directly to the CD burner. Insert a blank disc into the optical disc drive. If you're asked what to do with the blank disc, you can ignore the message. The steps below will work just fine even if you don't specify to Windows how it should behave when a new disc is inserted.

Select the music files you want to burn to the disc. You can choose more than one file at once by holding down the Ctrl key.

Don't open the music files, but instead just select them so mueic they're highlighted. Opening one will have it play in your media player, but that's now how you'll burn the music to the CD. Your drive might be called something different, like CD Drive D:but it's probably labeled as the D drive. If the tray is empty, ohw be opened automatically and you'll be asked to insert a disc.

If so, do that and then return to this step. Select Next. An Explorer window will appear with your selected files. You can add more files to the list by copying them into this window. This is also what to sell when you need money fast time where you can remove any of the files from the list if you don't want them to be burned to the disc. If you're using Windows 7, select Burn to disc at the top of the screen.

Enter a name for the disc. You can also set the recording speed here, but leaving it at the highest speed which should be chosen by default is advisable unless you have a reason not to. You'll be notified when the music is finished burning to the CD. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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Updated on January 28, Tweet Share Email. What to Know Insert a blank disc into the optical disc drive and select the music files you want to burn. Name the disc and select Next. You're notified when the music is finished burning to the CD. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Email Address Sign up There was an error. Please photi again. You're in! Thanks for signing up. There was an error. Tell us why! More from Lifewire. Your Privacy Rights.

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May 07, Hi all, I want to burn a disk with pictures for my daughter and with the pictures i would like some nice background music, but i have no idea how i would make it so i can get the music to play while watching the pictures from the CD. Do i need special programs for . The final step is to turn photos into DVD slideshow with music. Click on Burn tab and a Burn Settings window will appear. Choose Burn to disc or Save as ISO files as you wish, finish the Disc label and other parameters and click Burn button, Wondershare DVD Creator will create your slideshow DVD. Free Download Free Download. Sep 21, Once youre done copying everything you want to write to the disc, Select Drive Tools in the toolbar menu of the File Explorer window, then select Finish Burning.. (You can also right-click on the optical drives icon in File Explorer, and select Burn To Disc.) A .

If it doesn't open the drive in a new window, then open Windows Explorer File Explorer and then click on the drive located in the left sidebar. At Recording speed , you can select a burning speed. Make sure that the Windows Explorer window and Windows Media Player are both visible and located next to each other. This program's user-friendly interface, menu, and step-by-step wizard will help you achieve your disc-related tasks, easily and quickly. You can visit the product page for more information about the program and to download the program.

Visit product page. In the left menu, you move your mouse cursor pointer on Burn Data and then click on New Disc. In the bottom right corner, at Speed , you can select a burning speed. You can also select the number of copies. Note: If the new compilation window does not appear, you click on File located in the top left corner and then choose New from the drop-down menu.

Drag the pictures or folders from the right section File Browser to the left section Disc Content. Tip: At the bottom of Nero Burning Rom you can view how much MB in file size you have left on your disc how many pictures you still can add to your disc.

Or you click on Recorder located in the top menu, and then click on Burn Compilation. In the Writing section, at Write speed , you can select a burning speed. At Number of copies , you can enter the number of copies.

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