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The decoy: I go undercover as a teenager to catch suspected paedophiles

Apr 17,  · They know pedafile Biden is aborting the democrat party and every fake media pig in site. All in under 90 days. So trashing the leaders they think republicans are going to run next time. It’s trump boys He is your next President. And current President and . Jun 28,  · Favorite Answer. Pedophiles are sneaky people by nature; they make the victim an co-conspirator by telling them it is a secret. Usually the victim wants to talk; but is often too embarassed to say anything. Your best bet is to find a child who has been or is being abused by this pedophile and convince them they are helping others by talking.

This will easily be the most controversial blog post I ever wrote, so consider yourself warned. Fatch I said,many have renewed the call for a Sex Offender registry. The idea being, that if we start registering vatch offenders, we could more easily monitor them, and be able cut-off their cafch to further abuse children.

Then we have calls for better screening procedures of people who work with children. Maybe a extremely thorough and in-depth screening process that interviewed his parents, grandparents hoe fourth grade history teacher would have uncovered something about his t that may have triggered some alarms—but that level of screening is both unrealistic and a gross invasion of privacy.

A registry relies on the fact that we catch these Pedophiles in the first place. After all, sex offenders are only registered once their caught—and how to catch a pedafile before. We need to thoroughly pursue pedophilia online, and search it out wherever it might be. In the Huckle case, the investigators managed to track him down because Huckle was a frequent visitor to online pedophile catcy called the Love Zone.

The Australian police manage to tie the identity of the operator of the Love Zone to a real-life Australian, and through ctch luck catch pedafild while he was actually administering the website. From there, they got a list ho visitors to the site, which led them to Richard Huckle. TOR is a piece of technology that allows for the anonymous hosting of pedaflle as well as anonymous browsing—but you knew that already.

So how does the FBI, or the Australian police actually find Pedophiles who host their disgusting content on the dark web? And in some cases, they what is the interviewer illusion not just the servers that host the content, but the visitors to these sites.

Tech Evangelist. Well for one thing, the TOR network is how many journalist and whistle-blowers securely use the internet. Bloggers who speak out against the mexican drug cartels, and dissidents of repressive regimes, and yes even regular facebook users. Users on TOR start out anonymous pfdafile default, in many cases unless the user is hacked their identity remains a secret, which complicates law enforcement which is based on geographic cagch.

Let me repeat that last sentence, in trying to find out visitors to Playpen, the FBI hosted child pornography on US government servers. Yes, but what the FBI did was bloody genius. Since they controlled the how to make phone themes of the website, they injected a little Flash application that would run on the visitors machine, and ping back the real IP address instead of routing it through TOR.

It cafch sounds a bit technical, but basically the FBI hacked the computers of every visitor to Playpen, then used ho hack to expose the visitors true identity and then nail those fucking pedos with arrest warrants. How do you do it? A fair question. The warrants were not valid, and hence the entire exercise was deemed illegal. It seems those meddling civil liberties are afforded to pedophiles as well as us regular folks as well—who knew?

The point is, sex offender registries and screening procedures would have no effect in t child sex abuse unless we actually catch the pedos to begin with. And In the age of the internet, the only way to catch them is to aggressively search them out on the dark web, and if need be visit and hack into every single kiddie porn forum there is.

But as we how to catch a pedafile, allocating government dollars for law enforcement officers to visit child porn forums, hack into them, and continue hosting their content seems a pretty hard thing to stomach.

It gets even more disturbing, as kiddie porn forums are usually international in nature, and extend beyond the limitations of laws we have in place today. What we truly need is the proper legal framework to address the jurisdictional complexities it poses, and a task force with the requisite technical skills what hospital was stephen harper born in find and compromise these sites.

Needs to be illegal cause that will be a stepping stone for some. And sex what is a good gift for a quinceanera in school should be just warning kids of predators and leave sex talk to the parents! But are we forgetting something obvious? You gotta catch them first A registry relies on the fact that we catch these Pedophiles in the first place.

They HACK them. Yup, government agencies actually hack into these websites and gain access. And while nobody has sympathy for pedophiles getting hacked, the truth is more complicated. If it takes a thief to catch a thief, I guess it takes a pedo to catch a pedo. Conclusion The point is, sex offender registries and screening procedures would have no effect in combating child sex abuse unless we actually catch the pedos cahch begin with.

If politicians wanted to work on something—it should be that. Astound us with your intelligence Cancel reply. Cant stand perverts hope you bust their ass good children are children from god. Read more.

A brief word about TOR

Jul 07,  · How To Catfish A Pedophile: Step By Step. In just two short years, Ellen estimates that she's made over $, catfishing pedophiles online and making them pay. Here's exactly how she does it. Step 1: Post an ad in the Craigslist personals section, using a photo of a young(ish) looking boy (around 16 or 17). Jul 13,  · How to catch a pedophile: victims vs priest. ZoominTVSociety Published July 13, 8 Views. Subscribe 12 Share. 1 rumble. Embed Share. Rumble — The story of how Francois Devaux and Pierre-Emmanuel are fighting back after a church in Lyon failed to exile a priest with a dark secret. Apr 05,  · 3) Set a Trap — But Be Careful. Posing as his daughter, Martin ultimately invited the unwitting man to his home for a visit. When he arrived, Martin was ready for him. “Once he came and walked in the house, I grabbed him, grabbed him and held him for the police,” Martin explained. The suspect was reportedly carrying condoms in his pocket.

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Tony Blas is a plumber in his mid-thirties who lives in Queens, New York. He has two young daughters. In his spare time, he hunts for people who try to groom children online and lure them into sex. We first met on a sweltering summer day. We went to the park across the street, and sat on a bench. They broadcast all of it live from their phones. Criminologists even view it as a new expression of the town-square execution.

The hunters are responding to very real dangers lurking online. Drawing a child into sex can be as easy as an online chat, and child pornography has proliferated with the rise of the internet. But using social media to name and shame potential offenders is deeply problematic.

It has led to a number of suicides in several countries. They can be counterproductive, endangering ongoing investigations, and the evidence obtained from stings is legally shaky. The hunters harness social networks like Facebook to unleash the all-powerful ostracism of the universally abhorred figure of the child abuser, but they might not have all the facts and context.

They have little regard for due process or expectations of privacy. Before Facebook became the juggernaut it is today, there was a popular reality television show called To Catch a Predator , which aired in the US between and One study examined why people joined pedophile-hunting chatrooms.

Many said they did it out of a sense of injustice and parental concern, but more than half cited To Catch A Predator. The series showed audiences how horrifyingly easy it was for adults to lure children online, but it also gave them the idea that they could try to do something about it. The platform gives the hunters greater exposure than the obscure message boards they depended on in the earlier days of the internet.

The suave TV host is replaced with a local plumber, or a long-haul trucker, broadcasting shaky footage from their phone. There are multiple UK-based hunter communities with hundreds of thousands of followers. The British media have been breathlessly following their shenanigans, and their rocky relationship with law enforcement. Blas, for example, says he started his operation after watching a sting from a UK group in his feed.

The case brought more attention to the problem of the sexual exploitation of children, sociologist Daniel Trottier, a media and communications professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, told Quartz.

Anti-pedophile vigilantism is generally a global phenomenon. In , 11 people were arrested in Myanmar after a violent crowd formed demanding the police turn over to them a suspected pedophile. In Indonesia, a mob attacked and killed a man suspected of being a child molester in In India, rumors of child trafficking and pedophilia, spread on WhatsApp, have led to lynch mobs that killed at least 29 people.

The Facebook vigilante groups use similar tactics to their predecessors, but they function in a different internet universe. It was easy for two hunters I spoke with to launch their efforts on Facebook. They already knew how to use Facebook. And it is exceedingly easy to find an audience. Using Facebook makes the experience feel more familiar for viewers. Followers know how the site looks and functions, and it sanitizes the vigilante effort, taking it from dark, obscure folds of the internet to the social network that everyone uses every day.

The content pedophile hunters post on Facebook is tailor-made to flourish there. The most shared English-language news story in the first three months of was a word piece about a sexual predator. The posts are often quickly amplified by local news, which latch onto the story of a pedophile in the community. She shows her nieces and nephews the POPSquad videos, warning them to be careful about who they chat with online.

Every time a new video is posted on the page, she gets an email alert. To her, the value of the group is a no-brainer. This is not a joke. POPSquad boasts busts, and Chery was impressed when it took less than a day from a bust for the incident to be written up in a local newspaper. Predator hunting teams will sometimes work with each other, cross-posting busts and encouraging followers to follow the teams they are allied with.

Blas works with a team in Tennessee, and for the last several months, has been splitting his time between New York and there. He said he even got a visit from a UK team. With smartphones and the Facebook app at their fingertips, people can check in with the page at any time of day. This lands the user in a filter bubble that revolves around seeking out pedophiles, finding them wherever they might look, which is only made more powerful by the shared experience the user has with every other member of the group.

And crime is an easy thing to rally around. Facebook capitalizes on this. The hunter communities often have both a public page and a closed or private group for their loyal fans. He had a bandanna on his head, shielding him from the August heat. He has a team of decoys, adult women who pretend to be minors.

He claims that to construct their child alter egos online, they use either their own photos, or ones from family members, from whom they have permission. Among the apps the group uses are Tagged, an aging, but still active social discovery network, and Plenty of Fish, a dating app. The conversations go on for two or three weeks. Blas says this is purposeful. When the two parties agree to meet, Blas picks a place, often in his own neighborhood.

Like other hunters, he starts a broadcast on Facebook Live, often from his car, sometimes narrating an introduction to the perpetrator.

Initially, he covers the video to make sure he has the right person. The audience only sees his face. The conversation continues, with Blas quickly getting the man to admit why he is really there. The video has, as of July , 7, shares, and , views, boosted by coverage in local media.

The man turned out to be a high school teacher in upstate New York. The suspect was charged with attempting to endanger the welfare of a child by police and is awaiting trial. After a serious car accident in his twenties, Blas says he became addicted to painkillers, and later heroin. He was once arrested for domestic battery, and served time in jail. He lost contact with his wife and daughter, but was eventually able to get back on track thanks to an organization that helps the formerly incarcerated.

His decoys, Blas says, are stay-at-home moms, spread out across several states. He met them on Facebook. He decided to try out the hunt. His motivation is in part personal.

Then, he promptly voices the obvious. At this, he gets visibly aggravated. How are you not just killing them? In the US, bail bondsmen function as private actors who are authorized to capture criminal defendants.

If the community is willing to help, Blas says, authorities should either fund these efforts, or at least allow them. His goal is administering street justice, he says, not shying away from the term. Weeks has somewhat different motivations. During a phone interview, Weeks says he grew up in a middle-class family and never experienced any sexual abuse. He has two younger brothers, and has helped his mother raise them, he claims.

As a trucker, Weeks has witnessed sexual trafficking and prostitution. He sees women getting into trucks with men 35, 40 years older than them. The group that at one point was the largest predator hunting community in the US, Truckers Against Predators, was also founded by a truck driver. It makes sense. As Weeks notes himself, truckers often see evidence of sex trafficking during the course of their work.

Truckers have a lot of downtime while on the road. With a cause like predator hunting comes a sense of mission—and a built-in community, said Karen Levy, a sociologist at Cornell University. Weeks is adamant that dealing with online predators is best done through the criminal justice system.

Several weeks after we spoke, Weeks was arrested on drug charges. The hunters are not professionals, trained to pursue suspected abusers. The situations they find themselves in are highly tense, and often precarious. The hunters risk their own lives, but the targets could also harm themselves, their own children, or any potential children they are violating, he added.

Either party could be armed, particularly in the US, where gun laws are more lax than in other countries. And even if the hunter is behaving safely, those watching on Facebook might not. In July, the military publication Task and Purpose also reported that an online hunting group could have led to the suicide of a sailor.

Pedophile hunting, and the ways in which it goes terribly awry, can take on different forms depending on the cultural context, political discourse, and local issues. The trope of an all-powerful pedophile ring has been woven into the bizarrely complex QAnon conspiracy theory, which also thrives on Facebook.

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