how to change youtube privacy settings

Feb 25,  · How to Edit YouTube’s Privacy Settings To access your privacy settings, start by opening up YouTube’s home page. Next, find your account settings by clicking your avatar in the top-right hand corner, and click the gear icon, highlighted below. Next, find the option for “Privacy” in the left-hand menu. Sign in to the YouTube app on your Android device. Tap Library Your videos. Next to the video you want to change, tap More Edit. Tap the Privacy setting, and choose between Public, Private, and.

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Thankfully, you can still control what the rest of cgange world sees by correctly configuring the level of your privacy inside your YouTube account settings. Next, find your account settings by clicking your avatar in the top-right hand corner, and click the gear icon, highlighted below. Unlike the first section, the more boxes you have un-checked here, the more private your account will be.

To configure this section, navigate to the bottom of the Privacy page, and click on the link highlighted below:. As we mentioned in our companion article on this subjectmost of the data collected for these ads is pretty innocuous, and will only identify you on the broadest spectrum. The ads are based on things like the types of YouTube content you watch, the searches you make inside the Google ecosystem, or the pages you visit while using the Chrome web browser.

You can add or delete jow interests in this section in case you want to specifically tailor which ads are displayed to you. That said, if total privacy is of the utmost importance, you can turn the setting off entirely by switching the toggle highlighted below:. Here, you can manage what gets posted to companion social media sites like Twitter whenever any activity is detected in your feed. Image Credit: Rego Korosi. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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Part 1: Public VS Unlisted VS Private

Apr 23,  · In this video tutorial, I'll be showing you how to manage your YouTube Jan 13,  · This is an updated video of my "How To Hide And Unhide Your Subscriptions! *VERY IMPORTANT*". Now YouTube has made it much easier to change these settings! I.

Privacy settings on YouTube allow you to control who can see your videos. There are three settings — Public, unlisted, and private. This article will give you a brief introduction of what those three settings mean, and how to use them. Want to make your YouTube videos more beautiful within minutes? Here we recommend an easy-to-use video editing software for beginner for your reference - Wondershare Filmora. These are videos that everyone can view. You'll want this if you want lots of people to watch your video.

Unlisted videos are ones that anybody can view so long as they have the link. This is a great setting for sharing a video amongst small groups. You might have a rough edit you want to show a few people, or you might have a show reel that you only want certain people to see.

You grant people permission by allowing their Google accounts to access the video. Nobody else can see the video, regardless of whether they have the link. This is the best setting for a video you need to share with only very specific people, if anyone. Below is a comparison table to know more about privacy settings. There are two ways to change the privacy settings: firstly, when you upload the video, and secondly through Creator Studio.

When you upload a video to YouTube you'll see on the right hand side an option that says "privacy". This is defaulted to "public", but you can use the drop-down menu on the button to change the setting.

This will apply your privacy setting the second the video finishes uploading and processing. To change the privacy setting later, go to Creator Studio, then Video Manager. The world means "public" , the chain means "unlisted" , and the lock is for "private". To change the privacy, click the icon. Down below where you see the thumbnails you'll see the selected privacy setting.

Click this to open a drop down menu, and select your desired privacy level. If a video is set to "private', you'll have the option to share it with specific people. Below where it says "private" on the info and settings page you'll see a button labeled "share". Click this and type in the email addresses of the people you want to be able to watch the video.

And that's all there is to it! Changing the privacy setting on YouTube videos is a simple, helpful tool to allow you to control the audience of you work. Generally rated 4. Overview of YouTube Video Editor 2. Creative Commons 2. Wondershare Filmora9. Liza Brown. Other Recommend Products. Liza Brown chief Editor. More Resources.

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