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21 Super Quick and Easy Updos Anyone Can Do

20 Gorgeous Updos You Can Actually DO Morgan C. Schimminger When we’re in a rush to get out the door, most of us just whip our hair up into a traditional ponytail. This beautiful updo hairstyle is very easy to make in the morning for girls. Make your hair smooth with a round comb. Pull a small section of your hair together from two sides and secure with a hair band. Fix the rest with another hair band and tuck them through the previous one until the ends. Easy Braided Up-Do for Medium Hair.

We've all been there: You woke up with absolutely zero time to even run a comb through your hair and you have to be somewhere in a flash. Or maybe you simply want no part of getting into a wrestling match with your hair. Don't sweat it—just try one of these crazy-fast and chic! Okay, if you haven't done them before, they might take a couple of minutes, but practice makes perfect, right? And below is a comprehensive list of YouTube tutorials for each style.

Trust us, the results will save you so much time and energy. In just a how to do simple hair updos simple steps, you can quickly transform your limp, frizzy, or bedhead hair into a non-basic beauty look. From various takes on a top knot bun to a super easy crown braid, the effortless style options are endless. Ahead, watch these these beginner-friendly style, suitable for every hair texture and length, that'll be sure to make you look put together even when your hair decides to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Welcome to your week of really great hair days. Wearing an off-duty messy bun will make even the most how to play lightly row hair look instantly polished, with very little effort required. Quickly tuck away your curls and coils until you are able to get around to wash day with this beautiful twisted halo style.

On days you just can't be bothered, sweep your hair into a voluminous high puff. This is the perfect style for days-old hair. If your bangs or layers are too grown-out or getting in your way, simply gather the front half of you hair into a top knot.

Trying to style your hair in its in-between stage can be difficult. So opt for this sleek low pony for short hair. Take the attention away from your three-day old hair by incorporating a scarf into your long pony. If you're dealing with frizz, deviate from a top knot or a messy bun with these cute little space buns.

If you have fine hair and want an easy upgrade that won't fall flat, secure your strands away from your face by pinning your hair with styled bobby pins. Give your basic pulled back pony a bit of personality with a no-nonsense braid or a bubble ponytail using elastic bands. For more stories like this, including celebrity news, beauty and fashion advice, savvy political commentary, and fascinating features, sign up for the Marie Claire newsletter subscribe here. United States.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Unbearable Whiteness of Ballet. Lisa Maree Williams Getty Images. Advertisement - What is the social welfare system Reading Below. Bad hair day? Not to worry. Quickly pull yourself together with this classic top knot.

Keep crazy layers or out-of-control bangs in place with this easy crown braid. Forgo your bedhead frizz with this simple, slicked-back style. Switch up your typical half-up, half-down by securing your strands into a French twist. Repurpose last night's messy texture with an easy, out-of-your-face inverted style. With just a little added texture, a voluminously tousled ponytail is anything but ordinary. No time to refresh your what to do with a dying hamster Simply style your hair with a beautiful scarf or head wrap.

Trust, this hybrid of a low ponytail and a modern chignon is actually way easier than it looks. Quickly switch up your wash-and-go or twist-out by sweeping one side of your hair into a clip. Have fun with your top knot by incorporating curly bangs.

A little fringe never hurt nobody! Revamp a how to get wifi adapter classic by gathering your french braids into an effortless bun. Chelsea Hall Chelsea Hall is the Assistant Fashion and Beauty Editor at Marie Claire, where she covers celebrity style, fashion trends, skincare, makeup and anything else tied into the world of fashion and beauty.

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Best Updos for Medium Length Hair

Jul 03,  · In just a few simple steps, you can quickly transform your limp, frizzy, or bedhead hair into a non-basic beauty look. From various takes on a top knot bun to a super easy crown braid, the.

Updo hairstyles are an urgent topic for summer days when you need to keep your locks off the face and more or less organized. What updos are the best for medium length? It, certainly, depends on the occasion. However, we can sum up the most popular hairstyles for mid length and create a sort of summary on this topic. In brief, we can list these: buns, simple knots and French knots, braided updos and up hairstyles with tucked ends. Read further for a more detailed review.

Updos can also be casual. Take this french braid for instance. The exaggerated weaving is totally cool and effortless. Dress it up with accessories for a formal affair. Fine hair can look incredibly flat in updo hairstyles because the strands have less width than average. In some cases, especially with light-colored hair, you can see the scalp peeking through.

To combat this, create some height through the crown with a big bouffant. If you opt for a simple look like this messy looped style, it would help to have some chunky highlights to add visual interest. They are especially exciting when twisted together to create a swirled mix of caramel and coffee hues. This pretty twisted style makes fine hair look super thick and voluminous!

The next time you have a wedding to attend, make this style your partner-in-crime. You can even stick a small flower or jeweled barrette in for detail! The French Roll will help your thin hair stand out and look even more luscious than it is, even without extensions! Loosen a couple of strands around the face for softness. Intricate details make formal updos standout. Looping and weaving are not only visually intriguing, but also refined.

Let down a couple of tendrils of hair around the face as a romantic and endearing finishing touch. No one would ever guess you were actually rushing to work or class when you gathered your bedhead hair into a low bun. The key to making this style work is not making it look too put together. The loose strands are flirty and feminine. Updos for medium hair come in all shapes and sizes, including this loopy style you can wear with bangs.

Whether your bangs are cut straight across the forehead or side swept, they will top off this style with girly delicacy. Texture is the key to a cool style. Whether your tresses are wrapped up tight or hang down your back, the piecey layered look teamed with waves is always going to be a magnet for compliments.

The only thing that could make it better is a balayage. Minimalism is a major trend in fashion, and it can easily be applied to the beauty industry as well. In fact, the simple, but elegant hairstyles you see here would be the perfect accent to a polished shift dress or a cashmere sweater and midi skirt.

A boho-chic updo like this wavy mess packs color and texture into one amazing style. Highlighted waves are the focal point and will make you feel like the star of the show. The messy chignon, popularized by fashion icons like Lauren Conrad, still remains a consistent trend. For this hairstyle to truly shine, utilize day two or three hair to achieve the optimal level of messiness.

Section off a chunky piece on each side, and make a low looped pony from the remaining hair. Wrap the side sections around the chignon and hide their ends under the elastic or pin with bobby pins. A messy updo will always be in style. The highlighted waves give chic hairdos like this one enhanced texture and easy detail. As always, loose wavy strands are the key to most bedhead looks. The low knot is perfect for a weekend jaunt around town, a night out at a club, or a dinner with your girls.

Successful easy updos for medium hair always look like a lot more effort went into creating them. At home, try teasing the crown of the head and styling the hair half up, half down. Then curl the ends and pin the ringlets of the lower half of the hair up without any particular pattern.

Always cute and always ready for a special event, curls are a classic for a reason. They are charming and flattering on any face shape. Plus, their spirals bring a dose of dimension and texture to your updo.

Make two French twists from either side of your head and join them in the middle with bobby pins. The rose tone of this hairstyle adds to the gorgeousness, but you can rock a low flower bun updo no matter what hair color you have.

No need to add a faux flower accessory, the petals are built in for maximum detail. When coming up with your dream prom hairstyle , definitely consider an updo.

The twists and curls are super cute and youthful. But, add in a few loose strands for a touch of much-needed movement. Not only do they make a striking statement on the runways, but the messy updos for medium hair paired with a dark romantic lip and gilded accessories would be perfect for your next formal event.

Despite the previous look, there is some advantage to wearing a more traditional updo, like a French twist — especially if you are a busy woman who has to juggle many different kinds of events in one day. Easy updos, which can be done in 10 minutes or less, are your best bet. Enliven your locks and try an updo with bangs. This way your coif looks good in the front and back. The thin tendrils and fringe are sweet finishing touches that perfectly complement the romantic allure of a braided chignon.

Hairdos for medium hair are not restricted to loosely waved bobs. Elevate your locks with a chignon. Feather out small sections of the updo to create texture, dimension and body.

Without long locks or extensions , your bun might be lacking those key traits. The weaving and knotting are neat and sophisticated. Up styles are great because you have so many styling options. The swooping and curves bring in that whimsical-yet refined-allure. Easy hairstyles for medium hair can really be as simple as styling big curls and creating a half up, half down style.

Or experiment with a small chignon and curls spiraling out of it. If you have the wedding in the nearest future, you need to make sure your look is ready! The tucked and braided low updo is an elegant formal option to consider. Set with hair spray so you can dance the night away!

Sometimes the main attraction of updo hairstyles is in details. Experiment with twists and braids to come up with your own lovely low updo.

Loose tendrils on the sides are a nice finishing touch. Refreshing second day hair is easy: a little dry shampoo and a curling wand will give you a quick, textured beach wave.

The third day after a wash is a little trickier, a little oiler, and has a few more unruly strands. The solution for this is a wavy updo; one that extends your previous style. If your hair is too short to be pulled into easy updos for medium hair, master a few quick half updos.

Pairing the braid with a mini-bouffant contributes a sophisticated vibe. A sleek, shiny updo is made seemingly effortless by the incorporated braided elements. The strategic placement of plaits makes or breaks the look. In this case, it adds a detail around the crown and breaks up the formality of the hairstyle. The bigger the better, especially when it comes to bouffants! Big sexy hair comes to life with maximum volume on top. Loose textured locks make the look messy but magnificent.

Try this updo with bangs swept to the side. This is a versatile coiffure for a semi-formal event or everyday wear! Show off the multiple tones of your hair color, whether you have highlights or balayage , and play around with your messy-chic chignon! This classic side-braided updo looks like something from a romantic black-and-white movie. A bit of pulling at waves creates easy texture, while the wavy tendrils near the face are a soft touch.

Women who are fans of the romantic updo hairstyles in period movies like Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice will love these looks. These styles are pretty formal on their own, but you can take them up a notch with accessories like flowers or barrettes.

When it comes to updos for medium length hair, buns are not only a classy choice, but they also protect your ends from damage. As the hair rubs against clothing, friction breaks the cuticles and moisture is drawn away from the hair shafts, especially if you like to wear cotton tops, shirts, T-shirts, etc.

Mohawk braids become more creative! A few well-placed rhinestones or other accessories take the look up a notch. Commonly polished and neat updos compliment mature ladies, and younger women more often prefer a less refined finish.

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