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Today we will learn how to self check Airtel number, find/know your own mobile number on Idea, Airtel number, JIO mobile number, Vodafone, BSNL, Virgin, Tata Docomo, Videocon, Uninor, MTNL, Reliance no and Aircel SIM card number on the cell phone. There are many ways to find out own (my) phone number or to get it. Switch to Airtel – Free Sim Delivery at Doorstep. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows you to port any telecom operator number to Airtel without the hassle of changing existing sim number. When the porting of number is about to happen, you will get the new sim delivered at home and receive a heads up about porting status.

Do you want to search and find the details of the mobile number, trace them, or even find the details about the owner? Is yes, continue reading. For many reasons, we want to find the name and details of the actual Owner of Mobile Number.

If you have the Mobile Number with you, then finding details about it is not at all a tough task. For this trick, all you need is how to keep safe on internet Mobile Number.

In my case, One of my friends was messaging me in WhatsApp without revealing his real Identity. He was actually chatting with me on WhatsApp and was telling each and every information about time. That time, I understood that it was one of my friends. When I told the same to him, he challenged me to find him. I messaged him with every Data I got and he just got shocked. India is one of the countries with most Mobile Users.

There may be situations where you want to find the details about a Mobile number. This trick is especially for those who are trying to Trace Mobile Number with owner details as well.

You may be receiving hundreds of calls daily. In every country, the number of Spam Calls a day is being increased.

Many spammers simply call at our mobile number and simply misuse it. Do you want to find the real person behind the number with all the information in it? There are tons of websites claiming they provide highly accurate location details. But, upon checking, I found that a lot of websites are showing some random locations instead of the original location. I tried locating my number and it was showing some other location, meaning it is completely fake.

If you want to get the highly accurate details about the particular number then you can follow Method 1, which outlines everything you need to know to track or trace any mobile number in the USA, UK, or anywhere around the Globe.

All you need is just the Mobile Number, If you have the Mobile Number with you, then tracing the information about that particular Mobile number is just a piece of cake. This method helps us to find the live location of a person that you are trying to find.

All the methods mentioned below, will not help you to find the live location of people, it only helps you to find the static location of Sim. In this method, we are not tracking the Sim card but the Mobile device itself.

We will be using some sort of Messenger App to send a message to the person so the Internet is a must. Step 1: First of all, copy any sort of link. You can use any link in here, this is just for a test purpose. The best practice is to find an image that you feel is interesting to the person whose location you want to track.

Step 4: Now you will be taken to a page where you will find the link to get analytics about the Tracking Copy or note this URL, for use in a later step and also you want to copy a URL from this page which you wanted to send to the person who you want to track. Just click on it and it will generate a Goo. Step 5: Copy the short URL which we got in step 4 and send it to the person you want to track.

You can use the medium to send the Link. Once we send the message the victim should open the link in his Mobile. For that, all you wanted to do is write an Interesting and appealing wordings with the message that the person will definitely click on it. Whatever the method you adopt, you should definitely make the person click the lin.

Anyway, you got my point, right? Step 6: Assuming that the person has already clicked on the link, move further. Now, visit the link that we copied in step 4, which is the analytics link for our tracking. Step 7: You will be able to see an IP Address on this page. Just copy it or note it down. IP Tracker. We have successfully tracked the location of the person you how to make pickled yellow beans to.

Now, scroll a little bit down and you will see a Map. Just tap on it and zoom more and more, you will find the exact location on Google Map, too. The accuracy of the data provided may change at certain times and the data will be almost similar to the exact position. Newly Added — You can also try our specially developed TrueCaller Script to search for owner details of any number.

The first method in this article is with the help of TrueCaller. Some of us will be using TrueCaller on our smartphone. The website too, works like Mobile App that helps us to trace any Mobile Number.

At least how to find the mobile number in airtel out of 10 Smartphone users will have TrueCaller installed on their Phone. Some leading manufacturers also pre-install the App into the phone, so TrueCaller will be there right out of the box. Now anyone having the mobile number can search the TrueCaller database and sort out details about a Mobile Number.

Visit TrueCaller Official Website. All the Information about that particular Mobile Number appears on the screen. In short, Truecaller is one of the best options to get phone number details with name and address.

We cannot find details about people who have removed their number from TrueCaller, So we will try alternate methods. You are not required to pay anything in order to use their service.

And that too, for Free. All you want is just the Mobile Number. FindAndTrace is a unique web-based software specially made for Tracing Mobile Numbers with owner details. Unlike any other website, This one gives a number of information about a single Mobile Number including Name, Operator, Telecom Circle and what not?

Visit FindAndTrace website. IdiaTrace helps you to trace any mobile number with the exact Map. Once you enter the Mobile Number to the field provided, information about the number will appear on the screen. Information from Operator to Map is available on Indiatrace.

BharatiyaMobile is another great website to trace mobile number. Other than Mobile Number Tracing they have another wide variety of services too. Go to BharatiyaMobile website. So, guys, these were the most what does the harmful hazard symbol mean yet working free Mobile Tracing services available. Apart from these websites, There are numerous other websites claim to Trace Mobile Numbers.

Some of the other websites used for Trace Mobile Number are:. It depends on a number of factors and the primary one being the network availability. If your phone is not in a place where it has a good amount of signal strength then the accuracy also reduces. Yes, you are not required to pay anything to track mobile number. In short, all the phone number tracker given are absolutely free. The what kind of electricity is lightning way to track others without them knowing is the first method given within the article.

Make sure that the other person is connected to the Internet and you are all good to go. These free services will help you to determine whether a phone call is fake or not. Comment down, below your suggestions about this article.

Search Mobile Location with TrueCaller. BharatiyaMobile Number Tracker. How accurate is the results? Should I pay for tracking? Tags: trace mobile number.

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Sometimes, I receive phone calls from unknown mobile numbers that neither I nor does my cellphone recognize. If I happen to miss the call then it becomes a bit difficult decision whether to return the call. The dilemma gets enhanced also because the unknown number could as well be a wrong number and also it could that be of a nagging tele-caller. Very routinely, we all face this problem of unknown phone numbers. In such times, TrueCaller service comes as a great respite.

Using TrueCaller, you can easily trace any mobile number and put a name to an unknown mobile phone number number. So, you can imagine how popular this app is in India.

Faced with such anti-social elements, people often wish if they could find the details of phone number that is being used by the offender. TrueCaller mobile app and website are probably the quickest and best way to determine the ownership of such unknown phone numbers. TrueCaller essentially relies on the massive community of mobile phone users. It is arguably the largest of such communities. You can consider it as a huge telephone directory.

If you install TrueCaller app on your mobile phone, the app will pick up contact details from your phonebook and integrate the details in a global database managed by the service. In the same fashion, the app collects information from millions of users. As a result, the database becomes really fat. This database of mobile phone numbers is freely searchable by anyone through TrueCaller app or through TrueCaller website. The TrueCaller app is available for all the major mobile platforms.

This YouTube video explains how to install Truecaller, how it works and its main features:. A friend of mine recently complained that she was getting missed and blank calls from a particular mobile number. The caller was making tens of calls everyday. When my friend picked the call or called back, no one would speak up from the other side! Such harassment! These thick paper directories used to have name and address of the fixed line owners. So, it was easy to nab a trouble-maker.

But in the era of mobile phones, we do not have such directories. It is tough to find as to who owns a given mobile number. This presents an ideal playground for those who have nothing better to do than causing problems for others. On top of this, mobile numbers keep on changing hands. As a result probability of getting wrong number calls also increases.

Then we have our dear tele-callers who will try to sell us anything from loans to insurance to what not. TrueCaller is a precious service in such a scenario. It provides you with some degree of control on how to handle unwanted calls. Yes, it uploads your contact book also into its database —but then they keep it safe and also allow you to edit your details.

TrueCaller works with the power of masses. Everyone contributes for the benefit of everyone else. A global service of the nature of TrueCaller is very important because tech-savvy harassers can easily guise their phone numbers and make it look as though the call is originating from a foreign country. They can also play a great number of other tricks. TrueCaller empowers us, the common users, by sharing real information about phone numbers.

So, go ahead and install TrueCaller app on your mobile phone. This will help you find details of the unknown mobile and landline phone numbers. I hope it was useful information for you. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thank you for using TechWelkin. This is when I searched in truecaller. There was no call history neither message exchange on this number in past. Only one miss call can make that number to flash under contact?

Can you please help if you have any information regarding this. If Truecaller does not recognize a number, most probably it would be a new number and not stored in the phone books of any of the Truecaller users. Great article. I have been using Truecaller app since This app helped me a lot on fake calls. No doubt this app provides great service on finding and tracing unknown calls, name address and locations.

Most of the time, I keep it switched off. I am having it, since its possession has become mandatory for several government transactions. My landline is more than enough for me. However, when I do keep it on, I get a sizable number of calls, whose origin I do not know. I would be obliged for a reply through email.

Dear Sir, Truecaller is a mobile app. It is not meant for PC. You should download and install it on your mobile phone. This link can be used to find numbers over PC. Hi Lalit, First of all I want to thank you for this article. I am a new android user and got many unknown number miss call from many numbers. But truecaller helps me a lot to figure out that caller name. Thanks for sharing it.

Keep updating. Also one can retrieve lost contacts from the phone and get everything back to the screen. Some one called me at my mobile no through true coller. True coller identified me as a real estate agents. I checked up from Airtel customer care and was informed that the Airtel has not given me the above name. TechWelkin does not own or operate Truecaller.

We are afraid that you will have to take your objection to the company that owns Truecaller. We have published an article as to how one can change wrong information shown by Truecaller. You may read it and do as suggested. I am trying to open the site but it not working , showing error The owner of this website www. Why this happening? I received a call from unknown caller. Advice why this is so?

Truecaller is good but the only problem I normally have with them is that without internet connection you cannot get the caller names and his or her details. Moreover this time the network providers are too increasing their connectivity especially MTN Ghana.

We do not have any control on Truecaller database and therefore we can not make any changes. However, we have published an article on how to correct a wrong name in Truecaller. You can read the article and do it yourself. Could you please suggest an app or software that can track the phone number and location precisely? Hi Lalit sir, I am in trouble. I want to find the owner details proper address and email id of a mobile number.

Please help me sir. They offer me a job and asked me to send money in advance in their SBI account. I sent money but now his phone number is switched off. I am sorry for your situation, Shailesh. But fraudsters often do such tricks. Getting so precise details of a phone number is something that is not easy.

Lalit sir, I already download this app to my android phone. This problem description is too generic. May be you should get a better Internet connection. What is the reason behind this? This is totally disturbing me. Please Lalit, can u help me with this? Kisholoy, TrueCaller can provides some details of unknown phone numbers.

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