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Dec 07,  · The Grand Reset is a service that zhypermu gives to you every month for a limited number of requests, in wich you are able to change your character's resets to Credit or VIP Points. (Your resets will be taken away and you will be rewarded with Credit/Vip Points.) Contents. 1 . Jan 27,  · Please be advised that Grand Reset event has it's own sub-section now. This will be a short guide for all members on how to request for it and what they need to follow. 1st. Here is the list of exchange rate: Resets: Credit Points - Resets: Credit Points - Resets: Credit Points - Resets: Credit Points.

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Follow the following instructions on how to reset your character: 1. In order to reset, go to our ZhyperMU Official Website. 2. From there, click on the Reset Tab, and you will be redirected to another page 3. Fill in your log in details and the name of the character that you will reset 4. Click on reset Reminders. ZhyperMU Official Emails | Game Master's Online Status If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before . Sep 19,  · A Level reset is a process in which a character's level is set to 1 while keeping all of the previously gained stats and skills. Level resets are done through the Reset function in the Character options section of the Account Panel or an in-game reset master NPC. Upon reaching resets a player may choose to commit to a Grand Reset; a reset which gives a player 3, credits to spend in Missing: zhypermu.

ZhyperMU is a high-stat private server, meaning, you can add stats up to some point, not exceeding the maximum stat allowed. And this maximum stat cannot be attained by just attaining level You need to reset to in-order to rebirth your level to level 1 and continue to acquire status points. Once a character reached level , it will no linger acquire any status points.

In-order to max out the status up to allowed limit, you need to reset. Before you do resets, make sure that you don't have any active PK Status because this will disable your warp commands and your access to store. Another is make sure that your store space is clean and free from any items since there are chances that items left in stores before doing resets will be lost.

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