how to hang prayer flags

How to Hang Prayer Flags?

Nov 14,  · Hanging and Disposing of Prayer Flags 1. Handle your prayer flags respectfully and never let them touch the ground. Whether you’re simply handling your prayer 2. Keep your flags 80%(15). Mar 13,  · Since you have some synthetic prayer flags hanging on your patio now, when you want to replace them, perhaps you can take the old ones out into a forest or natural place and hang them on a tree. If that is not possible, then you can bury them underground in a clean place as you did with the blessed cords from the mala.

Among the sacred objects associated with Tibetan Buddhism, prayer flags represent an ancient prayer form and the meeting of the elements in the human body and in human affairs. When Tibetan Buddhists hang prayer flags, they select distinctive images and colors that send prayers into the how to set up dvr to view remotely to benefit all conscious beings.

A prayerful attitude is as important as where you hang a prayer flag. Select a prayer flag that fits the focus of your prayer. Hang, for instance, a Wind Horse -- lung ta -- prayer flag, adorned with an image of a wind horse prayfr the names or images of such animals as a snow lion and a dragon. Fly the Wind Horse flag to increase good fortune of all beings who live near the flag. Hang victorious banners to achieve victory over obstacles.

Put yourself in ;rayer appropriate state of mind to raise the Tibetan prayer flag. Pray for the well-being of all sentient beings as well as for personal needs to increase the power of prayers offered. Schedule an auspicious day to hang a prayer how to hang prayer flags. Among those days, Tibetan Buddhists believe, are the 10th day after a new moon, the first day of a full moon, and the 10th and 25th day of the lunar month. Hang a Tibetan flage flag outside so prayers, mantras and sutras written on the fabric can fly on the wind.

Raise a flag on a 12 ft. Tibetan prayer flags designed for raising on poles vary in size and may have colored streamers called tongues. Position a pole flag so its tongues align with the horizon.

Hang multiple smaller prayer flags by pulling a rope through the curtain-like opening at the top of the flag. Attach both ends hhang the rope to trees or eaves. With a Master of Arts in systematic theology, concentrating in world religions, and additional graduate hours in Middle Eastern studies, Marie Baptiste possesses extensive experience writing religion and theological articles, essays and research papers.

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May 31,  · How to Hang the Prayer Flags Feelings. One must have positive and selfless feelings when thinking of raising the flags. Hence, it is very Indoors. People love to hang miniature of the prayer flags in their rooms. Its presence soothes their disturbed mind and Auspicious Time to . Jan 12,  · When the time has come to hang the flags, it is customary to shout "Lha gyel-lo!" ("The gods/deities are victorious!"). Raising rLung-rTa is a joyful, uplifting experience. It's also important to note that, due to the sacred images and mantras drawn on prayer flags, they should not be stepped over or disrespected. 6. Aug 14,  · Prayer flags come on ropes and can be hung horizontally or tied to vertical poles. Most are printed on 5 different colors of cloth and come in multiples of five. The colors are presented in a specific order: blue, white, red, green and yellow, and represent the five elements.

In the Tibetan language prayer flags are called lung ta which is translated as Windhorse. In the middle of such flags is a horse with three jewels on its back symbolising Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

The Windhorse represents great power, defeating evil and following the path to liberation. It frees from fears and removes all kinds of obstacles. It rides on the wind spreading prayers and wishes for the benefit of all beings all over the world. Prayer flags are supposed to make peace, compassion, vitality, wisdom and prosperity increase, while any dangers disappear.

It is said that they bring happiness and health to those who hang them as well as to their families, beloved ones, neighbours, people coincidentally met and even enemies. Traditionally, the flags are hung outside so that they are moved by the wind and the prayers are carried to the world. Frequently, they are hung around auspicious places such as temples, stupas, mountain tops and passes, as well as above homes and fields. Flags fluttering in the wind are compared to the sound of the hoofs of the Windhorse galloping in the sky.

The Noble Nagarjuna explained that the four legs of the Windhorse symbolise four kinds of benefits from hanging prayer flags: removing obstacles in fulfilling temporal wishes, removing obstacles in practising Dharma, fulfilling temporal wishes and fulfilling wishes connected to Dharma practice.

Before hanging the flags, they should be blessed by a lama. It is also possible to write on them the names of those whom we particularly wish to dedicate our prayers and merit accumulated while hanging the flags.

Since there are holy symbols and mantras on the flags, they should be treated with respect. The benefit from hanging prayer flags is many times multiplied when it is done on auspicious days, for example:. Additionally, it is auspicious to hang the flags at the times of full and new Moon.

A particularly good time for this activity are eclipses: during an eclipse of the Sun the benefits are multiplied million times while at the time of a lunar eclipse 7 million times. Tibetan astrologers give a combination of two elements for each day of the Tibetan calendar, which may mean either positive or negative conditions. In terms of prayer flags, it is said that the most favourable combination is "earth-earth".

These days are generally good for fulfilling intentions or plans. As another example, other auspicious combinations of elements are "water — water" or "earth — water", which are good days for marrying and other joyful occasions. Hanging flags on astrologically inauspicious days will bring constant obstacles instead of well-being.

As long as the flags last, unfavourable conditions will appear. It is so because of the presence of one being which in the Tibetan calendar is called baden. Baden senpo is a demon from the class of elemental spirits, the so-called nagas.

Hanging prayer flags when the energy of a baden is active, brings negative results. Hence, those days are inauspicious for hanging the flags. Nevertheless, they do not have an influence on flags which are already hanging. Those can stay as long as they are not damaged or replaced by new ones. Fortunately, baden senpo are active only for few days in a month. Depending on the traditions of different monasteries, different astrological calculations may exist. The following given dates are in accordance with the calendar used in Benchen.

However, it is good to remember that according to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many other great lamas, the day when we hang prayer flags is much less important than the motivation we have while doing it. The most crucial thing is to have pure intentions and express good wishes. It is a particularly auspicious month for Dharma practice, 4th day of the sixth month as well as 15th day of the ninth month. These days are connected with Buddha's life and teaching. During those days benefits from hanging prayer flags are multiplied million times.

Generally, it is believed that it is good to hang flags on Mondays or Fridays.

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