how to have more fun in your relationship

9 Ways To Have More Fun In Your Relationship

How to keep the fun in your relationship: Embrace your inner child. Try fun, silly activities like building a pillow fort and having a movie night. It keeps things interesting! Schedule regular date nights. Make time to have a date night here and there and take turns coming up with the plan for the evening. Keep it a surprise if you can. Feb 07,  · Research by Dr John Gottman has found that couples are more happily married if they have the magic ratio of Positive to Negative Interactions. For every ONE disagreement, misunderstanding or hurt feeling, they need FIVE positive, affectionate, caring or fun interactions to counter balance it. Conflict is inevitable in long-term relationships.

You can fulfill your relationship responsibilities while still doing the following fun things. It may seem like an obvious tip, but believe it or not, so many couples forget about this one.

If you find yourself feeling a bit bored in the bedroom or just in general, one very easy way to spruce things up is by dressing up for each other. This can be anything you want it to be: role playing, or sexy, or even something as simple as pulling out your old Halloween costume from last year. Another very easy way to make your relationship more exciting is to play games with each other and tease one another.

A great example of doing so how to have more fun in your relationship be something like creating a scavenger hunt for your spouse what is em chord on guitar figure out and play. If you choose to, you could make it even more enticing by teasing them throughout the whole week. Whatever you decide, the more clues you decide to leave, the more exciting the challenge becomes.

Let your inner Nancy Drew ways prevail! This one goes very much along with the whole photo shoot idea, except it takes it a few steps further and makes things a bit more intimate.

Depending on your relationship and level of trust, or maybe just your level of confidence, one way to make your relationship much more fun is to film yourself and your partner being intimate. There is no easier way to make your life a bit more exciting than traveling and planning a trip to go somewhere. If you have found yourself feeling bored or really just itching for something new, then start looking up some places to where you can have a weekend getaway, or if you have time, an actual week-long vacation.

Sometimes, getting out of how to remove paint from your car is all you need! We see things on TV all the time that involve couples trying something new. So if you have found yourself wanting to have what happened to tina turner hair little more pep in your relationship step, then try something new together.

Or maybe you want to paint, so look for a venue where you two can go paint once a week. Or it can be something as easy as just going to the gym and taking a yoga class together. So many couples tend to forget where the magic started in the first place with their relationships. There is nothing cuter and more fun that reminiscing over your first day together by actually reenacting it with one another. Call up the restaurant where you two first went out and make a reservation.

Or go to the bar where you two talked for hours over beers. Remind your partner how that one little date changed your lives forever. If you are in a serious relationship and feel like you might be getting closer to that point where you are thinking about what is the best knife for cutting meat kids or wanting kids, then before you do so, get a pet together first.

One of the best ways to get an idea about adulthood and parenthood is by adopting a pet. Having a furry critter to care for will definitely make things more fun! What I do mean is that you should put some distance between each other and enjoy doing things yourself without relying on your significant other. Independence is sexy. Like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so one way to make your relationship more fun is to make your partner miss you, so that your reunion will be all the more romantic.

Another perk of doing this is being able to do things you want to do without dragging an unwilling partner along. You can have a spa day or catch a game at the pub or indulge in your favorite sport without forcing your partner to tag along.

And oh yeah, fun! In fact, there are so many couples roaming around that are tons of fun to be around. We already know that we have the rest of our lives to be all lovey-dovey and together all the time, so we might as well treat every other day like a getaway, romantic or otherwise.

And that is my entire point! Enjoy every minute and moment with each other, and start doing the expected things when they are least expected. Liked what you just read?

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How to Keep the Fun in Your Relationship

Ruts happen. Sometimes you find yourself in a boring, but very adult pattern of working, doing chores, and then working some more. Sometimes life is just about getting through it. But sometimes life is also about fun.

In fact, USA Today reported that having fun in your relationship isn't just It's actually essential. A study from researchers at the University of Denver found that couples who didn't make time for fun weren't as happy and didn't stay together as long. That's likely because having fun together is related to related to being friends and being friends leads to a happier union. If you're in one of those ruts, adding fun to your relationship doesn't have to be some big overwhelming deal.

You don't have to reschedule your life or spend a lot of money. Simple tasks like leaving little notes and making time to laugh can bring more joy to your days. If you want to make a drastic change, there's always fun stuff like vacations and adventures, but most of the work will be done in your daily interactions and with some easy tweaks to your free time.

Here are six easy ways to have more fun in your long-term relationship. This seems super obvious and also super vague, but play is a vital part of a happy life. Even animals stop to play , according to Margarita Tartakovsky, M. Try taking queues from children to get more playful in your relationship. Be uninhibited. Tease each other in good fun and talk about happy, exciting things. Even if you already have time blocked out in your schedule for fun activities, those activities might be getting stale.

Or maybe one partner enjoys them more than the other. Talk about what each of you finds fun and try new things , recommends Judy Kuriansky, PhD in an article for relationship site Bottom Line Personal. Mix it up if you can't agree or have very dissimilar interests. Mix it up with small, spur of the moment bets, like trick trash can baskets and long-term bets, like fantasy sports or work achievements.

Daily life is full of so many opportunities to inject humor into your relationship. BuzzLife recommends injecting a little humor into your day by leaving funny notes, making silly gifts and occasionally appreciating things in a childish way. According to Darby Saxby in an article for Psychology Today , people who have certain illusions about their partners tend to be happier.

If you want to have more fun in your relationship, tell yourself that your partner is really fun and funny. It's worth a try, right? According to WebMD, your body experiences similar reactions when you're scared as when you're sexually aroused. Heading to a haunted house or scary movie could be fun and help you feel closer. If scary movies don't do it for you, WebMD recommends doing something like skydiving.

Giving each other full-on permission to be silly, to play, to dream and to poke fun at each other will lighten the mood in your relationship. Communicating about what you enjoy is the key. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

Check out our new podcast, I Want It That Way, which delves into the difficult and downright dirty parts of a relationship, and find more on our Soundcloud page. Images: Giphy 6. By Teresa Newsome.

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