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Jun 14, †Ј Key horse Ц A single horse used in multiple combinations in an exotic bet. On the board Ц Finishing among the first three. On the nose Ц Betting a horse to win only. Overlay Ц A horse whose odds are greater than its potential to win. Professional bettors target overlays, meaning they target bets that offer better than fair value odds. Betting Tips & Education. Learn how to bet horses successfully with more in depth reading available below: Get Started with Betting. Betting for beginners. While there are number of ways in which to play an individual race.

People have wagered on horse races for hundreds of years. Racing might not have survived without betting, as the phenomenon is fuelled by the wagers and the bookmakers. Yet, many punters know little or nothing about the sport. Try our UK recommended online bookmaker and start betting how to horse betting guide in a couple of minutes!

Of course, the single bets are the simplest and the most popular wagers. Some punters have been lured by price boosts into multiple betting, while others are trying various systems such as Six doubles or even the Super Yankee.

Bear in mind that each track sets the odds for their races minutes before they start. That is why some bookies offer you only SP Ч Starting Price, instead of plain odds. However, if you want to know the odds before betting, either wager with bookies that make their own odds or wait till around 10 minutes before they start to find out what the lines are. Note that your odds can be reduced after you placed the bet if either competitor withdraws. The extent of that deduction will be based on the odds of the horse that has withdrawn; the bets on that horse will be refunded.

This is not really one of the horse racing secrets but something you need to know. This bookie offers guaranteed best odds on British and Irish horse races. Horse races are classified into two main categories, each incorporating different classes and types of races. Flat racing is traditionally associated with the upper classes, having a strong connection with nobility.

In contrast, the National Hunt is linked with the working classes. Nevertheless, punters are more likely to develop bonds with horses that participate in Jump races, mainly due to their longevity in the sport. Referred to as the sport of kings, this type of horse racing takes place on flat terrain.

Races are held between 1 km and 2 miles, with shorter dashes being run along the straight of the track, whereas the longer flat races incorporate bends and quite often more than one full lap. In the UK, natural grass turf is more common than synthetic grass, but in other countries, mud or sand tracks more popular.

There are 35 racecourses in the United Kingdom that stage Flat racing. Although the top-level Flat racing takes place between April and October, this type of horse racing has become more common in the winter months due to the increasing number of all-weather tracks artificial turf that can be found nowadays. The weather and ground conditions are very important, with some horses favouring softer ground, while others are benefiting from the harder ground.

Flat racing horses are thoroughbreds, and they usually peak at age Alternatively, the horses who have little breeding value often end up running in Jump Races. Races where horses have to jump hurdles, fences and ditches are called National Hunt races, with the steeplechase, the hurdle and the bumper being the main categories. Bumper races are essentially flat races for beginners, where horses have no obstacles to jump. In opposite to Flat racing, major meetings take place between October and April.

Jump races are longer between 2 and 4. In fact, most competitors are castrated male horses, also known as geldings, and they are usually older. Some of these horses can race for well over ten years. That's possible because stamina plays a vital role in National Hunt races. Thus horses peak much later, at around years old. Therefore, they can earn more money during a long racing career than their younger peers involved in Flat racing, even though the top prizes in National Hunting are smaller.

Unlike in How to horse betting guide racing, where the horses begin their races from starting stalls, a tape is used to start jump races. This method allows more freedom for riders to develop various race strategies. Punters are captivated by jump races not only because they represent a thrilling spectacle, but because they are generally more unpredictable than what is the largest invertebrate races, thus providing a higher level of value betting opportunities.

Can you make money from horse racing? That's really impossible to answer. Of course, there are successful punters out there, but there's no recipe for success. Despite that, you must realise that you have to work hard and be highly disciplined to stand a chance to achieve such a level. Even if those who know how to bet on horses and win would share all their secrets with us punters, they couldn't ensure that we'd have any success.

Although placing bets on the horse races is not the same as playing online casinos games Ч where the odds are stacked against you, Ч there can be no guarantees in the betting realm. Although it may work best on betting exchanges, you should be able to get it working to some extent on most how to integrate sms api in php sites. The experts have chosen the best sportsbook bonus available for UK bettors.

See Free Bets. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. How To Bet On Horse Racing Learn the horse racing basics and some valuable tips from our detailed guide to horse betting and quickly develop a viable horse race betting strategy Last updated Dec 23, 0.

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Betting Tips & Education

Jun 05, †Ј Learn the horse racing basics and some valuable tips from our detailed guide to horse betting and quickly develop a viable horse race betting strategy Last updated Dec 23, 0 People have wagered on horse races for hundreds of years. Jun 10, †Ј You can get started with our Sports Betting Section Ч including 10 Sports Betting Tips for Beginners Ч or head to more advanced sports betting strategy Ч like Key Numbers When Betting Against the Spread Ч to learn more. A small percentage of sports bettors only get involved in horse racing during the Triple Crown races. May 03, †Ј So now you know how to place a bet at the horse races. With that bit of info, you can go to any track in America and have a good time picking a random horse and betting your $2 on each race. But if youТre like most people, your goal isnТt to simply pay $2 to watch a bunch of horses run around a track. You actually want to win some money!

Betting on horse racing, now more convenient than ever due to the advent of TwinSpires. WIN: This wager, as its name implies, requires that your selection finish first.

The remainder is then distributed to those that hold Win tickets on the first-place horse. The Win pool is separate from the Place and Show pools. Unlike Place and Show bets, Win odds are freely available by viewing the tote board, TV monitors, or on your screen if using an internet device. In this example, with seven minutes to post, the 6 horse is the favorite at , or 1. Breakage is a device tracks use to compute payoffs so they can be rounded to the nearest, lowest cent increment 10 cents in New York rather than paying in exact amounts e.

If you strictly bet the favorite to win every race, you would, on average, cash on one out of every three races. That average goes down the more higher-priced horses you bet to Win, although the rewards are higher. Place odds and likely payoffs are not readily available to the public because they are dependent on who runs first and second. Though there are ways of determining approximate payoffs by calculating the amount of money bet on each horse in the Place pool, newcomers to the game are advised to enjoy the experience and not get too hung up on the mathematics.

SHOW: The easiest of the three straight wagers to cash, it requires that your selection finish first, second, or third. As is the case with Place bets, odds and likely payoffs are not readily available but an approximate return can be computed. While Show bets are good ones for beginners with a low-risk threshold, winning the equivalent sometimes of pocket change will not be terribly exciting for some. A race has been run and the payoffs have been posted.

How much have we won? Based on the above graphic:. Join Now.

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