how to make a big board ironing board

How To Make an Oversize Ironing Board

Jan 24,  · This past year, I've been slowly adding useful tools, furniture, and accessories to my sewing studio. Finally the time came to add some ease to my ironing l. Jun 22,  · So I made myself a Big Board: First, I bought a piece of MDF, and cut it to 17? x 48?. Then, I covered it with Bo-Nash Ironslide (if you don’t have this on your pressing station, do yourself a favor and get it! You can thank me later). This comes 19? wide, hence why my board is cut to 17?.

If you have ever had to iron a large piece of fabric, patter pieces or even a tablecloth on a regular ironing board bkard know it can be frustrating. After a recent struggle biard some large skirt pattern pieces I decided to find an alternative. I have seen some large ironing board surfaces on quilting shows but have never seen one available for purchase, not even on Amazon!

Being crafty I decided to make one with a little help from my husband. Not only is this board a practical solution to working with how to connect htc one x to laptop sections of fabric or patterns but it is also firmer and tauter than the standard board, making everything a little easier to press. Knowing that the surface will become discolored in booard I decided to make my cover easy to change.

When the top layer of the board, which is made of utility fabric, becomes discolored from ironing, simply remove the staples, take it off and replace with a fresh piece. This video will show you just how easy it is to create your own oversize ironing board!

I don't promise that it will make you like ironing your patterns and larger pieces but it will make it easier!

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cut the felt diagonally at the corners and bring sides together to create a mitered corner. Use same stapling technique as for felt along the sides. Miter corners by pinching padding together at each corner so it's centered diagonally, letting excess fabric stick up.

Fold corners down neatly and staple. Iron irkning wrap over the padding, and secure with staples, following steps listed above. Previous Post: « Getting to boarx your sewing machine: Parts and Functions. Comments Wow this bowrd great! Boars you so much! I have always wanted an over-sized ironing board! The felt helps with the moisture from the steam and prevent the board from warping. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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How To Make an Oversize Ironing Board February 28, by Margaret 3 Comments If you have ever had to iron a large piece of fabric, patter pieces or even a tablecloth on a regular ironing board you know it can be frustrating. Jul 18,  · Great tutorial, thanks SO much for sharing! I do do quilting and other sewing when i have time, but the main reason I was drawn to this post, is that I run a holiday let, which every week gives me huge duvet covers that have to be ironed, and of course a normal ironing board is shaped to make ironing things like shirts and shaped items easily. Aug 01,  · Put 2 thicknesses of cotton batting on that, Lay your board on that. Take a staple gun and wrap around the fabric and staple all the way on one side - then do the other side, stretching the material as you go. Then do the short ends the same way - .

Remember Me? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Forgot Password? QuiltingBoard's privacy policy. Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Denise S. I have searched and read a lot on the board concerning this topic.

There is a variety of fabrics people have used. My question is this Insulbrite or no insulbrite? What makes it better? Or maybe there really isn't a big difference? View Public Profile. Send a private message to Denise S. Find More Posts by Denise S. I purchased a Big Board and a cover to go with it. It is elasticized around the edges. It was also cut VERY skimpily and I use elastic strips pinned to the edges and going underneath the ironing board to help hold it in place.

The fabric shrinks - a lot - every time it is washed, so I have to put it back on the board when it is still quite damp for it to be almost big enough. I prefer to be able to remove the cover so I can wash it now and then over having something stapled or nailed to the board.

Send a private message to bearisgray. Find More Posts by bearisgray. But when I'm doing a lot of steaming or starch preparation, the batt gets saturated in spots, so I know it's transferring to the OSB.

I'm thinking that the next time I make one of these, I will cover the top surface of the OSB with heavy duty aluminum foil, to keep the moisture from migrating into the wood. But I'll bet the foil behind it will reflect heat and keep the moisture in the cotton. At least, that's the theory. Send a private message to thepolyparrot. Find More Posts by thepolyparrot. I redid my ironing board last year and just used pieces of an old wool Army blanket for the padding.

I actually like it better than whatever is under a store-bought ironing board cover. Send a private message to MrsBoats. Find More Posts by MrsBoats. I just made myself a large ironing surface that will fit over my ironing board. I put 2 layers of batting and had my son drill holes in the wood board. That way the steam will not saturate the padding. It works just fine. Send a private message to susie-susie-susie. Find More Posts by susie-susie-susie. My dh made me a big board last year and i just used the batting with denium i really like it but i also have this old wool blanket i never use.

Send a private message to Joset. Find More Posts by Joset. I like to have more cushion on my boards. I never thought of the aluminum foil but I think it is a smart idea! However, when I iron in one spot a lot, I start to smell the glue from the wood. I bet the foil would prevent this. Send a private message to cheriami. Find More Posts by cheriami. My husband and I recently made a large board to cover my regular ironing board. I just used a polyester batting.

For the cover I used the silver heat reflecting fabric. Sorry I can't remember what it is called. At least I think that's what it's called. We purchased it at Lowes and it was what they recommended.

It's 25 by 65 and I just love it! I wonder how I ever lived without it. If I'm using starch, I throw a large piece of muslin over it. Much easier to wash that since the cover is stapled on.

Send a private message to jgangloff. Find More Posts by jgangloff. The only thing I will change when I re-do my board is make the cover removable instead of stapled to the board Visit CoyoteQuilts's homepage!

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