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Apr 29,  · 1. Begin by placing your base cake on a plate and, using a cookie cutter, cut and discard (read: eat) the centre. Spread buttercream onto the cake and repeat the process with the other two cakes, stacking them up. The buttercream does not need to go to the edge as you will be trimming this away. Now take a bread knife and shape the cake to resemble a dress shape. Apr 29,  · When you are happy with how it hangs, trim away the loose ends with a sharp knife. Use the cutter to cut a hole through the top of the icing. Wrap clingfilm around the waist and legs of the Elsa doll and insert her into the top of the cake. 6. Cut a strip of .

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You can view my full disclosure here. My 5 year old requested an Elsa cake for her birthday. But with a twist- An Elsa doll cake needs to have the foot sticking out … right? You can certainly make it easier on yourself and make this cake without the leg sticking out. What makes this cake really unique is the artistic design of the icing. She has a slim dress. But she has snow magic and her famous song is right in the middle of a snow storm.

Imagine her dress flowing and swirling in the wind with flurries all around her! So the back of the cake is enveloped with snow flurries. A lot more fun this way! I bought the Elsa doll from Walmart and cut the slit in the dress myself. Later, after the cake was finished, I stitched it back up past the knee and gave it to my daughter as a fun keepsake from her party. For making the Frozen cake, I cut the slit in the dress and wrapped her waist down excluding the leg that would be sticking out of the cake in saran wrap.

You can see this in the picture. This was to keep the dress clean from cake and icing. I baked the cone cake in a large glass bowl that I had around in my kitchen. To help the cake bake through to the middle, I stuck a glass cup in the middle with water while it was in the oven baking.

What to wear to my 20 year high school reunion it has the batter around it so IDK! I would try it without. The cake looks crumbly but it was moist, very dense, and very yummy.

Since the bowl was not tall enough for the Elsa doll cake, I baked a second round cake what year was pretty woman released go underneath.

Since I realized this in advance I doubled the cake batter. The icing piping covered it up. You can always add another thin cake underneath if you end up too short. And icing covers a multitude of mistakes! Then I froze the cakes before icing. This makes icing a cake much, much easier. I did what you may call a crumb layer. Freeze until the cake is really frozen first. Then, right out of the freezer, ice a thin layer over the cake. This will keep all those little crumbs in this first layer of icing and out of your top layer of frosting.

Another trick for your crumb layer is to pipe a gob of frosting all over the cake and then ice the cake all over with a knife while keeping the layer thick. Then, go back and scrape off almost all of it with a knife or long spatula. It will be easy to scrape the icing off all the way down where you may even see some cake. This layer will end up being thin but you start off with a lot of frosting. Does that make sense?? Examples for long spatulas are like these icing spatulas specifically for icing.

Or this blender spatula is very similar to something I found at Walmart one time. I find other handy uses for it around the kitchen. I iced a crumb layer on the bottom cake and waited to ice the dome cake until I had it and the Elsa doll situated. You can also use parchment paper. The icing will create something like oil spots, as you can see in the pictures, after several hours. The hole in the middle of the dome from the glass cup was perfect for fitting the Elsa doll right inside.

I pre-cut a wedge for the leg to stick out. The cake did crack apart some while I was sticking her down, but the icing will smooth everything out in gilles deleuze what is philosophy end and hold it all together. As you can see, I just plopped a piece of cake back over the doll. Icing acts as glue, bonding the cake back together.

I mostly used the 2D icing tip. Get a piping bag to use with the tips or you can put all of the icing in a large ziplock bag and cut a small piece off from one corner. To get swirls with this tip, start in the middle and then apply pressure as you slowly move around and out. Then finally draw the tail out like a snow flurry.

See the image here. The black line is the shape you draw with your hand. Here is a youtube video for an example of piping an icing swirl. I did use a smaller icing tip for filling in spaces and anywhere else I wanted to add more detail with small stars. Wilton tip 21 or 14, 16, or 17 give you small stars. What I did was take out some icing before mixing in the blue gel color. After I iced the dome cake all over, I partially mixed some white back into the blue. And with the small stars I added more blue gel coloring.

This gives me a dynamic color of shades and variations of the blue. I also tapered the snow in the back. Instead of the back side of the cake being perfectly round, I piped icing to a point onto the cake plate.

At the top of the cake, behind the Elsa doll, I started with a few, smaller snow flurries and more spacing between. As I got down the side of the cake I added bigger flurries along with more little stars. I just wanted to add something extra to my Frozen cake dress. It did soften the spot right where her leg randomly stick out of plain cake. If you want to try and add ruffles, use tip or something similar. Place the large end of the tip opening next to the cake and squeeze on your icing bag while you slowly move in the direction that you want the ruffles to go.

You can move your hand up and down in tiny motions for added ruffling. I would practice on your counter or parchment paper if you are comfortable with icing this way. I got the dark blue on the ruffle edges by smearing straight icing gel color in a single line on the side of the icing bag before stuffing icing into the bag. I also used some icing combs like this to lightly scrape across the Elsa doll cake dress instead of leaving it smooth.

This can be substituted with whatever you have on hand to draw a design in the icing, such as a toothpick. Or, keep those spaces smooth. Try starting with this step before decorating anywhere else.

My daughter wanted to add a snowman. It looks a little messy but I let my two little kids have fun helping me put it together. This Elsa doll cake was a huge hit. People loved it, particularly the Birthday Girl! And the snow all around makes it extra fun and detailed. Icing the cake was simple, easy, and fun. Thank for the instructions for the Elsa Doll cake. I love the way you give lots of details — instead of YouTube which is sometimes hard to follow!!

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Aug 23,  · Put Elsa's snowy powers on display with a snow scene. This option works well on a sheet cake, which makes it easy for all skill levels. Frost the cake with white icing. You don't have to make the icing smooth. Let the swirls show to create a snowy look. Add edible glitter or white, shimmery sprinkles for a sparkling snow effect. Feb 10, - Explore M Liu's board "Frozen birthday cakes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about frozen birthday, frozen birthday cake, elsa cakes pins.

Pin It now! We've seen it twice in theaters already and if they were still playing it in 3D around here we'd totally go see it for the third time.

Anyway, I had so much fun planning her party and spent two days slowly decorating for it. I loved every second of it…. If you are planning a Frozen movie themed birthday party, consult this list of more than 75 DIY ideas to help you plan decorations, food, and fun.

What a fabulous Frozen party! I especially love the fun Frozen printables and stationary; they're all so darling! I also love the snowflake fairy light garland hung behind the dessert table. This party is full of really cute ideas that would work perfectly for not only a birthday party, but for a Frozen viewing party as well.

The Frozen party ideas and elements to be sure…. Frozen birthday party DIY Olaf. Simple homemade ideas for your Disney Frozen birthday party! Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back any-m-ooo-ooo-re! If you have little girls, that is probably the song you've been hearing nonstop for the. D'Lyn's Note: This post was approximately years ago, but has to be the most-viewed post ever. I still get questions about these gloves. Your purchase is secured by Epik.

Party ideas. Looking for great easy Disney Frozen Themed food? What a fun party! I love all of the beautiful lights used in it! I also love the cute Wandering Oaken's Trading post; it's so fun!

This party has so many ideas that would be perfect for not only a Frozen party, but a Winter Wonderland party as well. My favorite Frozen party ideas and elements from this fun-filled birthday celebration are: The cute wandering oaken's trading post…. Fomos essa semana assistir Frozen - Uma aventura congelante da Disney. Que filme lindinho! E olha quanta coisa linda encontrei!

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