how to outline windows with christmas lights

There isn’t one singular way to hang Christmas lights. You have options depending on the building as well as personal preferences. Gutter hooks: If the windows run directly below a gutter you can always use gutter hooks for at least the top portion of the window. Gutter hooks are really simple to apply. Sep 04,  · Slide the lights into the clips. Squeeze the wires of the string of Christmas lights into each clip. Then, work your way carefully around the window frame, squeezing more wires into .

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You can put them on the lights that are between the window and door. Check Lowes or Home Depot. You will see the string in daylight, but at night it will look perfect! They have these special caps for sticking onto the windows and doors.

Like rattgrrrl said, You can see them during the day but at night it's perfect! You can buy them at stores like Home Depot. Merry Christmas! Spray paint the part you don't want to show the same color as the part of the house you want to put it on. It will take 2 layers of thick paint for the bulbs.

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Dec 06,  · Hang the lights on the hooks, spacing them evenly apart. Begin at the highest point on the window and work your way down. Slide the bulbs into the notch on the hooks. Make sure the lights are all facing the same direction and they sit flush against the window. Nov 05,  · How To Put Christmas Lights Around Windows Without Nails Or Glue\I show you how to make a Christmas Lights holder to hold Christmas Lights for windows and do. Dec 02,  · I recommend you take your first assembled frame out to the window and double check your measurements and make sure you have room to hang the frames. After your frame is completed, unpack a string of lights and confirm that it works. Then push each light socket into the channel of the frame.

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This article has been viewed 42, times. Learn more Putting up Christmas lights inside your home is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! Plus, they will make the interior of your home feel cozy and cheerful. Whether you want to avoid the difficulties of trying to put up lights in the cold, or just hope to make your house look festive inside and out, hanging Christmas lights in your windows is a simple way to decorate for the best season of the year!

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Measure the edges of the windows where you want to hang the lights. Choose mini-lights or C6 lights to better outline your windows. For example, LEDs have a more bluish tint. C6 lights are the smallest version of the traditional strawberry-shaped Christmas bulb, so they look classic without being overwhelming. Pick battery operated LEDs for a cleaner look. Sometimes, seeing an extension cord attached to the lights can ruin the look of a wonderful display.

Match your wires to the woodwork of your window. If you have white woodwork, a string of Christmas lights with green wire will stand out and be less subtle than a string with white wire. Dark woodwork requires darker wire. The shorter the distance between each lightbulb, the denser the lights will be and the more focus will be taken away from the wires.

Test that your lights and cords are working. All you have to do is plug the lights into an outlet and make sure each bulb is glowing. If one of the bulbs is broken or dim, see if you can purchase a replacement bulb rather than an entirely different strand of lights. Frayed or otherwise damaged cords are a safety hazard and should not be used at all.

Method 2 of These can be found at most hardware stores. Place the plastic clips on the inside of the window frame. To do this, remove the backing from one side of the adhesive strip and press that side firmly on the window frame. Wait 30 seconds, then remove the paper from the second side of the adhesive and press the flat end of the plastic clip against the second side. You only need to place the clips on the top and sides of the window frame. The clips should be about 2 to 3 in 5.

Let the clips set for at least an hour. If you hang anything on them prior to the time running out, the clips may come down. That might damage not just the window frame from the clips being removed incorrectly, but also the Christmas lights if they are dropped from a substantial height onto a hard surface. Slide the lights into the clips. Squeeze the wires of the string of Christmas lights into each clip. Then, work your way carefully around the window frame, squeezing more wires into place as you go.

Try to get the light bulbs to all face in the same direction. For example, you can place some battery operated candles on the windowsill or some festive garlands. If the garlands come with their own lights, make sure you like how they look in conjunction with the ones around the window. They are electric batteries!

Some lights don't need electricity when they have batteries installed in them. The batteries may be rechargeable, which requires electricity. Yes No. Not Helpful 21 Helpful 2. Would tape or sticky tack work? How do I decorate a teen's bedroom for Christmas? Tape or sticky tack can work to hold up lightweight lights only. This can only be a temporary solution too, such as for a week or two during the festive season before taking them down again.

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