how to pet a porcupine

The Complete Resource To Keeping Porcupines As Pets

If you want to pet a porcupine without getting stuck by a bunch of quills you don’t run up and startle it. You don’t quickly scoop it up into your hands and give it a big hug. If you want to pet a porcupine you have to develop trust with it. First, you hold out your hand to see if it wants to come near and sniff you. Are porcupines dangerous to humans? Are Porcupines Dangerous to Humans? While generally passive if left alone, these pests can perceive people as a threat and use their quills in self-defense. Porcupine quills can become embedded in the skin and are painful and difficult to remove. The pests are also able to spread porcupine diseases like rabies.

Porcupines are considered exotic pets because they are wild animals and not typically kept as pets. The first thing that probably comes to your mind when you think of porcupine is; a creature with sharp needles likes spikes, waiting to throw them at you if you get closer. Well, that is really not the case. I wanted this article to be a complete resource to pet lovers who want to keep porcupines.

They are a unique pet and there are definitely a lot of misunderstandings about them. People have varied experience while keeping these rodents as pets. They are not cuddly like cats and dogs nor are they like birds, reptiles, fish or other mammals.

This article is laid out for you in great detail to help you guide and decide if you really do want a pet porcupine. Even if you already have one, I hope this is still going to help you better care for your porcupines. If you have porcupine hpw a pet, please be sure to share your story and experience in the comment down below. You can either read the whole article or click on the links below to read just pofcupine sections of this article. If you want to bookmark it in your browser to read it later, you can do so by pressing Ctrl and D at the same time in your keyboard.

This article is also frequently updated so be sure to check back for future updates. Before You Pet A Porcupine:. Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to keep some species of porcupines. Keeping some could turn out to be quite expensive in the long run. Other major reason is the difficulty in housing them. While housing them you have to consider their wild habitats and build housing accordingly.

The one that is probably most commonly kept as pets is the largest species, the North American porcupines Erethizon dorsatum. Some people also keep African crested porcupines Hystrix cristata as pets.

Another species that porcuplne kept is the Prehensile-tailed porcupines Coendou. These porcupines can climb like a squirrel and hang like a possum. They are full of energy, curiosity and needs. Keeping porcupines is a great challenge so you have peh be ready for it.

They have a lot of daily needs which has to be taken into considerations. Like I mentioned above, they also need to be housed imitating their natural habitat.

I have included more on housing, in detail, in the Porcuppine Porcupines Care section below. Before you keep any porcupines, you have how to pet a porcupine make sure they are legal to keep as pets where you stay at. It is illegal to keep them in a lot of American states. In some states like New York and Utah, you can keep them legally.

It is perfectly legal to keep pet porcupines almost anywhere within Canada. Also note that, if you want to breed them then very likely you may need a license from your local Department of Wildlife. Besides that, here are some other things you have porfupine think about before you get a porcupine:. Porcupines are slow-moving and may look weak but they have a unique physical attribute, the dreaded quills, which are their natural defensive package.

They are incredibly protective of themselves and do not hesitate to use these threatening defensive structures. Having said all that, you can keep a porcupine without getting hurt at all.

Be extremely careful introducing an adult porcupine if you already have a pet dog or a cat. Dogs and cats are curious in nature porcuine might get hit by the quills due to their inquisitiveness.

If a young porcupine is kept together with cats and dogs from the very early years, they all may be able to coexist together without anyone getting hurt. If you got a baby porcupine as a pet but later, down the road, want to release it in the wild, keep in mind that it may not be able to survive in the wild.

This is because how to download nba 2k14 for pc it porcpine used to you, your pets and the surroundings; it may have no fear of other pets, wild animals or humans.

It can end up getting killed because it may not be used to using the quills for defensive purpose when it needs to. They may not really be ideal pets like dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other rodents.

How to pet a porcupine, they should not be the subject of terror. We have to understand that just like other exotic pets we have tamed overtime, porcupines could be amazing pets too. Here are some of their cool facts and characteristics that are going to help you better understand these animals:.

Photo prcupine sciencemag. Porcupines In The News:. Now let us look at some popular porcupines in the news.

Due to them, porcupines as pets have become more popular than ever. They are basically the great ambassadors for the porcupine species. Snickers is a famous porcupine who became a star when his YouTube video went viral. So far his video has reached over 3. Check out that video here:. Snickerslater renamed as Stinkers take a guess whyis a male porcupine who lives at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, Alaska. He was found alone orphaned as a porcupette baby porcupine and was raised in a ho as a pet before being relocated in the conservation center.

He is a very friendly porcupine who loves to climb on everything. Over the years he has been great for school presentation and animal shows porcupien loves to entertain people. Just how to glue in hair extension a puppy, he jumps up and down, chases his tail and even rolls on his back.

Another most notable celebrity porcupine is without a doubt Teddy Bearthe talking porcupine. Her owner Allison at How to make hair grow back faster had her since she was found as a new born baby orphaned in a barn in a farm in Texas.

Care For Pet Porcupines:. Before we delve into details about porcupine pet care, let us take pofcupine quick look at the pros and cons of keeping pet porcupines. Not everyone keeps porcupines as pets so it is pretty cool to have one. Most likely they want to be left alone and are not really affectionate. Unless it is a rare case where you have raised them from small and they really get attached to you.

They also get real territorial and cranky when they reach sexual maturity. Another concern is that since they are rodents, they could be the carriers of rabies and you can get rabies if you get bit by an infected porcupine. And then of course, they have quills which can be very dangerous. They like to be petted as well. The trick in not getting stuck by quills is to always pet and gently stroke them from front to back.

To be on the safe side always use thick leather gloves while petting and handling them. Porcupines are affectionate and love to snuggle and rub their nose on you once they get to know you. One of the best times ohw bond with a pet porcupine is their snack time. If you have their favorite how to prepare sprinkler system for summer they will get attached to you fairly quick.

I mean, they are real smart animals. They know who has the goodies. Like I mentioned in the cons above, the major worry is about the quills. When other pets are around, this could be a concern because naturally other pets like dogs and cats are very inquisitive. Hence, it is best to keep them separate from other pets, unless there is a rare occurrence where they get along together.

Please be sure to share if you have seen such circumstances in the comments below. Another thing to keep in mind is to never let them be alarmed. Loud noises and extreme sounds can make porcupines nervous. Something as simple as slamming the door little harder can lead to misunderstandings and consequently a disaster. Do not totally surprise them either. Make some kind of small noise or talk to them like you would do with any other pet while approaching them.

It is always best to keep them calm by letting them know that you are no harm to them if you want to avoid any accidents. Whatever you do, do not be threatening or aggressive or else you are going to deal with the consequences of being quilled. Essentials For Porcupine Care:. Just like keeping any other pets, you need to take care of porcupines basic needs of housing and food.

Porcupines can be housed outdoors or indoors but I recommend housing them indoors because better temperature control is possible indoors.

I know some people keep porcupines in aquariums. Aquariums are fine as long as it is well ventilated and spacious. However, I believe big wire cages are ideal for porcupines.

For the bedding porculine at the bottom of the cage, straws or pine shavings can be used. Straws are ideal because they are easier to clean considering the fact that porcupines smell and their house needs to be what does ebitda stand for almost everyday.

Lots of tree branches, wood stalks, logs must be kept in the house to ensure that porcupines feel like they are in their natural environment. They need some sun but shaded area is also needed so they can cool themselves if they are kept ti. Temperature is not really going to be a big issue s it does not exceed that of their natural habitats.

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Nov 08,  · In captivity, provide your pet with mainly fruits and veggies, with a rodent pellet supplement. Feed your porcupine twice a day, with a fruit or veggies snack in between. Apples are a favorite of this animal, as well as yellow pumpkins and corn on the cob. This animal will also need a bit of salt sprinkled on its food as a supplement. Thus, you may own a porcupine as a pet. In the occasion where you wish to breed your porcupines, you should obtain a license from The Department of Wildlife or Fish and Game. Porcupines make interesting pets if your state allows it. The famous Teddy Bear the talking porcupine . The porcupine balls up when threatened and so do employees who feel a lack of support. They also have a tendency to shoot quills at anyone who asks them to change their work patterns. “How Do You Pet a Porcupine” is packed with delightful color illustrations, porcupine factoids, and Roger’s easy to implement Seven Point Plan. Point 1.

I discovered something new in a staff meeting a few weeks ago, and that is that you can pet a porcupine without getting hurt. I have never actually pet a porcupine, but I was told it is possible without a follow-up trip the hospital, if you do it correctly. If you want to pet a porcupine you have to develop trust with it.

First, you hold out your hand to see if it wants to come near and sniff you. Only after it sniffs you can you pet it, but you have to do it a certain way starting at the head and petting down. To pet a porcupine any other way could potentially hurt…a lot. Some people are a lot like porcupines.

They have quills, and they will stick you if you handle them the wrong way. You know the kind of people I am talking about, they tend to be a bit grouchy, pessimistic, standoffish and avoid personal contact, have a tendency to complain and point out the bad in a situation , etc… These people tend to be a lot like porcupines.

To pet one of these porcupines requires developing trust just like a real porcupine. No, holding out your hand to see if they sniff you is probably not the best way to go about it, but spending time getting to know them is.

Learning about their perspective, their past, their priorities can give you insight in how best to go about working and getting along with them. Taking the time to building trust with can go a very long way, and save you a lot of pain in the end. Just as I am sure petting a real porcupine is an amazing experience, I know that getting someone who is a bit prickly on your side can be just as fulfilling.

Also, for those who are pastors of churches and have opportunity to work with porcupines, the reality is that they are also sheep in need of a good shepherd. You have to learn to pet them.

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