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Mar 14,  · Today I teach you how to play AP Sion, the barryallenest man aliveTwitter: Aug 15,  · AP Sion is a skill based pick. You will only win lane if you manage to out skill the enemy laner. This AP Sion build allows you to deal moderate damage while stacking a bit of tankiness on the side. These are the standard runes.

Innate: Upon taking fatal how to play ap sionSion goes into stasis for 1. Sion can move and use basic attacks but cannot use summoner spells during this time, and attacks at a fixed 1. Once at least one ability has been learned, Death Surge can be cast using any ability key, even for the abilities that haven't been learned yet.

Active: Sion charges for up to 2 seconds to increase Decimating Smash's rangeknock up duration, stun duration, and damage every 0. Decimating Smash can be recast at any time within its how to make your own fresh dog food, and automatically does so if the charge completes without reactivation. If the channel is interruptedDecimating Smash goes on a 2-second cooldown.

If Decimating Smash was charged for at least 1 second, Sion instead slams his axe down, knocking up all enemies within the area for 0. For the target to be hit, their center needs to be inside the red or blue areas based on charge timeand their edge must hit the yellow part of the cone.

If their edge also hits the white part of the cone they will be excluded from being hit. Cone is at 16 degrees and starts range behind Sion's center. White cone has a radius ofwhile yellow cone has a how to play ap sion of Passive: Sion gains 4 bonus health whenever he kills an enemyincreased to 15 against large enemies and for enemy champion takedowns.

Active: Sion shields himself for up to 6 seconds. Soul Furnace can be recast after 3 seconds while the shield holds, and does so automatically at the end of its duration. Recast: Sion consumes Soul Furnace's shield to deal magic damage to all nearby enemies, capped at against minions and monsters. Both of Soul Furnace's casts can be activated during Sion's other abilities, other than the release of Decimating Smash. Active: Sion bellows in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit, slowing them for 2.

If the target is a minion or non-epic monsterit is stunned for 0. Shoved enemies are immune to minion damage and take their damage once they are stopped if they would die to Roar of the Slayer's damage, by either colliding with terrain, reaching the end of their trajectory, or having its displacement interrupted.

Active: Sion becomes immune to crowd control and ghosted and, after a 0. Unstoppable Onslaught can be recast after 0. The charge uses Sion's movement speed at the time of cast and is unaffected by external sources for the duration, including movement speed capswhile also gaining 40 bonus movement speed every 0. At the end of the charge's duration, Sion leaps forward -units, landing after 0.

Sion will stop upon colliding with an enemy champion or terrain during the charge, slamming instantly and ending Unstoppable Onslaught prematurely. Crashing into terrain how to make an rc car faster cause Sion to stun himself for 0. Enemies struck by Sion's charge are dealt physical damage. Enemies, including turretswithin the slam are dealt the same physical damage and are slowed for 3 seconds, and those in close proximity of Sion are also knocked up for 0.

If Sion collides with an enemy champion, all nearby enemies are additionally pulled towards him over 0. Recast: Sion stops charging, causing him to leap forward and slam the ground beneath him as if Unstoppable Onslaught had reached the end of its duration.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Patch History. Edit Glory in How to plumb with pex pipe. Notes Glory in Death is currently the only targetable zombie state. Upon DeathSion will drop non-permanent status effects buffs and debuffs that do not inherently persist through death before transitioning into Glory in Death : These effects include undisplayed statuses, for example the 'already stunned by this'-flag of Veigar's Event Horizon or Viktor's Gravity Field.

Some item passives do not persist through death and will be lost for the initial few seconds of Glory in Death. An example for a debuff that does persist through death is Brand's Blaze. Glory in Death will still trigger if Sion is killed by the Nexus Obelisk.

Upon death, the current cooldowns of Sion's summoner spells are increased to 4 seconds. Afterwards, he is still unable to use them until he respawns or after a lock-out effect excluding crowd control except stasis unlocks them. Resurrection buffs always take priority over Glory in Death. Sion's death timer starts ticking when he first dies and not when Glory in Death's duration ends.

If Sion lives longer than his death timer lasts for, he will not revive until Glory in Death has ended. When it has ended, he will revive instantly, which can result in some odd interactions and bugs at times. Glory in Death does not trigger on clones of Sionsuch as with Test of Spirit. Glory in Death's untargetability from the stasis does not destroy in-flight projectiles.

Projectiles created while while Sion is in the zombie form will still travel to him even how to overcome the resistance to change he dies. At the start of Glory in DeathSion's mana drops to 0, but his mana regeneration will remain in effect.

This includes item passives such as Blade of the Ruined King's special lifesteal-affected on-hit, as well as runes such as Ravenous Hunter. Spirit Visage's unique passive specifically before V Can: Critically strike. Use all item activesexcept Refillable Potion and Corrupting Potion. Use Magical Journey. Be targeted by Stand United. Be dragged and carried by Fate's Call. Sion will not lose health during this time. Cannot: Channel Recall. Enter resurrection e.

Use summoner spells. Take Abyssal Voyage nor Dark Passage. Be targeted by ChronoshiftDevournor Umbral Trespass. He cannot be targeted by Fate's Call while in the stasis portion of Glory in Death if he does, by any circumstance, he will emerge immediately. Be taken into the Realm of Death. Have his spirit be pulled by Test of Spirit.

Pick up the Eye of the Herald. Take the Catapult. Trying to cast item actives during the initial stasis will buffer their casts instead, unless Sion issues another command before being able to act again. Exception: Quicksilver can be used during the stasis after death.

Sion's attack speed during Glory in Death is fixed at 1. Buffs that allow for the normal 2. This means that while these buffs are active, Sion can exceed 1. After the effect ends, the attack speed cap will not revert to 1. However Sion will still not be able to go below 1. Buffs from jungle monsters Sion gains during Glory in Death Crest of CindersCrest of Insight will not be lost once the duration ends. By surviving for the full duration of 60 seconds, Sion will have suffered After Glory in Death ends, the corpse of Sion will retain unit collision despite being dead on the ground.

Even though its visuals are present, Dark Harvest can never be gained from Sion under the effect of Glory in Death. The effect that heals Sion back to full health at the start of Glory in Death cannot be modified by healing reductions and does not count towards the 'Damage Healed' statistic at the end of game lobby. Glory in Death's on-hit effect also applies against structures other than turrets.

Notes Death Surge's will always be ready to use when Glory in Death triggers. Death Surge's cooldown is affected by ability haste and thus the spell is technically able to be used up to twice during Glory in Deathbut not in practice. Despite showing a shorter cooldown when hovering the ability in the ultimate-slot in the HUD, Death Surge is not actually affected by Ultimate Hunter. COST: 45 Mana.

Base Damage Increase: Notes For the target to be hit, their center needs to be inside the red or blue areas based on charge timeand their edge must hit the yellow part of the cone. Sion how to play ap sion remains locked out of all actions for 0. Trying to cast Soul Furnace will buffer the cast until Sion is no longer locked out or otherwise prevented from casting it, while Roar of the Slayer and Unstoppable Onslaught will not buffer.

Displacement immunity will prevent both the knock up and the stun. Since the stun duration is longer than the airborne duration, and both start at the same time, Tenacity is still fully effective against Decimating Smash up to a cap.

Every value below this cap will lower the CC duration with no diminished returns. A flash of the axe and change in brightness of the indicator on the ground indicates when the 1 second time frame is reached.

The damage of Decimating Smash is calculated when it is released. Gaining AD or upgrading the ability during its channel will update the damage of the coming hit. Even though the cooldown starts when the ability is released, it how to cure a wart with duct tape not be changed by gaining or losing CDRor upgrading the ability, during the cast time.

The indicator is visible to the enemy only if they see Sion himself.

Panipple's Guide to AP Sion [S8]

Jun 13,  · 1) If you going to play AP Avoid taking Jaurim's Fist for Transcendence Adaptive damage buff. as long as carrying Doran's Ring all CDR buffs to AP.. 2) Late game or if needed you can sell Doran's Ring without any AD item you become AP Sion to AD Sion in a sec. because of adaptive damage buff of Transcendence. Sion is one of the few champions that can build tank, bruiser or lethality and actually be viable. Of course you can also build crit, attack speed or ap on Sion but those tend to be a bit more troll, especially ap. Sion's also great because of how well he can scale. Feb 21,  · Just pick a lane and press R. You might need minions to weaken the turrets defences and remember to place the zzrot right next to the structure so the voidlings will focus it. The power spike starts after 2 items but truly kicks in at 3+ items then you become one hell of a splitpusher.

You must be logged in to comment. Please login or register. Your votes and comments encourage our guide authors to continue creating helpful guides for the League of Legends community. Can't survive without building tank on lane and staying under turret. Snowballs too hard if you feed and out split pushes you.

If you play normal he is not a problem. Cancels all of your abilities. Weak in late so just chill and outscale. If you don't stop him early he will outscale very hard. Be careful not to feed him too much. You want to focus on denying his stacks instead of focusing the turret in laning phase.

Good gp players will constantly poke you with Q and barrels but below dia you should be able to farm their barrels for hp and push non-stop.

Just ignore him, farm and stack Grasp of the undying. His R can be dangerous combined with turret aggro. Can't kill you if you dont fight 1v1 and easy to gank. His relatively good late game doesn't matter in team fights if you cc him. Easy to gank and outscale. Can be as difficult as darius but for experienced Sion players she is quite average difficulty. Proxying is easy due to her being immobile and the tentacles are nice hp for W.

Very annoying poke but also very weak against ganks so unless you have a boosted jungler it should be free win. If you miss R she can kite and melt you. Please don't pick a mid lane mage against Sion. She doen't have enough constant damage to stop you from pushing and also easy to kill 1v1. You can probably beat her on mid lane as well. Annoying can dodge ur abilities. Can only 1v1 if she fails or after 2 items. Don't get hit by her stun early levels or she will kill you! Same as Irelia but can stop your ult, easier to kill and her true damage doesn't matter much when you build hp.

Basically the same as Vayne but can't melt you in late game. His blind lowers your damage against turrets a little. Mages in general are really bad against Sion on lane. Kayle has possibly the worst early game of all before lvl 11, so you should be able to crush her even easier than Lissandra.

Absolutely defenceless against your CC train and burst. Don't directly trade with him just poke and get out if u can't finish him. He can't escape you or ganks and can't scale. Azir scales very well into late game and can defend while sion is splitting and also team fight with Sions peel. All late game ADCs that can deal massive amounts of damage are made even stronger with the peel Sion offers.

Shyvanas R simultaneously with Sions R is a devastating engage and safe because both champions will not get one-shot. Great for team fighting or just going in as 2 and killing everybody if she was able to get fed of farming. Udyr is also a great farmer like Shyvana and able to fight with Sion as 2 or with team. He is abit weaker in fights but more versatile and can gank in early game. He can also help with split push.

Yi is another farming orianted hyper carry jungler. He is squishy but hard to kill if Sion can make a good engage first and we all know what happens when Yi doesn't die. She can be just as good if she has a good lane matchup. One of the best ADCs for snowballing because of his good lane phase, high burst and mobility.

He can assassinate confused wandering squishy enemies and can often come back even when behind. He doesn't become totally useless in late game like Draven and he is alot safer pick all around. If he and Sion win lanes the game can be won often really soon. She can also defend decently, assassinate enemies and scale. Basically do everything needed. Akali works similarly too but will need more Sions help for CC and engage. He is a coinflip and usually bad to have in team unless you got a friend who knows how to play him and can dominate lane.

His late game is terrible and many Dravens end up throwing their lead. Lee is like Draven. He needs to win early or he is one of the worst but if he does he can be pretty good. He puts you on a timer to end the game faster. Unless you have very good late game mid or ADC your team becomes super weak in late game. She likely the worst ADC in game and hard to play but if you have a Kalista main as your duo she can be decent because of her R combined with Sions R is one of the best combos especially if your team knows how to take advantage of it.

Just not the type of ADC you want. He doesn't have the constant damage nor tank melting like Vayne does. He has some poke and burst but that's not what you are looking for. Lucian and Draven are better for burst and snowballing ADCs. Join or Log In. Join the leading League of Legends community. Create and share Champion Guides and Builds. Login Social Login. Create Account Social Register. Sion Build Guide by feederfromelohell. Vote Vote. Did this guide help you? If so please give them a vote or leave a comment.

You can even win prizes by doing so! I liked this Guide. I didn't like this Guide. Vote Comment. Comment Would you like to add a comment to your vote?

Thank You! Spells: Flash. Inting Junler Build. Ability Order. Glory in Death Sion Passive Ability. Decimating Smash Q. Soul Furnace W. Roar of the Slayer E.

Unstoppable Onslaught R. Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny. Show All. None Low Ok Strong Ideal. Extreme Threats. Ideal Synergies. Sion's Top Items. Sion's Top Runes. Sion More Guides. GoliathGames' Master guide to Sion. Ad, tank , sup and jungle. Sion counters well. Sion gets countered. Cast Your Vote Today!

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