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Oct 23,  · How to Register Your Domain Name with HostGator This is the easiest option of the three. When you purchase your web hosting package with HostGator, one of the first things you’ll see on the order form is a space to register your domain. Fill in the domain you want. Apr 12,  · Choose your HostGator web hosting package. On the next page, you’ll be able to register a new domain. Just enter your domain name, choose the domain name extension, and HostGator will tell you if the domain is available. Once you’ve found a domain you like that’s available you’ll complete your order and your domain will be ready.

Grab a. Already hod a domain? Transfer it to us. If you forget to renew your domain, you could lose it gasp! That's why we set up auto renew, so you don't gotta worry.

Our control panel is designed for ease of use. Manage your online awesomeness from one single dashboard. For a hostgaror fee, you can protect your personal information from being publicly available on the WHOIS database. Route your DNS to us, another host, dedicated IPs, the moon — wherever you'd like minus the moon part.

If you'd like, automatically forward any of your domain's email addresses to any other valid email address. Live Chat. HostGator Blog. Think of your domain name as a street address for your website. Without a domain name, you'd have to tell customers to visit your site at an IP-based url, such as Not very memorable, eh? To be successful on the interwebs, you'll want to invest in a domain name to ensure your site has a level of professionalism, appropriate branding, and overall awesomeness.

As said above, a domain name is like your website's street address, whereas web hosting is like your website's actual home — where all the hoow, images, and other info what to get my mom for xmas lives.

Your site needs both an address and home to be up and running, but they are definitely two different things. Learn more about the difference between domains and hosting. I don't know, is it? Let's check together! To do a domain name search, go to the top of this pageenter your desired domain name in the search box and click "Register domain" to find out its availability and the hame it'll cost to register the domain.

Our domain search tool also helps you check out other available domain name extensions or variations that are available, such as yourwebsite. Buying a domain name begins with our domain name search tool at the top of this page. Once you find an available domain name, you can purchase it, register it, and ensure it's pointed to your hosting account. Here's what to do after you've purchased your domain name.

To put it a little less simply: When your domain is registered, you're required to maintain a publicly viewable WHOIS database that displays all your contact details — including home address and phone number. This puts you at risk of spam and identity theft yikes. Luckily, you can keep your info hidden from the public eye by opting to use What are e cigarettes like Domain Privacy Protection.

Interested parties will still be able to contact you if they so please, but your identity will remain anonymous — aka super top what causes arthritis in hips. Learn more about Domain Name Privacy. HostGator domani the following top level domain TLD extensions:. If you're looking for something a bit more exotic, like. See our KnowledgeBase. Sign up for our Newsletter. Visit our blog. Snag your fav domain. Domain Registration Snag your fav domain.

How 'bout getting your domain for free? Grab a hosting plan, which you'll need anyway, and your domain's on us for 1 year. Keep it simple Simplicity makes your domain easy to remember and easy to reigster again. Stay brandable Be unique, but stay clear of alternative spelling of werdz like rfgister, for example.

Be quick about it What's available today could be gone tomorrow, so grab your fav while you can! Hyphens- aren't-helpful They certainly weren't here, and they won't be in your domain name either. Consider other extensions Protect your brand by grabbing similar domainnames:. Auto-renewal If you forget to renew your domain, you could lose it gasp! Easy management Our control panel is designed for ease of use.

Privacy protection For a small fee, you can protect your personal information from being publicly available on the WHOIS database. Email forwarding If you'd like, automatically forward any of your domain's email addresses to any other valid email address.

Call us. Chat us Live Chat. Tweet us HGSupport. Find answers KnowledgeBase. Learn stuff HostGator Blog. To put it simply: yes, yes, and yes. Have another question? See our KnowledgeBase Want more tips? Sign up for our Newsletter Visit our blog.

Find your domain name today! Get started.

Domain Registration Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 28,  · So you have this awesome idea, and need to lock it down. What is the next step? Registering a domain name of course. Domain names are like the storefronts of. To do a domain name search, go to the top of this page, enter your desired domain name in the search box and click "Register domain" to find out its availability and the amount it'll . This article will cover what domain changes you can make, domain tasting, the HostGator refund policy, as well as what results might occur if you do change your domain name. For help purchasing a new domain name be sure to check out this help-guide here: How to Register a Domain Name. This article contains: Can you Change a Domain?

It is overwhelming when we have numerous domains, different packages, different storage, and different bandwidths. With Hostgator, we can have an all-in-one service because it allows additional domains to be added to their hosting service.

However, before we can even begin this process, we must know whether our Hostgator plan allows for this. With Hostgator, we can purchase different hosting plans that cater to our different needs and budget each month. It gives us an opportunity to add as many or as few domains to Hostgator as we want, and this is a particularly great feature for many businesses. We can add domains from any of these registrars without any issues. After we check that we can actually add additional domains to Hostgator, then we are set to follow the next steps.

The process is fairly straightforward, so we will provide a rundown so that everyone can use this opportunity to get the most out of their Hostgator package. Here is where we can control the website, add domains, change settings, create emails and other cool things.

After subscribing, Hostgator sends out an email with account login details. Hostgator can then run and host the domain after this change. Changing the name server in a third-party registrar can take anywhere from a few hours to 72 hours to register. There we can click through to select from a variety of site builders or CMSs to install for the newly added domain.

We can do all the expected things like upload website files, create email accounts and create subdomains. The steps above show how to add a domain but keep the existing third-party registrar, i. Instead of just changing the name server, we can also transfer the domain registration to Hostgator. Transferring the registration to Hostgator means that all websites and domain names can be managed in one place. This can help to save money in hosting fees.

When transferring, there could be a transfer fee involved, depending on how many domain names are transferred. If we have a large number of domains to transfer, then it will be important to work out the costs first to make sure it is worthwhile. This protects the domain from unauthorized transfers. When unlocked, we can then initiate the transfer through Hostgator and follow the steps to confirm. It is obvious we can save some money in hosting fees by adding our other domains to Hostgator.

However, there are some other benefits as well. It is possible to include several domain names such as example. These domains continue to operate in the background and simply bounce back to the main domain — example. We can also use this feature to add other domains that can drive traffic to our main domain, for example, misspelled domain names exmple. The more domain names we can add, the wider the net that we can cast on incoming traffic.

What is also wonderful about Hostgator is that it is a reliable hosting service. Therefore, no matter how many domains we add to the Hostgator cPanel, there should be no issues with their performance and uptime should not be affected. If we experience any issues while adding additional domains to Hostgator, we have the option to contact technical support. Hey Everyone it's Neeraj. Regards BlogBeginner. Sharing is caring. Contents In Page. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

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