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How to sell to China: 8 ways you need to know

Sell your products on e-commerce store, such as, These platforms usually ship products to China. You just consult with your local platform office and open one store to sell online. Chinese consummers will visit them and place order on it, the price is aslo accepted by them. Basically, the types of products that you will decide to sell in China should be interesting for Chinese customers in order to get their attention and engage them. Agricultural products, food and beverage, baby and maternity goods, and health and wellness products. Also, thereТs an increasing focus on sports, leisurewear, and lifestyle goods.

Chinese consumers are willing to create new relationships with worldwide brands. The rapid urbanization combined with a growing and evolving Chinese economy sets the stage for both great opportunities and great threats to Western businesses. While some jobs are being outsourced from the U. Basically, the types of products that you will decide to sell in China should be interesting for Chinese customers in order to get their attention and engage them.

Agricultural products, food and beverage, baby and maternity goods, and health and wellness products. How to make bridge rectifier circuits some products are more in demand than others. Chinese consumers, especially young people, like the styles they can get from international brands, along with the quality of garments.

Maternity clothing is especially popular due to the growing number of families in China. For similar reasons, imported brands are also popular in China. Stadium Goods is one business that has realized success by selling shoes there.

Jewelry is another popular category due to the quality and value of imported goods. Jewelry brands can increase their profits dramatically by selling on the Chinese online marketplaces. Beauty and makeup are a major what are the birthstones for all 12 months of the most popular categories for Chinese shoppers, especially those using Tmall.

Beauty accessories are in the beauty niche, some accessories like makeup brushes are popular in China. An international brand can find a lot of success by selling its products on Tmall in China.

Sell in China Skincare products like moisturizer and sunscreen are also popular among Chinese consumers. Especially if you offer products made with natural ingredients, you could have a good chance of appealing to health-conscious Chinese consumers. They also regularly purchase everyday products like cleaning goods online. So international businesses could potentially sell natural leaning productsespecially those with natural ingredients to appeal to families and health-conscious consumers.

You can also appeal to Chinese customers by selling fresh products like fruits and vegetables. Natural juice is also a popular product among health-conscious consumers in China. And some types of fruit juice, like cranberry juice, have just recently been introduced into the Chinese market.

Chinese consumers are also becoming increasingly health-conscious, so health products like vitamins and supplements are getting more and more attention to e-commerce platforms like Tmall, JD.

Selling in China via Crossborder is a good option. You can also appeal to Chinese consumers with healthy foods that are a bit easier to ship. Think packaged food items that include healthy ingredients like dried fruit and whole grains. Chinese consumers, especially young people, are more interested in food trends. Wineries and small wine brands can appeal to Chinese consumers as imported brands. Especially for brands that operate in desirable regions, selling in China can lead to plenty of growth opportunities.

To Sell in China you have to localize your content. Baby Food is another one of the most popular product categories among Chinese shoppers. And baby food is a huge product within that niche. Gerber, for example, has found a lot of success by expanding its offerings into the Chinese market and introducing healthy food for the growing number of babies in China.

What to bring to a divorce attorney also want to make sure they have the best possible products when it comes to taking care of their new babies. So companies that provide breastfeeding accessories and similar products can appeal to new parents looking to get the very best products for their growing families. In addition, baby accessories like bottles, rattles, and playsets can also be interesting for those family-oriented consumers who are willing to pay a premium to get the best possible products for their kids.

Sporting goods and athletic gear are also popular. This category can range from outdoor gear to equipment for specific sports or workout activities. Technology is a huge market in Chinaso consumers like all different kinds of gadgets from international sources. China is the most connected country in the world, so the first thing to do if you want to reach Chinese customers you have to create a Website.

But not just a simple website, as usual, you have to create a Chinese website. Your website will be the first portal what is the recipe for making pancakes connect with them.

Not only it will give you more visibility but also will be proof that you are reliable as a brand. It is important to notice that your Chinese Website should be hosted in Hong Kong or Singapore for speed access. The rise of Chinese social networks such as Weibo and WeChat facilitated person-to-person connections.

Social networks are the best place to start if you have a moderate budget. And the choice of the social network is going to be quick because China is dominated by one network: WeChat. So, how is WeChat used for online marketing? WeChat is an essential app in China. WeChat Official Accounts are powerful means to gather followers and redirect them to a website or e-commerce platform. It helps brands to build thought leadership and engage with both potential and current customers.

The biggest challenge is when you decide to do Wechat marketing with an official account, which technically requires you to have a Mainland Chinese company. It is currently the top choice for luxury brands in China who create advertisements in a variety of different media formats.

The price range is huge because there is no set price and each KOL is free to decide the cost for advertising on their account. Generally, they determine their pricing based on the quality, price, and type of products brands would like them to endorse. A portion of the advertising fee paid to celebrities is shared with WeChat, thus KOLs tend to charge higher prices to maintain their profits.

The key to success with these advertisements is finding the right KOL for your product and your budget. If you want to know more about this topic, you can check out our website. The marketplaces themselves have cross-border offerings for foreign companies.

However, these are often costly and foreign companies have to go through a demanding selection process. Companies that are already appealing to Chinese customers will find it easier to get listed. For the others, they might be fighting an uphill battle. Pinduoduo now is the second-largest e-commerce platform in China in terms of the number of users and the number of orders.

It has pioneered several new trends including social e-commerce, team purchase, and consumer-to-manufacturer C2M that have revolutionized online shopping in China. JD in China is popular and has a good reputation for its efficient logistic system and how to convert inches to square inches assurance.

Using cross-border marketplaces can be an extremely expensive strategy expect 1 million USD to get a significant measure of success. However, for big players with an existing brand name, they can be a good strategy to pick. Here are some important rules to remember if you want to sell online in China:. The e-commerce tools and platforms in China are different, and the underlying method of selling online is essentially the same. It comes down to having a quality product with an established brand.

Because of the e-commerce war in China between Alibaba owner of Tmall. Some advice:. You need to invest in paid ads or marketing campaigns on either of these to get traction. For example, if you sell cosmetic products, you can work with the cross-border e-commerce platform, Little Red Bookto attract Chinese consumers.

GMA can help you to set up a store on these different Chinese platforms. For a business perspective, taking products into China is a massive task for any foreign company. China is a big and diverse country and it should be viewed as many markets. Using an experienced Chinese distributor platform such as Tmal B2D is the best way for international companies to sell their product in China.

And from a strictly legal perspective, distribution relationships between foreign and Chinese companies are fairly straightforward. Distribution contracts with Chinese companies can have stark and important differences. Gentlemen Ecommerce Agency knows the digital in China. There are many ways to sell your products online in China. Contact us now to discover which solution fits your business best!

In the long run, urbanization is expected to drive steady expansion in the kitchen appliance industry. In addition, it is important to understand that the Chinese market changes quickly,Е. These years, many markets in China turn into a new stage of development. As Chinese people are seeking more and more for a better lifestyle, they are also looking for quality products.

For example, chocolate and ice cream markets are promoting more high-quality products. Also, high-end coffee shops and stores opened massively in China withinЕ. The E-retailer, JD. The efficiency of its distribution network has made it possible to raise the distributor to the same level as the giants of the sector. I would like to know do you have such kind of cooperation as i will promote your agency and your service in Russia.

Like agent via my own way of communications and will look for Russian manufactures who wish to expand their business and go in to Chinese market. I have And year by year i see need change the direction from China to Russia to next level from Russia to China. Soon i think will go to China for new sourcing of manufactures and place production orders and will be near Shanghai. I think i can visite your office and know more about your agency and how i can bring you value in Russia.

I think You can bring value to the Russian market and to Chinese market too and i can participate in this great way. May be soon i will get some briliance ideas for Russian manufacturers and enterpreneurs who want to sell in China and you will be the bridge who will support and will tell everything they need.

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Alibaba offers a cross-border solution, enabling Western online merchants to sell directly to the Chinese shopper. Alibaba and similar platforms are convenient options, yet bear in mind that they donТt seem too attractive financially. The reason is clear: there is too much competition, especially from local sellers. Online auctions are a great place to sell your china. Granted, they can be a stressful experience. Often, it seems like nobodyТs interested or that youТre not getting as much traffic as you hoped. But many times, right before the auction ends, youТll see a large increase of bidders. Selling china online puts you in touch with the very people who want to purchase it. All you need to do is set up a listing and wait for buyers to come to you. Auction sites such as eBay, or online marketplaces like Etsy are fantastic places to start.

How can easily sell products to Chinese consumers? The opportunities are enormous Ч but the job of selling to the Chinese is complex, both culturally and logistically.

Here are a few points for new comers to the market. Before you selling your product into China, the first job you need to do is register a trademark in China. More and more Chinese consummers prefer to buy products with brand, even if they have to pay more money. So one Chinese brand same as your local market brand is perfect solution. China is one first to file country, which means you apply your trademark, then nobody can apply your trademark again, in this way, your brand is strongly protected without any troubles in future.

Once your trademark is registered in success, you can develop your business now. The exhibition is good way to introduce your products in market in China. There are many exhibitions every year in China. You can search online and submit to attend the exhibition. Mostly, lots of visitors go to exhibition to find excellent brand products, they want to distribute or sell your brand products in China.

After deep talk with them, you may find good quality distributors in same industry with good sales chanels. They can help you busienss to develop in China. The advantage of exhibition is that, you can talk face to face with your potential dealers. Products testing, samples sold to them for market testing are efficient at the start of business. The disadvantages is that, you need spend part of money for exhibition, your tickets to China, hotels exhibition desk fees and other services fees.

Internet is also one good platform for you, you can google same industry wholesellers or distributors online in China. Send email to them and let them order your sample product to start business in China. If they satisfied with your product, you two can sign contract and start cooperation.

The advantages is that it is cheap way to help you save money. But you can not meet with the distributors, you can not easily judge how about this guy on internet, and most of distributors may do not have any website in google. You definitely miss many good quality distributors which have potetional market space.

Sell your products on e-commerce store , such as amazon. These platforms usually ship products to China. You just consult with your local platform office and open one store to sell online.

Chinese consummers will visit them and place order on it, the price is aslo accepted by them. The advantage of opening store on these platform is that, you can soon open your market to Chinsese consummers. If the product is popular and loved by consummers, it will bring you lots of sales in short time. The disadvantage is that, you need do tax apply every month for each store.

You need apply your income and net income exactlly. We know the online store now is treated as fisical store in most cities. So it is one huge and complex job for you, addtional fees will be happen as part of your business running cost. Another thing is for handling your orders for these stores, you need ship orders as soon as possible once your buyer finish the payment. All of them will have you spend more to support your daily running.

Selling your products on e-commerce platforms in China , such as taobao. Taobao has nearly million registered users, and the total number of online products on the platform has exceeded 1 billion. It is very good opportunity for your products sales. Most of young people prefer to buy products on taobao. Jingdong is also one famous platform in China. They are all Chinease local platform, so you only can open store here with the help of your distributor in China.

They have legal company certification, tax id. You just need authorize them to open store with your own brand in China. You can have a contract with your distributor, detailed with how to work, how to share the income and more spcifice details. It is not easy job, basing you have done success in China market, with the trustworthy for each other.

For doing business in China, you can open sub office located in China. It is usually one complex work, you need do reaserch for long time, where you place your office located, how much you can afford. This way is better for big companyies to develop their business. If you just start business, we do not suggest this way.

Now there are lots of duty free stores in cities in China, for example in Hongkong, Xiamen, Shanghai cities. Many brands overseas enter into China market by selling products in Free duty stores. The China government encourage brands from overseas to develop business in China, so the free duty stores are warmly welcomed. If you plan to enter into Free duty stores, you can contact them directly for details.

We know many many brands selling products in these stores. Just ship examples to these stores and keep eyes on testing. If your products are welcomed by consummers, that means you can spend more tme and engergy to develop market in China. It largely save your money for advertising online. In next step. With points mentioned above, you may have some ideas about how to sell your products to China already. Spend some time to do reaserch in market in details, your competitors, exsiting products market holder rate, your budget for market development.

Just try and do it. As China Daily reported on November 15, , sales revenue on Amazon Global Store, its cross-border shopping platform, achieved double-digit growth in the first three quarters of , with clothing , personal care products , cosmetics and shoes favored by Chinese shoppers, said Li Yanchuan, vice-president of Amazon China.

So if you are planning to sell to China, these products may be your reasonable ideas in mind. It will be helpful for your decision making.

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