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15 Gorgeous Mohawk Hairstyles for Women

Jul 10,  · A mohawk is a lot of work, so in this video, I share some of the styles you can do for your mohawk cut without having to do a full hawk. Sep 02,  · How To Style A Mohawk The basic Mohawk style requires that you shave, buzz or fade the hair on both sides of your head, leaving a thick strip of hair on top. When styling your Mohawk, you can choose to spike this line of hair straight up using a strong pomade, wax or gel, or decide to use a blow dryer and leave it more natural-looking.

Even though a punk Mohawk seems contemporary, traditional Mohawks date back to Native American warriors using their hair to protect their tribes. As Mohawks became popularized throughout the 20th Century, British punk rockers in the s began rebelliously styling their hair. Their punk hairstyles later morphed into a staple for misfit teenagers how to style mohawk hairstyles themselves and engaging in the counter-cultural movement.

From the outside looking in, it might seem like punks are up to no good. Underneath the surface, however, their wardrobe and attitude serve a message against the rules of traditional society. Men of all ages are inspired to radically transform their appearance with punk hairstyles in a few simple steps. Start with spritzing your first spike with hairspray as you hold it high into the air, and then blow dry it. You can take risks and infuse this style with wild hair dye selections and unique spikes.

Even authors break out of their comfort zone of what a writer should look like. Best-selling author Max Varun showed off his unconventional roots for this promo. He buzzed his natural hair close to the scalp but not enough to be bald. His Mohawk is a mix of his natural brown hair and blue dye slicked it out into a loose fan. Not every punk Mohawk aims for the biggest spikes. An effective Mohawk can lay low and soft.

To stand out, dye your hair like this fiery red. Hair sprays and brushes your hair outwards, and then let it fall more naturally into a dragon-like tail. Follow the daring footsteps of actor and musician Jared Leto whose fearlessness knows no bounds. Leto kept his hair around the crown of the head and dyed his natural black roots with platinum blond. The roots blend into a blazing hot pink dye to radiate a cyberpunk halo.

Most men will practically bleach their hair white, but sunbeam yellow can equally catch everyone off guard. To create liberty spikes, leave space between each spike and set a flat foundation. Tip the edges with black dye to make it extra grungy. A grizzled black beard offers a stunning contrast to a Mohawk covered in rainbow hair dye.

Cover the crown of the head with one main color, and then dye sections of the other hair one color at a time. Sneak in a subtle shaved pattern into the trimmed hair to top off the whole look. He seized full advantage of every strand as the Mohawk extends from his forehead to the base of the neck. Two fan mohawks are separated with one spike near the forehead and the other near the neck.

This Mohawk is thicker than most spikes by not shaving the entire scalp. Replace the hairspray with hair gel, and use your fingers to tease the hair outwards. Combine colors like the shining blue, green, and black for an unexpected underwater effect. How to style mohawk hairstyles dye your hair first with broad and thin stripes, consult a stylist who will set the varying colors. Whether your liberty spikes are thin like icicles or thick like triangles, the spikes ultimately depend on the length of your hair.

For even and round triangles, your hair must be medium-length to mold into the right shape. Gel or hair spray will work effectively to hold up the spikes. Another prime example of liberty spikes is a collection of spikes that blend into each other.

Dye the hair a succinct dark purple with black roots and allow significant space between the spikes to prevent looking too cluttered. Buzz the sides of the head close with a tapered fade how to make potato wafers shape the hair into a slick point around the neck.

The combination of small spikes and the how to make a bird table creates a cool double Mohawk illusion.

Why not go for a dynamite trifecta of styles by adding a leopard pattern? The main Mohawk covers two tones with black in the center and neon red on the ends. After the Mohawk was set, he also dyed his scalp red and added half-circles of black to replicate a leopard print.

Even though he kept a Mohawk, he wiped the slate clean with black or brown dye and shaved his head. He teased his hair outwards for substantial height, but it maintains a messy fringe. What is a class c crime men automatically concoct a stern punk Mohawk.

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2. Casual Mohawk Hairstyle with Pulled Up Sides

Dec 27,  · This Mohawk is thicker than most spikes by not shaving the entire scalp. Replace the hairspray with hair gel, and use your fingers to tease the hair outwards. Your style doesn’t need to stick to one tone. Combine colors like the shining blue, green, and black for .

This is largely because of the numerous hair styling options it avails thanks to its versatile nature. Whether you opt for cutting the sides or simply styling them to look shorter, you can draw your inspiration from these gorgeous Mohawk hairstyles for women.

One of the classier variations of the Mohawk, this hairstyle exudes feminine appeal with its curly red locks that spill over the brow in a tousled mess. The sides have been pulled upwards and held with a pin hidden underneath the thick locks.

The boldly parted sides and the voluminous golden curls at the crown result in an audacious Mohawk hairstyle. The curls help to give the androgynous Mohawk hairstyle an unmistakably feminine appeal. You can style the big curls using a curling iron or a flat iron. You can still pull off the Mohawk hairstyle without having to cut your hair at the sides.

Ideal for long and medium-length hair , the Mohawk design is achieved by pulling the hair up and piling it into messy curls that drape down the back of the head. Leaving loose bangs at the temples give the look a softer appeal. For the audacious among us, shaving the sides to a close fuzz is the best way to get that sizzling Mohawk haircut. Add a shock of vividly pink curls at the top and you have yourself a fiercely feminine Mohawk hairdo.

Combining a dreadlock hairstyle with the Mohawk haircut is a great way of showing the best side of the two hairstyles. The lengthy dreadlocked curls spill over the brow and temple. Plaiting can be effectively used to flatten the hair on the sides. If you like bold, nothing is more audacious than pairing a Mohawk with a voluminous afro updo.

This red Mohawk is made even more striking by shaving the sides and adding a stunning hue of red to round it off. Longer hair can still look good when fashioned into a Mohawk. The hair has been pulled up and styled with hair spray before being held in place by bobby pins.

Shaving the sides is optional although it does make the Mohawk look more distinct. Going for the African appeal? Try braiding your hair into Bantu knots on top and using cornrows to make the sides look flattered.

It results in an all-natural Mohawk hairstyle design that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are blessed with naturally curly hair , try spicing up your look with this simple but gorgeous version of the Mohawk hairstyle.

All you need to do is to relax the sides and flatten them by slicking the hair upwards. Natural curls enhance the Mohawk and make it unique.

This stunning Mohawk hairstyle combines intricate braiding and a lustrous hue of copper red to create an unforgettable look. The sides are pulled up while the top is braided into a single long fishtail braid that is draped over one shoulder. If you prefer the classic appeal of the rocker girl Mohawk, you can take your look to the next level with this stylish faux Mohawk updo.

The sides are pulled up and the hair on the crown has been given more volume at the front and made into tousled curls at the back. Two loose French braids make the look more feminine. This look is perfect for short to medium-length hair. The sides have been slicked back to give the hair more symmetry. The luxurious sun-kissed curls go all the way down the back of the head in an enticing variation of the classic Mohawk hairstyle.

This hairstyle is given a stylish twist to create an exciting version of the curly Mohawk. The sides are tightly pulled up and tied then made into buttery blonde curls that cascade down the back in a dark mess of sexy bed hair. You can upgrade a normal pixie cut into a stylish Mohawk hairdo by giving the sides a closer shave. Style the remaining hair into thick straight textured hair for an added feminine appeal and to add more natural texture to your hair. It is perfect for short and medium-length hair.

A short weave hairdo can look even better when styled into a flamboyant curly Mohawk hairstyle. The springy tresses are given a bit of volume and left long enough to drape lightly over the brow and finish just under the nape of the neck. A patterned braiding technique helps to flatten the sides and to give the hairstyle more character. Resources Theperfecthairstyle.

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