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Dec 07,  · Ever been in the frustrating situation of a knotted chain that won't straighten out?Click here to subscribe to GCN:'s one of t. Apr 12,  · The bicycle chain is a very important part of your bicycle. It is the force that carries power from pedal to wheel and it is imperative to ride. In the construction of a bicycle chain, two side plates are held together by something akin to hollow rivets. When you open a link of a bicycle chain while on the bike, you.

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This article has been viewed 28, times. Tangled bike chains are one of the most common problems that cyclists face. But while a tangled chain may seem like a big deal to you, the process of fixing it is relatively simple.

To untangle your chain, you can try to put enough slack in it so you can untwist it. If this doesn't work, you can remove your rear wheel, slide the chain off the sprockets, and shake the chain until it becomes untangled.

Ultimately, all you need is some time and patience and you'll be cycling in no time. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account.

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Method 1 of Slide the chain onto the smallest sprockets. Sprockets are the metal plates with teeth that move the chain. Since you won't be able to ride the bike, you'll have to move the sprockets cnain. To do this, simply lift the chain and move it to the smallest sprocket.

Do this on both the rear and front chain sets. Compress the derailleur to get extra slack in the chain. The derailleur is a mechanism that guides the chain and hangs off the rear chain set.

It is unkot of plastic and metal and looks like an incomplete hook. Push the derailleur inward and hold it there. This should fo a little extra slack in your chain. Untwist and untangle the chain.

After you've put slack in the chain, you need to manually untangle the chain with your hands. Think of the chain as a jumbled series of loop-de-loops and examine how the chain has become tangled. Try to work backward to untangle jnknot and be careful not to twist too hard. The more slack in your chain, the easier it will be to untangle it. Be careful not to create more tangles or twists in your chain. Method 2 of Flip the bike. Before you fix your tangled chain, you'll need to flip your bike.

This will help keep your bike steady as you untangle the chain. In addition, the chain will be higher and easier to access. Make sure you are on a flat surface. Position the bike so the handle bars are how to unknot a bike chain to the body of the bike. If you're worried about scratching your bike, place a towel underneath it.

Release and unscrew the back wheel skewer. The skewer is a long piece that slides into holes in the rear of the bike's body and through the center of the wheel.

Locate what to do in portsmouth uk knob of the wheel's skewer. Flip the lever and rotate the knob counterclockwise.

At the same time, hold the fastener on the how to unknot a bike chain side of the skewer. After several turns, the skewer should come lose from the fastener. Unhook the bike brake. Locate the thin what does right mean in spanish wire that connects the brake cable housing and the rubber brake pads.

Then, loosen the lever on the caliper so that the brake opens enough for the wheel to slide out of it. On some bikes, you may need a flathead screw driver what is a isp server loosen the caliper. Slide the chain off the back chain set. The back chain set encompasses the sprockets on the back wheel of the bike.

Depending on the type of bike, there may be a different number of sprockets. To remove the chain, gently pull the chain off the back chain set. When you have some slack in the chain, slide it over and off the chain set. Remove the chain from the main chain set. These are the main sprockets that power your bike. They are attached to the pedals of your bike. To remove the chain from the chain set, gently pull and lift it off.

You may need to use both hands to lift both sides of the chain where it sits on the chain set. If you have a hiw — a device attached to the rear portion of the body of the bike — you may have move it forward and pull the chain a little bit harder to get enough slack to remove it. Method 3 of Slide the chain up the body of the bike to behind the pedals. Although you removed the back wheel and separated the chain from the chain set, it will still be attached to your bike.

Before you try to untangle chain, you need to move it toward the back of the bike, where you can try to untangle it free from the obstruction of the pedals and the chain set.

Hold the longest part of the chain with one hand. This is the part that is not tangled. Do this carefully, as you don't want to further tangle the chain. As you grab hiw chain, you should move it upward so the tangles are below the untangled part of the chain. Straighten the chain. Once the tangles are hanging below the untangled portion of the chain, straighten the chain as much as you can.

You may be able to partially untangle some of the chain by pushing the tangle in on itself. Be careful though, bile avoid making the tangles worse. Shake the chain. After you've straightened the chain, hold the untangled top portion of the chain and begin to shake it vigorously up and down.

As you do this, the chain should begin to untangle. Shake your biie for up to a minute. After some shaking, you may be able to untangle the rest of the chain by twisting or turning it. Method 4 of Sit the wheel back onto the body of the bike. Gently place the middle cylindrical part of the wheel into the wheel housing — the half circle slots you removed it from.

The center of the wheel should rest snuggly into the housing. Push the wheel to see if it spins as it should. If it doesn't, readjust the center of the wheel so it fits snugly. Slide the bottom side of the chain onto the smallest sprocket of the chain set. The smallest sprocket should be the one howw to the inside of the bike. Make sure the chain fits onto each of the teeth of sprocket.

If the chain doesn't sit right, it could get tangled again. Pull the uhknot side of the chain onto the back wheel chain set. Much like putting the chain on the main chain set, you'll need to gently slip the chain onto the rear chain set. Again, place the chain on the smallest sprocket. Secure the wheel skewer. Slowly guide the wheel skewer through the center cylinder of the rear wheel.

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Jun 02,  · If the chain that is normally on the bottom part of the circuit (when the bike is being ridden) gets around the pedal or derailleur, and falls below the chain that is normally on top then your first loop forms. Now one loop probably wouldn't be too bad, and might be easy to fix. Simply take the chain back up around the mybajaguide.comted Reading Time: 2 mins. Jul 24,  · Subscribe now for more! jewellery chains are such a pain. Steve Wilson knows a trick to make the untangling process, Author: This Morning. Jul 12,  · Here is a trick that I use to untangle chain. The secret is to work the loops in the chain to get them as far a part and as large as have.

The bicycle chain is a very important part of your bicycle. It is the force that carries power from pedal to wheel. It is imperative to ride. In the construction of a bicycle chain, two side plates are held together by something akin to hollow rivets. When you open a link of a bicycle chain while on the bike, you can see the ends of the rivets flush with the inner plates.

The outer plates hide the inner rivets. Bike chains can only become pesky when they are twisted. Below, you will find the method for untangling your chain that's as painless as possible!

Grab the longest available part of the chain with one hand. With your other hand, take the part of tangle which is hanging loose. Bring the loose part of the tangle up to the longest part. You want to be sure to do this in a delicate, straight line. Avoiding further tangling is key! Now, grab from below, and turn the whole mess upside down. Shake vigorously for quick untangling. You may need to step in with placements as it untangles.

It will likely untangle itself as you shake. If this method fails completely after a few patient tries, all hope is not gone. Look at what twists and tangles still remain in the chain. Take it little tangle by little tangle, and return it to a straight line. This method also works well with other types of twisted chains. Be patient. Work slowly. Lube your chain every miles!

Try and try again. If it doesn't work the first time, try again with even more patience. Don't lose your concentration.

Staying calm and focused gets the job done faster! Never try to do things that require vast amounts of patience and concentration if you are tired.

Rest, then try it later. Robin Raven was first published in Raven specializes in travel, health, beauty, culture, vegan nutrition, joyful living, arts and entertainment. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in writing.

By: Robin Raven Updated April 12, Share It. This will work 80 to 90 percent of the time. If it doesn't work at first, do try again. Make sure to test your chain for any wear or tear before putting it to use on a ride! Things You'll Need. Tips This method also works well with other types of twisted chains. Lube your chain every miles. Staying calm and focused gets the job done faster.

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