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Aug 15,  · The story of Nike begins with the story of Blue Ribbon Sports back in Around that time, Phil Knight had just gone through University of Oregon followed by a stint at Stanford for his MBA, Author: Jack Meyer. It was founded in as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman, a track-and-field coach at the University of Oregon, and his former student Phil Knight. They opened their first retail outlet in and launched the Nike brand shoe in The company was renamed Nike, .

Very few people and even fewer brands have managed to become synonymous with pop culture in the 20 th century. But in the last few decades, Nike has become a Titan of the sporting world, as well as part of the daily lives of millions of people everywhere.

American businessman Phil Knight was convinced that the way to compete with the Germans was to introduce cheap but high-quality running shoes from Japan. As a former middle-distance runner in college, he was dreaming of a way to combine sports and business, and make a living at it. During a world tour inKnight landed in Japan where he managed to make an appointment with Onitsuka, the parent company of Tiger running shoes.

Tiger Shoes was interested in selling sneakers to American runners, and gave Knight samples, which he sent to the man he trusted most- his former coach at the University of Oregon, Bill Bowerman. Bowerman was known for his experimentation in matters concerning track racing.

Bowerman was impressed by the Tiger shoes Knight sent him and proposed that they work together to market them in the U. The giant that we know today as Nike started as a dwarf. Bythe working relationship between Blue Ribbon Sports and Onitsuka was collapsing.

Knight thought that the financial arrangement with the Japanese firm was strangling his chances for financial expansion, so the association what ocean is the international date line in dissolved.

InBlue Ribbon Sports launched its own line of footwear. As for their now iconic logo, they used a design created by Carolyn Davidson, a graphics design student at Portland State University who was inspired by the wings of the Goddess of Victory and influenced by the fact that Knight loved the Adidas logo and wanted something like it.

The new Nike line of footwear, which would go on to dominate the world of sports footwear for the next four decades, made its debut in at the U. Today Nike, Inc. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Inlegendary American runner Steve Prefontaine became the first track athlete to wear Nikes. The bad boy of tennis John McEnroe became one of the very first global superstars to sign on with Nike back in Enjoy this article?

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Nike may be one of the youngest of the major brands, but it is the dominant brand around the when University of Portland track coach, Bill Bowerman, and Phil Knight, a mid. Aug 10,  · Blue Ribbon Sports officially changed its name its name to Nike Inc. in and launched its first clothing line in But perhaps the company's biggest boom came in . Nike's precursor originated in , a product of the imagination of Philip H. Knight, a Stanford University business graduate who had been a member of the track team as an .

Basketball legend Michael Jordan was the face of Nike in the s, and his Air Jordan shoe line helped grow the company into a global giant. Andrew D. Nike started as Blue Ribbon Sports in the s. The retail store distributed Onitsuka Tiger shoes, which are now known as Asics.

Nike, Inc. Here, Bowerman watches some of his athletes train. Knight is fourth from the right. University of Oregon. Prefontaine would later become the first track athlete to endorse Nike products. This waffle iron was found in a trash heap nearly 40 years after it inspired Bowerman to create a new kind of sole for running shoes -- one that didn't have spikes but could still have grip. Blue Ribbon Sports began making its own shoes, and it launched the Nike brand in the early s.

These are the first designs of Nike's trademark stripe, which is now known as the "swoosh. Years later she was also given stock in the company. Olympic Track and Field Trials in It was nicknamed the "Moon Shoe" because it left craters in the dirt. In , Romanian tennis star Ilie Nastase was the first major athlete to sign an endorsement deal for Nike shoes.

The name "Nike" comes from the Greek goddess of victory. Blue Ribbon Sports officially changed its name its name to Nike Inc. But perhaps the company's biggest boom came in the s when it signed basketball star Michael Jordan to an endorsement deal. Nike debuted its signature "Just Do It" slogan in Knight poses for a photo in March He was Nike's chairman and CEO.

Johnson was one of the major stars of the Olympics, winning the meters and the meters in record time. In response to allegations of child labor in its overseas factories, Nike promised to improve working conditions and raise minimum ages. Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, gestures during a June news conference with samples of Nike shoes in the foreground.

Hooper's group said the "Air" symbol resembled "Allah" in Arabic, and the shoes were recalled. Nike apologized to Muslims for any unintentional offense.

Dennis CookAP. In addition to individual athletes, Nike has signed apparel deals with major sports teams across the world, including London soccer club Arsenal. Nike also outfits many college athletic programs, and its work with Oregon's football team helped make the program a recruiting powerhouse. Nike was introducing its FuelBand activity tracker, continuing to expand its business past more than shoes. The company also makes equipment for just about every sport. NikeTown in London is the company's largest store.

It reopened in with four floors of merchandise. Nike's come a long way since its first track shoes. Here is one of its new soccer cleats launched in New York for the World Cup.

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