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How Many Calories in a Day Does it Take to Gain Weight?

How Many Calories in a Day Does it Take to Gain Weight? The Calories You Burn Daily. The exact number of calories required to gain weight in a day depends on your individual Figure in Your Activity Level. Take the number you determine as your BMR and multiply it by a factor that represents. The general rule of weight gain is you have to eat more calories than you consume. People who are looking to gain weight slowly should typically consume an additional to calories per day, while people looking to gain weight fast should consume an additional to 1, calories daily.

Gaining weight is kind of a hard thing to do hrying you are not aware of calories you should be consuming each and every day, yes. For that very reason, we've created this little tool of ours called Calorie Calculator for Weight Gain that tells tryin how many calories you should be consuming every day in order to gain weight, based on your activity level and characteristics. If you want to neither lose nor gain any weight, you should be eating calories per day.

If you want to gain weight by twenty percent, you should be eating calories per day. If you want to gain weight by forty percent, you should be eating calories per day.

If you want weigh gain weight by sixty percent, you should be eating calories per day. Less Activity Ч if you exercise sometimes once or twice a weekcheck this radio button. Moderate Activity Ч if you exercise often how to reduce oversized breast are active, check this radio button.

Activity levels in our calorie calculator for weight gain are important because they what are the weights in boxing the required calories differ from tryinb to person. For instance, if you are active and you are eating more calories, you may still not be able to gain weight that easily. Another thing to keep in mind is that calories generated based on data for you are just a baseline.

It means that generated calories will assist you in starting out with your diet plan and as you progress, you may change those calories accordingly, based on how you hpw and experience, for better results. Male Female.

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Now researchers believe weight loss is a slower process and that a decrease of 10 calories a day leads to a loss of about one pound in a year. The key is to be patient and work with a dietitian to. Apr 15, †Ј If you want to gain weight, you absolutely have to consume more calories than you burn. Remember, you need to eat big to get big. One pound of body weight is equal to 3, calories, so eating an extra calories per day will cause you to gain one pound per week. Mar 14, †Ј Sarah, Go ahead and put in your specific information and then go down to the Gain Weight table to see how many calories you need to add to gain weight. I did it for me and I need to eat more calories per day in order to gain one pound each week.

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We wish you great success in reaching your health and fitness goals! This site made it extremely easy to understand and there was no headaches like most sites. I have always had tremendous trouble gaining weight so I will be putting these results to the test.

Thanks for your help! I thought it would be more to gain a pound for me. Hi Jabbar Ч Yes, one of the best high calorie foods that you can take with you anywhere are nuts! You can easily pack them in a small bag and they contain lots of healthy fats and a bunch of calories. By snacking on walnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts in between your regular meals, you will be able to easily add to 1, calories to your daily intake. Hi Ankit Ч You can use the calculator on this page to find out the specific details.

If you consume an excess of calories per day then this will equal 1 pound per week 4 pounds per month. I want to gain weight. I am 19 years old and my height is 5 foot 11 inches and my weight is 50kg. How many calories should I eat daily?

What type of foods are full of calories and easy to eat? I know gaining weight is a slow and long process. Can you help me? Hi Paras Ч Our weight gain calculator says you need 2, calories per day based on your stats. Focus on eating healthy fats like nuts which are very easy to carry with you during the day to snack on.

A few handfuls of nuts in between your regular meals can add up to a lot of extra calories each day. Along with healthy fats, make sure your protein intake is high.

You can get a huge protein boost by drinking of these shakes during the day. You can make a quick and delicious smoothie with lots of clean calories and muscle building protein. Does this calculate my total daily intake or do I need to add the calories you mentioned on top of the total? I am diabetic and keep losing weight and I want to gain 20 pounds to be at my pre-diabetes weight of pounds. The calculator states: Daily Calorie Intake 3, , Carbs grams per day , Protein grams per day , Fats grams per day.

Hi David Ч The calorie booster simply adds about calories to your total and adjusts your macronutrients to the new number.

Why is that? Hi Lucy Ч This could be due to a number of reasons like your metabolism and overall genetics. If you have a naturally lean physique ectomorph body type then you might need to consume even more calories to gain weight. It could also be your current fitness routine and overall exercise output.

If you perform a lot of cardio, you might try cutting back for a few months to see if you start gaining. I need help gaining weight. What is the best type of protein to use? They are both packed with quality muscle building protein and taste delicious.

Have any tips? Be patient and keep eating a lot and lifting hard. Gaining 8 pounds per month equals 96 pounds per year which is a lot of weight! Great info here! Your calculator says I need 3, which seems like a lot. Should I just try to add more calories to my shake with nuts, etc? If the calculator says you need 3, calories a day then try to shoot for that number. A great tip is to bring a big bag of nuts walnuts, almonds with you during the day and snack on them in between meals.

You can easily add calories per snack this way. Before bed, drink another high protein shake with scoops of peanut butter and whole milk. That shake alone should contain about 1, calories. Along with your high calorie diet, make sure to include the right exercises in your workouts. Read our Best Mass Building Exercises article to learn more. I want to gain 15 pounds in 2 months. How many calories do I need to consume per day? Hi Sara Ч You can use our weight gain calculator on this page to find out how many calories you need to eat per day.

I want to gain 5kg in a month. I have a problem trying to eat more. Can I reach my goal by drinking one shake a day which totals calories I drink it with my breakfast? Or should I have 2 shakes a day one in the morning and one at night which would be 1, extra calories a day? I also lift 5 times a week. Hi Ayesha Ч You can drink shakes but eating nutrient dense whole foods will always be your best choice when it comes to gaining weight. Start with 1 shake a day and see how your weight goes over the course of weeks.

What would be the best thing for me to do so I can weigh at least pounds? Choose a quality whey protein powder and add high fat items like peanut butter to your shakes to increase the calories. I want nice abs and a nice butt. I used the calculator and I got 2, calories per day. Should I eat more calories and how many pounds should I be gaining each week? Focus on a pound weight gain per week and remember that along with eating more calories, you need to include weight training exercises with heavy weight and lower reps reps per set to build muscle mass.

The doctors are concerned with my weight and want me to put on pounds. I am finding that very difficult since I have only varied between to pounds. Recently, I have discovered olive oil which contains calories per tablespoon. I am drinking 10 Tbs 3 times a day 3, calories. Any suggestions or comments?

Hi Don Ч In regards to different foods to get your body weight up, you might try drinking protein shakes. Syntha-6 by BSN is a delicious protein powder that contains around calories per scoop. Add some coconut oil, almond butter and fruit to it for a calorie boost calories per shake. You might also want to ask your doctors what they think about TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy for gaining weight and adding lean muscle to your physique along with how this type of therapy will react with your ALS.

I hope your week is going well so far! Glad to find this one that is easier to use. I have a question for you, hopefully you can help. I workout times a week with strength training using heavy weights. I work at a desk job. I am currently bulking to gain more muscle before I start cutting for summer. The calculator states to eat 2, calories. Should I click calorie booster to bulk or just simply add calories to the 2, that was given to me from the calculator? Just want to clarify before going off the numbers.

Anyway, thank you SO much for taking the time to read and respond. I really appreciate your help! So this weight gain calculator automatically adds the additional calories which correlates with the 2, calorie total you received. Thank you SO much for the quick reply and thorough info! Hi Mia Ч It really depends on whether you are gaining enough weight. I have a slim body and hardly ever put on weight. I never eat breakfast. I love having 2 poached eggs on 2 pieces of toast for lunch with a bit of melted cheese almost every day.

Is that good? Hi Liam Ч Yes, your lunch looks healthy but you really need to start eating a solid breakfast if you want to pack on weight and build muscle. I want to gain kg in 2 months. How many calories do I need every day? Are there any cheap ways to buy lots of healthy foods?

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