what did prophet muhammad do when he was insulted

Why are images of Prophet Muhammad offensive to Muslims? Protest at Batley school explained

Apr 10,  · He skillfully worked his own family into the line of succession and his son, Muawiya, became the heir to Muhammad's empire at the expense of the "prophet's" own family. In fact, Abu Sufyan almost lived to witness his son and grandson kill off Muhammad's own grandchildren and assume control of the Islamic empire. 2 days ago · And he bought him for two black slaves, and he did not afterwards take allegiance from anyone until he had asked him whether he was a slave (or a free man)[/i] Al-Tabari, Vol. 2, p. 11, p. 11 = Shem, the son of Noah was the father of the Arabs, the Persians, and the Greeks; Ham was the father of the Black Africans; and Japheth was the father of.

A eh in West Yorkshire has been the site of angry protests after a teacher showed pupils an apparent depiction of Muhammad. It follows claims a member of staff had shown students a cartoon, widely reported as taken from the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, deemed offensive to the Islamic faith during a religious studies lesson this week. The portrayal of God as a human is also forbidden. In recent years, offensive depictions of Muhammad, such as the Charlie Hebdo portrayal of the prophet have been viewed as a direct attack on Islam and a form of blasphemy.

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When its commander, Zaid, was slain, the command was taken over by Ja'far ibn Abi Talib, a cousin of the Holy Prophet. He, too, was killed and 'Abdullah ibn Rawahah, took the command. When, as prophesied by the Holy Prophet, he, too, was martyred, the command went to Khalid ibn al-Walid who was able to bring about a successful retreat. The Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy (or Muhammad cartoons crisis) (Danish: Muhammedkrisen) began after the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 editorial cartoons on 30 September , most of which depicted Muhammad, a principal figure of the religion of mybajaguide.com newspaper announced that this was an attempt to contribute to the debate about criticism of Islam . Mar 26,  · Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad 'had been on school's curriculum for TWO YEARS': Parents claim their children were shown SAME images that sparked furious backlash at RE teacher He has insulted.

Nicknamed The Greatest , he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sporting figures of the 20th century, frequently ranked as the best heavyweight boxer and greatest athlete of the century. Ali was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He began training as an amateur boxer at age At 18, he won a gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the Summer Olympics and turned professional later that year.

He became a Muslim after He won the world heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston in a major upset on February 25, , at age In , Ali refused to be drafted into the military, citing his religious beliefs and ethical opposition to the Vietnam War. He stayed out of prison as he appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, which overturned his conviction in , but he had not fought for nearly four years and lost a period of peak performance as an athlete.

He was involved in several historic boxing matches and feuds, most notably his fights with Joe Frazier , such as the Fight of the Century , which has been called "the biggest boxing event, if not the biggest sporting event, of all time" [10] and the Thrilla in Manila , and also his fight with George Foreman , known as The Rumble in the Jungle , [11] [12] which was watched by a record estimated television audience of 1 billion viewers worldwide, [13] [14] becoming the world's most-watched live television broadcast at the time.

Ali thrived in the spotlight at a time when many fighters let their managers do the talking, and he was often provocative and outlandish. He has been ranked the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, [21] and as the greatest athlete of the 20th century by Sports Illustrated , the Sports Personality of the Century by the BBC, and the third greatest athlete of the 20th century by ESPN SportsCentury.

Outside the ring, Ali attained success as a spoken word artist, where he received two Grammy nominations. Ali retired from boxing in and focused on religion, philanthropinism and activism.

In , he made public his diagnosis of Parkinson's syndrome , which some reports attribute to boxing-related injuries, [24] though he and his specialist physicians disputed this. Ali died on June 3, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. He was named after his father, Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr. Clare , Ireland. His father was a sign and billboard painter, [26] and his mother, Odessa O'Grady Clay — , was a domestic helper. Although Cassius Sr. He was dyslexic , which led to difficulties in reading and writing, at school and for much of his life.

His mother recalled one occasion when he was denied a drink of water at a store—"They wouldn't give him one because of his color. That really affected him. His daughter Hana later wrote that Ali once told her, "Nothing would ever shake me up more than the story of Emmett Till. Ali was first directed toward boxing by Louisville police officer and boxing coach Joe E. Martin , [42] who encountered the year-old fuming over a thief's having taken his bicycle.

He told the officer he was going to "whup" the thief. The officer told Clay he had better learn how to box first. Clay made his amateur boxing debut in against local amateur boxer Ronnie O'Keefe. He won by split decision. Ali said in his autobiography that shortly after his return from the Rome Olympics, he threw his gold medal into the Ohio River after he and a friend were refused service at a "whites-only" restaurant and fought with a white gang.

The story was later disputed, and several of Ali's friends, including Bundini Brown and photographer Howard Bingham , denied it. Clay made his professional debut on October 29, , winning a six-round decision over Tunney Hunsaker. From then until the end of , Clay amassed a record of 19—0 with 15 wins by knockout. Clay also beat his former trainer and veteran boxer Archie Moore in a match.

These early fights were not without trials. Clay was knocked down by both Sonny Banks and Cooper. In the Cooper fight, Clay was floored by a left hook at the end of round four and was saved by the bell, going on to win in the predicted 5th round due to Cooper's severely cut eye.

The fight with Doug Jones on March 13, was Clay's toughest fight during this stretch. Jones staggered Clay in the first round, and the unanimous decision for Clay was greeted by boos and a rain of debris thrown into the ring. Watching on closed-circuit TV, heavyweight champ Sonny Liston quipped that if he fought Clay he might get locked up for murder.

The fight was later named "Fight of the Year" by The Ring magazine. In each of these fights, Clay vocally belittled his opponents and vaunted his abilities. He called Jones "an ugly little man" and Cooper a "bum". He said he was embarrassed to get in the ring with Alex Miteff and claimed that Madison Square Garden was "too small for me. In , Clay left Moore's camp, partially due to Clay's refusal to do chores such as washing dishes and sweeping.

To replace Moore, Clay hired Angelo Dundee to be his trainer. Clay had met Dundee in February during Clay's amateur career. By late , Clay had become the top contender for Sonny Liston's title. The fight was set for February 25, , in Miami Beach. Liston was an intimidating personality, a dominating fighter with a criminal past and ties to the mob. Based on Clay's uninspired performance against Jones and Cooper in his previous two fights, and Liston's destruction of former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson in two first-round knockouts, Clay was a 7—1 underdog.

Despite this, Clay taunted Liston during the pre-fight buildup, dubbing him "the big ugly bear", stating "Liston even smells like a bear" and claiming "After I beat him I'm going to donate him to the zoo. The outcome of the fight was a major upset. At the opening bell, Liston rushed at Clay, seemingly angry and looking for a quick knockout. However, Clay's superior speed and mobility enabled him to elude Liston, making the champion miss and look awkward.

At the end of the first round, Clay opened up his attack and hit Liston repeatedly with jabs. Liston fought better in round two, but at the beginning of the third round Clay hit Liston with a combination that buckled his knees and opened a cut under his left eye. This was the first time Liston had ever been cut. At the end of round four, Clay was returning to his corner when he began experiencing blinding pain in his eyes and asked his trainer, Angelo Dundee , to cut off his gloves.

Dundee refused. It has been speculated that the problem was due to ointment used to seal Liston's cuts, perhaps deliberately applied by his corner to his gloves.

Despite Liston's attempts to knock out a blinded Clay, Clay was able to survive the fifth round until sweat and tears rinsed the irritation from his eyes.

In the sixth, Clay dominated, hitting Liston repeatedly. Liston did not answer the bell for the seventh round, and Clay was declared the winner by TKO. Liston stated that the reason he quit was an injured shoulder. Following the win, a triumphant Clay rushed to the edge of the ring and, pointing to the ringside press, shouted: "Eat your words! I shook up the world. I'm the prettiest thing that ever lived.

At ringside post fight, Clay appeared unconvinced that the fight was stopped due to a Liston shoulder injury, saying that the only injury Liston had was "an open eye, a big cut eye! In winning this fight at the age of 22, Clay became the youngest boxer to take the title from a reigning heavyweight champion.

However, Floyd Patterson remained the youngest to win the heavyweight championship, doing so at the age 21 during an elimination bout following Rocky Marciano 's retirement. Mike Tyson broke both records in when he defeated Trevor Berbick to win the heavyweight title at age Ali then faced a rematch with Liston scheduled for May in Lewiston, Maine.

It had been scheduled for Boston the previous November, but was postponed for six months due to Ali's emergency surgery for a hernia three days before. Midway through the first round, Liston was knocked down by a difficult-to-see blow the press dubbed a "phantom punch".

Referee Jersey Joe Walcott did not begin the count immediately after the knockdown, as Ali refused to retreat to a neutral corner. Liston rose after he had been down for about 20 seconds, and the fight momentarily continued. However a few seconds later Walcott, having been informed by the timekeepers that Liston had been down for a count of 10, stopped the match and declared Ali the winner by knockout. It has since been speculated that Liston purposely dropped to the ground. Proposed motivations include threats on his life from the Nation of Islam, that he had bet against himself and that he "took a dive" to pay off debts.

Slow-motion replays show that Liston was jarred by a chopping right from Ali, although it is unclear whether the blow was a genuine knockout punch. Ali defended his title against former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson on November 22, Before the match, Ali mocked Patterson, who was widely known to call him by his former name Cassius Clay, as an " Uncle Tom ", calling him "The Rabbit".

Although Ali clearly had the better of Patterson, who appeared injured during the fight, the match lasted 12 rounds before being called on a technical knockout. Patterson later said he had strained his sacroiliac. Ali was criticized in the sports media for appearing to have toyed with Patterson during the fight.

Stratton claims that the conflict between Ali and Patterson was not genuine but was staged to increase ticket sales and the closed-circuit viewing audience, with both men complicit in the theatrics.

Stratton also cites an interview by Howard Cosell in which Ali explained that rather than toying with Patterson, he refrained from knocking him out after it became apparent Patterson was injured. Patterson later said that he had never been hit by punches as soft as Ali's. Stratton states that Ali arranged the second fight, in , with the financially struggling Patterson to help the former champion earn enough money to pay a debt to the IRS.

After the Patterson fight, Ali founded his own promotion company, Main Bout. The company mainly handled Ali's boxing promotions and pay-per-view closed-circuit television broadcasts. The company's stockholders were mainly fellow Nation of Islam members, along with several others, including Bob Arum.

But in February Ali was reclassified by the Louisville draft board as 1-A from 1-Y, and he indicated that he would refuse to serve, commenting to the press, "I ain't got nothing against no Viet Cong ; no Viet Cong never called me nigger.

The bout drew a record-breaking indoor crowd of 35, people. Williams had once been considered among the hardest punchers in the heavyweight division, but in he had been shot at point-blank range by a Texas policeman, resulting in the loss of one kidney and 3.

Ali dominated Williams, winning a third-round technical knockout in what some consider the finest performance of his career. Ali fought Terrell in Houston on February 6,

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