what does diff mean in baseball standings

Does run differential tell the whole story?

Aug 26,  · what does "diff" in baseball standings mean? There's a column marked "diff" in the baseball standings. Each team has a number associated with it in green or red. Run Differential Definition. A team's run differential is determined by subtracting the total number of runs (both earned and unearned) it has allowed from the number of runs it has scored. Example. The Chicago Cubs scored runs during the regular season and allowed runs, giving them a run differential of +

Run differential, as we all know, is a terrific analytical tool. Except when it isn't. OK, inrun differential would have correctly predicted five out of six division champions. And it would have given us the best team in baseball, the Cubs, who had baseball's best run differential, a magnificent plus Here was the club with the American League's best record And yet, the Rangers ranked merely 14th in the Majors in run differential with a measly, barely-break-even of plus The Rangers defied the run differential rules by doing very well in one-run games.

But those count, too, even though in the Kingdom of Run Differential those outcomes are looked upon largely as matters of mere chance. At the bottom of the heap, run differential didn't tell you exactly which team was worst, either. Run differential's worst team, by a landslide, was the Phillies at minus But there were seven clubs that had worse records than the Phillies' The club with the worst record the Twins at -- had the second-worst run differential, minus There has also been an argument that run differential is a better predictor of postseason success than a team's actual record.

This year? A tie, a draw, a season. The Cubs, kings of run differential, were supposed to win the World Series, and they did. But the Red Sox, the team with the second-best differential, and the best in the American League at plus, were supposed to win the AL pennant.

So run differential as a predictor of success continued on a path of being disk cleanup vista what to delete useful much of the time, but how to take off starter earrings, badly, missing the mark.

For a statistic, run differential thus sometimes seems very human. Here are the division standings, compared and contrasted with the run-differential standings, with the run differential data per Baseball-Reference. Does run differential tell the whole story? Share share-square

Aguilar snaps tie with HR in 9th, Marlins beat Giants 5-2

Apr 16,  · Run differential is a number to watch, even before Flag Day, the official Mike Claiborne-approved day to look at the standings. Amanda St. Amand • @mandystlpd on Twitter. re: What does the DIFF column represent Posted by Prominentwon on 6/20/08 at am to kmwlsu it also means that Astros blow major cock and will soon pass the Mariners for laughing stock of the league, if they haven't already. Visit ESPN to view the MLB Standings. From competing with older kids growing up to making big league history as an unheralded rookie, Detroit's Rule 5 draft pick is used to playing up a level.

Just last season, the Montreal Canadiens finished with 96 points in the standings, good for 14 th overall. As a note, those teams are in the Western Conference, while the Canadiens are in the East. You can then tell the newbie that 16 teams make the playoffs - 8 from each conference. It is the difference between the number of goals scored by a team and the goals scored against them.

If the value is positive, the team scored more goals on the opposition than they allowed against, throughout the season. If the value is negative, then the opposite holds true. The DIFF stat has been monitored since league inception, back in As highlighted above, the DIFF stat plays a role in determining standings when 2 or more teams are even in points. The DIFF stat applies in rule 6, which means it is less important than other elements. The league places greater priority on wins, and also how those wins were achieved.

I've written about how the tie-breaker procedure applies to wins , where I compare regulation vs overtime vs shootout victories. Boston Bruins. Montreal Canadiens. Florida Panthers. For this example, we are assuming that the Montreal Canadiens and Florida Panthers split their season series equally.

That is, they've played head-to-head 4 times during the season and each team won 2 games in regulation. In this example, both teams have equal goal differentials DIFF , however the Montreal Canadiens scored 25 more goals than the Florida Panthers throughout the season. As a result, Canadiens would ranked above. So, although the DIFF stat does play a role in overall standings, it also paints a story about the performance of each team heading or missing out on the playoffs.

At this point, you might be asking yourself what are records for best and worst goal differentials set in the history of the NHL. Luckily, you won't need to ponder anymore, as I've provided these stats below:. Washington Capitals. Needless to say the Canadiens were playoff contenders in In fact, they won the Stanley Cup that year - the first of 4 consecutive championships back then.

As for the Capitals, they were no where close to being a contender their season. It's quite obvious that teams can benefit from scoring many goals, while limiting goals against during the season. For one, outscoring your opponents will result in more team victories.

And as a result, teams will rank higher in the standings, leading them to a Stanley Playoff berth. Sometimes, the advantage of outscoring your opponents can be subtle. Simply put, the DIFF stat can prove valuable to teams vying for the playoffs.

Do you ever feel that your favourite team fails to take advantage of the DIFF stat? Leave a comment below. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Ice Hockey 0 Comments. Share 0. Tweet 0. DIFF Stat. One of those columns is the DIFF stats. Divisional Standings. What if teams are tied in Goal Differential? DIFF in Analytics. Greatest Goal Differential. Worst Goal Differential. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again.

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