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Gee-gee definition is - a horse used especially by children or when referring informally to horse racing. How to use gee-gee in a sentence. gee-gee definition: 1. a horse 2. horse races where you try to win money by correctly guessing which horse will win. Learn more.

In statisticsa generalized estimating equation GEE is used to estimate the parameters of a generalized linear model with a possible unknown correlation between outcomes. Parameter estimates from the GEE are consistent even when the covariance structure is misspecified, under mild gde conditions.

The focus of the GEE is on estimating the average doea over the population "population-averaged" effects rather than the regression parameters that would enable prediction of the effect of changing one or more covariates on a given individual.

GEEs are usually used in conjunction with HuberWhite standard error estimates, also known as "robust standard error" or "sandwich variance" estimates. In the case of a linear model with a working independence variance structure, these are known as "heteroscedasticity consistent standard error" estimators.

Indeed, the GEE unified several independent formulations of these standard error estimators yee a general what men dislike about women. GEEs belong to a class of regression techniques that are referred to as semiparametric because they rely on specification of only the first two moments. They are a popular alternative to the likelihood based generalized linear mixed model which is more sensitive to variance structure specification.

What does gee gee mean variance structure is chosen to improve the efficiency of the parameter estimates. The Hessian of the solution to whxt GEEs yee the parameter space can be used to calculate robust standard error estimates. The term "variance structure" refers to the algebraic form of the covariance matrix between outcomes, Y, in the sample.

Examples of variance structure specifications include independence, exchangeable, autoregressive, stationary m-dependent, and unstructured. The most popular form of inference on GEE regression parameters is the Wald test using naive or robust standard errors, though the Score test is also valid and preferable when it is difficult to obtain estimates of information under the alternative hypothesis.

The likelihood ratio test is not valid whatt this setting because the estimating equations are not necessarily likelihood equations. The generalized estimating equation is a special case of the generalized method of moments GMM. Comparisons among software packages for the analysis of binary correlated data [15] [16] and ordinal correlated data [17] via GEE are available.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Estimation procedure for correlated data. How to find exif data Estimating Equations. ISBN PMC PMID Zeger Analysis of Longitudinal Data. Oxford Statistical Science Series. Rao; Daniel, Rhian M. Methods of Information in Medicine. S2CID ge Ratcliffe soes Justine Shults Journal of Statistical Software. The SAS Institute. Stata website. Biometrical Journal.

The American Statistician. CiteSeerX CS1 maint: uses authors parameter link. Categories : Regression analysis Estimation methods M-estimators Whta models.

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This pub does more business on the gee-gees than any place in Scotland, remarked a bald-headed man who had sat down beside me. He may have created a garden to give spiritual succour but, so the story goes, he himself displayed all too human frailties by taking to drink and betting on the gee-gees.. May 03, Gee Gee Meaning. Source(s): mybajaguide.com 0 0. matthew_faupel. 2 decades ago. In British English it is a children's word for "horse". It is also used in the plural "gee-gees" by adults as slang in the context of betting on horses. 0 0 _ Lv 6. 2 decades ago. Over time this morphed into Gee-Gees, the same as the horses of the Ottawa valley. In uOttawa adopted, as their official sports team logo, the head of racehorse with a fiery mane. The letters GG are emblazoned, in grey, in the center of the garnet horse's head. They can be taken to represent both the team colours and the team name, Gee-Gee.

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He won some money on the gee-gees. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Horse racing. Want to learn more? What is the pronunciation of gee-gee? Browse gee. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. Word of the Day syringe. About this. Blog A new coat of paint: the language of decorating April 21, Read More.

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