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The Difference Between Hating Someone And Not Giving A Sh*t Anymore

to hate someone very much. have a down on. phrase. to dislike or not approve of someone or something. have (got) it in for someone. phrasal verb. to want to cause trouble for someone because you dislike them. have issues (with something) phrase. Oct 05, You can not hate someone you first did not love. You hate them because you loved them, and you lost them. The details of what happened between us are complicated, as .

But have you ever wondered why you hate everyone? Just like love, complex emotions like anger, envy and hatred are instinctive emotions that have an evolutionary advantage. It enables us to decide who we fight or flee from to keep ourselves safe. The objects of such hatred can vary extensively. Hatred is often associated with disposition towards hostility against the objects of hatred.

And can drive oneself to extreme behaviors such as violence, murder, and war. A study titled Neural Correlates of Hate scanned the brains of 17 individuals while they looked at someone they hated and someone they had neutral feelings for.

Research shows that our brain has a unique pattern of activity when it comes to hate. In fact, hatred shares some similarities with romantic love. This linkage may account for why love and hate are so closely linked to each other in life. When you start understanding the science and psychology of hate, you begin to realize that there are numerous complex reasons for your hatred towards people.

In an ideal world, we would love and respect everyone we interact with. Everyone will be compassionate, empathic, generous, considerate and kind. But reality is far from ideal. And this is perhaps why we often get upset, angry and annoyed with others. Yet, if you find yourself wondering how you hate people, then you need to take a better look at the psychology of hate and why we hate people. Here are some psychological reasons for why you might hate people based on the psychology of hate:.

People, like me, who hate other people tend to have excessively high expectations from others. And these expectations dictate how we interact with other people around us. Being both realistic and unrealistic, our high expectations from others influences how we see and judge them.

We expect others to understand us our personalities, thoughts, emotions, moods, perceptions and motivations. We expect them to agree with our opinions and do things the way we want. And obviously, people fall short of our high expectations. This is what turns us into people haters. But there are many better things to do than hating humans, life is short and time is precious. But in my bad days, I hate them all lol. I dont hate people, I just could not care about them.

I dont have friends because I never bother and I forget peoples faces as soon as I dont see them regulary I dont remember them. I love being alone, I love freedom to do what I like when I like. People restrain my freedom in every way, I cannot cope with that and I hate being lonely and thats what people around me make me feel like, how to use excel formulas in vba code, tyred and bored. People are a drain on my energy and a negative impact on my overall health.

I detach myself from society in every possible way because society is evil and couses only suffering, people couse suffering and Im not willing to suffer! No, the blessing of solitude and silence, in mind and heart can never leave you run down nor lonely! The noise, suffering and drama coused by people, the draining of the mind and energy that is what leaves you lonely, bitter and increadibly angry.

As soon as there is someone else around your freedom is restricted and your energy drained. People are poisson. When your alone what does it mean to hate someone can never experience lonelyness, lonelness can only be experienced in the presence of people! I relate to this massively. A drain on my energy. Now I am not arrogant in saying this, I have many faults, but I am more perceptive and intelligent than most people. Not an intelligence that is necessarily associated with great intellect, but one that enables me to see what others cannot.

I was never really aware that this was even an attribute I possessed, I just believed all would see things in the same way, without prejudice or judgment, and I am not suggesting that my way is the only on all matters, but more so seeing the morally right thing to do and understanding how my actions can influence others, and being careful in the way I interact with people.

A pertinent example now, I moved to Finland with my girlfriend, and I am hearing my neighbour argue because of a car parking space being taken despite others being available, just not his and back home in the UK, there are people still caged in their homes, suffering, dying. I cannot understand the mentality of someone who would invest so much time and energy into something so trivial what does it mean to hate someone meaningless, and doing nothing to contribute positively in this world.

These same people claim they have no time for others, yet they can find time for menial and quite pathetic pursuits of redundancy. I do believe we have grown beyond our means and mentally we are devolving, for the pursuit of money and success seems to take precedence over all else, and anyone with half a brain surely recognises that money brings nothing but pain and anxiety, well having too much anyway. But to propagate this ideal, we have created the need for money in so many of us that even those that would shun the whole concept, are trapped by it out of necessity.

We look at Christopher McCandless, the protagonist of Into The Wild as some great hero who was brave enough to live by his own means, something that would be now impossible nearly 30 years later. But what this man learned is actually that we need people, intrinsically we are not solitary creatures, so as mentioned we find ourselves in a catch 22, for we need people, but we do not have the people we need.

I hate humans because they are a disease. Humans do not deserve life and i hope we never spread this disease beyond this shitty dying world. You have it wrong. I hate people solely because they how to find volume of a sphere with diameter on my freedom, restrict what I want to do and try to control me. It is normal to hate prison guards and bosses who micromanage or just insist that you do stupid, worthless things.

Nothing to do with jealousy or envy. I love love love being alone where no-one can tell me what to do. I started unfortunately hating people recently. People became very selfish, self serving, egocentric, have no empathy, are mostly superficial, care just about having a comfortable and easy life I find it terrible.

I am now retired and am happily married to my one and only husband for the past 35 years. I found purpose in my work and I loved my career not easy, but great rewards in loving what I was doing. Sure, I could strive to find a way to make things better in the world, but the way I see it, the younger generation should be doing this, but I can only laugh at what I see.

I think mankind is doomed. Sooooo sad that we have not evolved to a higher level of consciousness than where we are at in Collectively speaking, we are in the dark ages. Getting upset that people are fat while talking about how superficial humanity is ugh how to set up internet home page stop.

Not true in my case. I hate egos, the need for superiority, control, nosiness, expectations of conformity and insistence that everyone mingle with them. Leave me alone and let me do my thing. If I am not affecting you, you have no right to complain. It seems perfectly natural and reasonable to me that people would hate at least some others.

So true, I hate it when I see people causing suffering to others, abusing and killing innocent animals. No animal on this planet is so cruel as a man is.

Generally all a misery. There is not enough land to distance myself from the trash that is humanity in my retirement. Such is social life. God whatever. Thing is it feels so excellent to have no expectation and laugh at their expenses because you live the way you love in every way which apparently royally pisses them off. I only feel miserable when I think of family. Those are faces I dream of breaking physically with my fists. You think about more than Just your own selfish wants.

Not to abuse or rape children or need I add animals. Not how to tell if a man is cheating Use other people. And most of all not to be silent when others Do pull this crap. I mean seriously, those expectations aught to be Everyones Normal Expectations of them selves and others. I Love Good People! There are more of those people than there are good people in the world, and the only end in site is when human beings will completely and forever be destroyed.

Because humans will always be out for themselves. I have found that a lot of people who hate other people as a rule actually are unhappy with themselves. This is nothing new! I see it as a cop out or a lack of ability how to repair outlook pst file cope in a world that is full of injustice.

It is easier for these people to write everyone off and be bitter than to make an effort to better their lives and the lives of others.

I can only imagine that I am and will be hated by many as well as loved by many! I agree with you, but, if I may be so bold as to say that, yes there are people who definetly lack empathy, but there are some who have too much empathy. Every complaint, each sad story they hear, they feel in some way; given what a negative and complaint ridden culture we live in, well, these people are like emotional open wounds, walking around in a world of knives, without even a band-aid for protection.

Understood, as I fall more into that category than any other and can understand how hard it can be. However, seeking out a way to heel and find joy is very important.

Giving up or hating everyone is not going to make it any better. It can turn into a hopeless circle and instead of looking for good in people the decision has been made that they are worthy of hate, devoid of goodness or joy.

Not sure I learned much from this article, but sadly I do kinda hate people.

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Mar 27, When you hate someone, your feelings for him or her are so strong, you feel like your skin is aflame, and you just might explode with all of your hate. While hatred inherently means . May 27, A hate crime is a prejudice-motivated crime which occurs when an aggressor is alleged to have targeted a victim because of the victims membership (or perceived membership) within a certain social group.

Home Understanding emotions What causes hatred in people? Hatred is an emotion we experience when we feel someone or something is a threat to our happiness, success, and well-being. The feelings of hatred are there to motivate us to move away or avoid the people or things we believe have the potential of causing us pain.

Hatred motivates this person to avoid X, a potential source of pain. Maths causes him such psychological discomfort that his mind is forced to launch the emotion of hatred as a pain-avoidance mechanism. This motivates him to stay away from maths. Love is the opposite of hate. This extends to people as well. When you say that you hate someone, it simply means you see that person as a threat. A student who always wants to top in his class may hate his bright classmates and thus feel uncomfortable around them.

On the other hand, he might feel okay when he deals with average students because they pose no threat to his goals.

A hater hates because their psychological stability has been disturbed and, by hating, they manage to restore it. Jealousy and hatred are closely related. This is because watching you succeed makes them feel inferior, insecure and unworthy. They may, therefore, criticize you, gossip about you, ridicule you, laugh at you, or demotivate you- anything to hinder your progress.

The human mind is biased to favour in-groups and hate or harm out-groups. Again, this boils down to threat-perception. This is because human groups, for thousands of years, have competed with other human groups for land and resources.

This the basis of hate-crimes motivated by things such as nationalism , racism, and xenophobia. When you see someone or something as a threat, you become powerless before them, at least in your own mind.

So one important function of hatred is to restore that sense of power in you. By hating someone and making fun of them, you feel powerful and superior. Then they feel powerless over you and try to score a point by hating on you. And the cycle continues. This behaviour is common on social media. On such bad days, you might find yourself rushing to social media and offending the people or group you hate.

Psychological balance restored. Hatred feeds on itself. This way, hatred can create an endless cycle which may not end well.

Hate others at your own risk. Know that when you hate someone, you feed hatred for yourself. You need to deal with your haters strategically.

In self-hatred, the self becomes the object of hate. Self-hatred is like your inner police. Self-hatred motivates you to take responsibility for your happiness and well-being. You have to earn self-love by not being a mess. Of course, there are times when self-hatred is unjustified. Then you have to fix your false beliefs and see reality accurately. Therapies like CBT can be effective in this regard.

Why is that? All their options have been exhausted. Suppose a child wanted a toy, but her parents refused to buy her one. The child will then do her best to persuade the parents. If crying fails too, the child may resort to the last option i. One fact you must know about the subconscious mind is that it believes that similar objects or people are the same. If, in school, you hated a rude teacher who had brown hair and wore glasses, you might hate a similar-looking person with brown hair and glasses without understanding why.

This happens because you subconsciously think the two persons are the same. Therefore, hating one person automatically makes you hate another. What you can do, however, is eliminate or minimize the harm that your hatred may inflict on you and others.

But they deserve a chance. Try looking at things from their perspective. Confront them and tell them what they did bothered you and caused hatred in you.

If not, instead of wasting time hating on them, just remove them from your life. But if your feelings of hatred are driven by jealousy or insecurity, you may not be able to overcome your hatred unless you deal with those issues first.

What does hatred do to a person? Hatred and scoring points When you see someone or something as a threat, you become powerless before them, at least in your own mind. Hatred breeds more hate Hatred feeds on itself. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

I hate you both. How do you get rid of hatred? Hanan Parvez.

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