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Molly Ringwald On Molly Ringwald (nickname: Molly) was born in Roseville, California, United States. She made her 11 million dollar fortune with Jem and the Holograms, Face the Music, Tempest. The actress is married to Panio Gianopoulos, her starsign is Aquarius and she is now 53 years of age. Well all it is discussed below of this passage so keep reading if you want to get real story behind the changed look of Molly Ringwald. Molly Kathleen Ringwald is better known as Molly Ringwald born on 18 th February, at Roseville, California, United States to Adele Edith and Robert Scott УBobФ Ringwald a jazz pianist.

Nowadays, though, you hardly hear from her anymore. How did she go from bonafide movie star to distant memory? Here's what we know. Although she found great success on the big screen for much of the '80s, Ringwald ended the decade with two legitimate bombs: For Keeps and Fresh Horsesboth of which were released in To make matters even worse, Fresh Horses still holds a 0 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoesnearly 30 years after its release.

That's gotta hurt. Ringwald's fading star may have been catalyzed by decisions she made at the end of the '80s. Inshe admitted to the Los Angeles Times that she turned down the lead female roles in Ghost and Pretty Womantwo of the biggest box-office hits of The following year, she sold her Hollywood home and moved to Paris.

Ringwald never really seemed to find her footing in the '90s, at least not compared to the overwhelming success she found ,olly the decade prior. One of her chances at a comeback riingwald via the miniseries The Stand.

Although the miniseries, which was based on the popular Stephen King novel, drew a reported how to recover permanently deleted emails from aol million viewers, it hasn't exactly stood the test of time, according to outlets like The A.

Other projects, including the short-lived ABC series Towniescontinued to underwhelm. Ringwald started to find more work at the turn of the century, albeit through a much more niche form of entertainment: theater. That same year, she joined the revival of Cabaret as the troubled stage singer Sally Bowles. More Broadway lookk continued, including ones in the plays Enchanted April and Modern Orthodoxbefore Ringwald joined the national tour of the musical Sweet Charity.

Sure, a national tour voes quite the Academy Awards, but hey, whatever works. Remember the saying, "don't bite what is the fine for speeding in illinois hand that feeds you? I turned down later films as well. Eventually, though, I felt that I needed to work with other people as well. We were like the Darling children when they made the decision to leave Neverland. And [Hughes] was Peter Pan, warning us that if we left we could never come back.

And, true to his word, not only were we unable to return, but he went one step further. He did away with Neverland ringwale. She added later in the piece that the two made amends after she sent Hughes a letter from Paris.

He responded by sending her "flowers as big as my apartment. Many stars of the '80s mollu '90s are finding success again today thanks to a sudden burst of nostalgia from movie and television audiences.

Look no further than the cast of Full Housewhose careers were plucked back from obscurity thanks to the Netflix reboot, Fuller House. Ringwald admitted during a Reddit AMA that she almost cashed in on the nostalgia craze via a sequel to Sixteen Candles. The project eventually fell through, though, because, according to her, "[Hughes] didn't want to have sequels to any of the movies I was in and I didn't feel comfortable doing it without his involvement.

Although her movie career isn't what it once was, Ringwald hasn't exactly given up. Case in point: she appeared in the much-anticipated movie Jem and the Holograms. Critics weren't exactly kind, either; the film only received an 18 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Granted, she wasn't the star of the movie, but that's still not something any actor would want on their resume.

She's also written a handful of books, including 's When It Happens to Youand released a what is cavilon barrier film record in RingwaldЧwho is now what does molly ringwald look like now with three childrenЧ even had a pretty successful advice column for The Guardian for awhile.

So, in other words: despite a number of career setbacks, we don't think we'll be forgetting about her anytime soon. Universal Pictures. She ended the '80s with a thud Getty Images.

She turned town major motion picture roles Getty Images. Her '90s resurgence never caught on YouTube. She went the theater route YouTube. She feuded with John Hughes for years YouTube. A Sixteen Candles sequel never happened Lie Images.

Jem was an absolute bomb Getty Images. And yet, she's still done a lot of great work Getty Images.

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Jan 11, †Ј WhatТs Molly Ringwald Doing Now in Ц Recent Updates A recent picture of Molly Ringwald in , at the American premiere of the Natalie Portman movie A Tale of Love and mybajaguide.com: Jake Briscoe. Apr 25, †Ј Pretty in Pink is Here's what Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and the other stars look like now "His name is Blane? That's a major appliance, that's not a name" By Josh mybajaguide.com: Josh Burt. Oct 28, †Ј Molly Ringwald was once a staple of American cinema, thanks to classic '80s movies like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. .

Released in early , John Hughes' classic teen movie The Breakfast Club has stood the test of time, inspiring generations and remaining a must-watch in the years since its premiere.

Set during a Saturday detention at a suburban Chicago high school, the film tells the story of five radically different kids Ч "a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal" Ч stuck together for an entire day, forced to settle their differences and find a way to get along despite the fact that they seemingly have nothing in common. As they find common ground and become closer than they ever expected, audiences are along for the ride, identifying with at least one of these kids in their struggles to figure out who they are.

Over the past few decades, The Breakfast Club has remained one of the most famous and influential high school movies of all time, earning a place in the National Film Registry in It's still regarded as one of the best films of all time and made stars out of its leading cast, who many went on to refer to as " the Brat Pack.

As Bender, the film's resident bad boy, Judd Nelson made a convincing and unexpectedly charming "criminal" who, despite initially antagonizing all of the other students, ends up bonding with each of them and even strikes up a romance with Claire, the "princess" played by Molly Ringwald.

Though he might not endear himself to the audience at first as he is openly cruel and combative with everyone else in the detention, Bender has a real human side, and thanks to Judd Nelson's explosive yet touching performance, he becomes wholly relatable and even likable by the film's end. In the years since , Nelson has appeared in other Brat Pack films, including St. Elmo's Fire , as well as voicing characters in animated films like 's Transformers: The Movie and subsequent Transformers cartoons.

He has also had a few turns on television, including a three-year run on the popular sitcom Suddenly Susan and appearances on the smash hit Empire in In , he returned to his Transformers roots, voicing several characters in a new animated series. A staple of coming-of-age films during her teenage years, Molly Ringwald became instantly recognizable to John Hughes fans after starring in three of his movies Ч alongside The Breakfast Club , Ringwald played the lead roles in both Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles , serving as Hughes' muse multiple times.

As Claire, The Breakfast Club 's "princess," Ringwald makes a perfect transition from a snotty, spoiled, popular girl to a relatable, funny kid, letting her reservations fall to the wayside as she remembers how to just relax and have fun. Ringwald had her pick of projects as she matured, reportedly turning down lead roles in Ghost and Pretty Woman in order to spend some time living in Paris and appearing in French films.

She also branched out into stagework, starring as Sally Bowles in Cabaret on Broadway from to , among other high-profile projects, and eventually turned to television, picking up quite a few significant roles. For five years, from to , she starred as Anne Juergens, the beleaguered yet supportive mother of Amy Juergens Shailene Woodley , on The Secret Life of the American Teenager , weathering her daughter's pregnancy. Since , she has appeared on the CW's humongous hit Riverdale , a dark take on the Archie comic series, as Mary Andrews, Archie's mother.

She also has remained in the public eye personally Ч despite being best known for John Hughes' films, she has also acknowledged the issues the films present as they age. Estevez played Andrew, "the athlete," who is apprehensive and standoffish at first about his classmates other than Claire, since they both run in a more popular crowd , eventually opening up about his extraordinarily difficult and strict father, who pushes him to achieve athletic perfection at Andrew's expense.

Estevez worked with John Hughes again in St. His post-Brat Pack break eventually came after he scored a coveted role in 's The Mighty Ducks , which eventually became a hugely successful franchise. Though he publicly appeared in to commemorate John Hughes after the director's death, he admitted that his absence from the public eye was due to his inherently shy nature. That doesn't mean Estevez hasn't kept busy in other ways. Ever since his directorial debut, Wisdom , which made Estevez the youngest person to direct, star in, and write a major motion picture, and he has been directing since.

As Brian, Hall brought an earnestness to the film, playing the role of that kid in school desperately seeking acceptance and a place not just in school, but in the world around him.

Despite initially enduring taunts and mockery from both Bender and Andrew, Brian opens to up a group of people he now considers his friends, admitting that he once almost killed himself over a bad grade. Eventually, Brian writes the famous note that closes out the film, identifying each student and the stereotypes they have defied. After The Breakfast Club , Hall famously joined the cast of Saturday Night Live , becoming the youngest cast member ever, but was let go at the end of his first and only season.

After a string of near-miss castings and failed films, his next commercial success was as the villain in Edward Scissorhands , where he deliberately played against type. He continued to work in television and film in the ensuing years, eventually appearing in blockbuster films like Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. Today, he still appears in commercials and various television series, and runs a literacy program for at-risk youth. As Allison, the film's resident "basket case," Sheedy was moody, strange, and often alarming, rarely speaking and making weird noises or shrieks from time to time.

However, she ends up connecting with the other students over the problems they all have with their parents, getting a makeover from Claire, and even kissing Andrew by the film's conclusion.

Throughout the s and early '90s, Sheedy struggled with eating disorders and spent time in a treatment facility for an addiction to sleeping pills. Sheedy took this experience and used it to inform her award-winning appearance in Lisa Cholodenko's film High Art , for which she received an Independent Spirit Award.

Sheedy has also been a vocal supporter of transgender rights since her own son's transition. In , her name ended up in the news once again as she named several actors including James Franco in a tweet referring to the MeToo movement. By the time Paul Gleason appeared in The Breakfast Club as Richard Vernon, the long-suffering assistant principal, he was already recognizable to audiences far and wide thanks to his roles in several blockbusters.

Robinson, a deputy police official who's a bit of a braggart. As Vernon, Gleason served as the film's antagonist, assigning a thousand-word essay to each student and periodically checking on them in detention, frequently becoming enraged especially when it comes to Bender, whom he clearly cannot stand. As Carl Reed, the school janitor, veteran actor John Kapelos plays a small but pivotal role in The Breakfast Club , often serving as a voice of reason and liaison between Assistant Principal Vernon and the students in detention.

Even as he seems to regard the students with a certain amount of disdain, he also seems to be quite friendly with Brian, and he questions Vernon pulling each student's record even threatening to blackmail the assistant principal as well as the essay about who each student thinks they are.

Kapelos, meanwhile, has enjoyed a long and illustrious career as a character actor, with almost credits to his name. After studying at Second City in Chicago, Kapelos performed with the famous improv school's touring company as well as its prestigious resident company, and still works with some of his fellow alumnae, including The Simpsons ' Dan Castellaneta.

Over the years, he has appeared in numerous television projects, including shows like Seinfeld , ER , Modern Family , and Transparent , among others. When it comes to his film career, Kapelos has racked up quite the resume Ч alongside other John Hughes projects like Weird Science and Sixteen Candles , Kapelos has acted consistently since his collaborations with the director, including a turn in Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water , which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in Despite a brief appearance in the movie, Andrew's father, played by Ron Dean , casts a shadow over the rest of the film.

After a stressful afternoon in detention, Andrew admits that his father, Mr. Clark, wants Andrew to be a "winner" by being a top athlete at school, and that he is constantly pushing him to the breaking point to improve, even though this attitude does nothing but hurt Andrew. Since Mr.

Clark also attended Shermer High School and was a wild prankster in his youth, Andrew tries to be exactly like him, going so far as to torture another student to impress his father Ч and unfortunately, that student happens to be Brian, who ends up in detention alongside Andrew. Dean had gotten his start before The Breakfast Club with a few film appearances, including a brief one in Risky Business. In the years since, he's shown up in short arcs on several television shows as well as fleshed out his film career.

Known for playing law enforcement figures, his most notable role to date was a small one in The Dark Knight , which also reunited Dean with his Breakfast Club co-star, Anthony Michael Hall. Judd Nelson Getty Images.

Molly Ringwald Getty Images. Emilio Estevez Getty Images. Anthony Michael Hall Getty Images. Ally Sheedy Getty Images. Paul Gleason Getty Images. John Kapelos Getty Images.

Ron Dean.

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