what does planking have to do with slavery

'It's an insult to African Americans': Planking accused of being racist

Sep 12, There are sources mentioning that planking was an act that slaves were forced to do as they were forced to fit into the chair. Slaves used to be sent and stowed away to buyers to America in the 16 th century and became one of the most profitable business, but also inhumane. Captains back then had two ways of packing the slaves they got. Jul 08, Planking was a way to transport slaves on ships during the slave trade, its [sic] not funny, Xzibit tweeted.

I think the two should be merged, or perhaps what does planking have to do with slavery title should be changed to "Planking" and the former name "Lying Down Game" be listed under "history.

As referenced by Mr Fantastic a Plankologist. Too stated in a recent entertainment forum know as Facebook and Twitter that it isn't that serious.

Don't get caught up in the slqvery of judging and relating current fads and terms with those of the past. It's not witj serious! The Lying Down Game has been copyrighted sinceand the Planking group has copied the lying down Game and they know witu.

Thats why there hve be no merge or if there is then The Lying down Game p,anking the Official name for this game as its Copyrighted by law. Sneakybeaut talk24 May UTC. The two articles are clearly discussing the same phenomenon and therefore should be merged. Also, Sneakybeaut, it is highly unlikely that any government would pass a law restricting lying flat.

Not to mention the fact that Planking is not a "group" and thus has no organizational structure with no hierarchal system which uproots any notion that the Planking fanatics knowingly "infringed" on the "copyright" of The Lying Down Game "group. There's something I don't like about the way this article is written. It's too tongue in cheek and seems as if it's written by someone who knows nothing about the topic but is how to lace up high tops happy to reference what other people have said about it without really reading and comprehending what they've put or tell stories about it without really explaining it.

I also don't understand how this can be considered a "game". It's more of a fad, hobby or something people do for a laugh so they can post pictures about it on Facebook as opposed to them posting pictures about their trip to the shop to buy a pint of milk. This article is absolutely awfully written. The introduction is far too long.

Trivial examples of this trivial exercise should be deleted, or moved elsewhere. This craze i. Suggestions that it is should be deleted. No consensus to move. Having said that there does appear planikng be a consensus to deal with moving this to Planking fad or Planking game.

Something else that was raised was should the planking stuff be split from this article. This is something the editors here need to slaevry and is not addressed by this close. Vegaswikian talk18 June UTC. A search of the google news archive gives results for "Planking" in I have excluded all other years, as not every source was talking about the fadcompared to only for "Lying down game" in the last year and 70 when searching through the archive.

Of the articles listed on the sith, only one, Shad Planking, actually has planking in the title and it only generates results in the google news archive and, as far as Plajking can tell, it is always referred to as "Shad Planking", never simply "planking". Spavery talk10 June UTC. Everyone who slaveru comments on Wiki is a douche bag It doesn't include me I felt plnking the earlier presentation was too much prose to take and jumbling of information without giving clear emphasis to what is truly important and what is secondary.

See for example a recent status before my edits. This is the new presentation gives a better presentation. Also I think it is high time that the article is developed further with a longer historical presentation and a detailed presentation of teh other versions. As it looks now, as if planking is the major activity, while all predecessors are made as a passing remark making the article imbalanced and tilted towards the last few weeks, a clear example of slzvery.

The game was really invented by Jake Fischer and Sierra Anway Freestyle planking, a twist on traditional planking. Freestyle planking involves the traditional stance but is peformed while being suspend and not actually lying on something solid. A type of freestyle dofs is between 2 chairs where the majority of the persons body is not on anything solid.

Multivits talk3 July UTC. This is a simple topic that already has sufficient photos to illustrate the concept. I'm sure it would be funny to tell your friends, "hey, check out that photo of me planking on Wikipedia! Create a Facebook group or blog if you want an online gallery.

Article will be fully protected if the trend continues. Are these useful? I guess so. I think the example pictures are useful, and all of the material is accurate, I believe. And the sites appear to be of reasonably high quality and so forth.

So I'd say yeah. Other editors might disagree, and there is WP:ELNOwhich is a guideline and a useful guideline but not a proscription against adding useful and accurate material to the Wikipedia when ro for. So I'm in favor of having these two links in the External Links section. Herostratus talk7 July How to play a keyboard song. Well, hrm.

In this discussion, it looks like it's ro me and User:Ohnoitsjamie involved. And the thread I opened over at the External Links noticeboard it's now been archived, an activity they apparently perform there with a rather severe alacrity attracted exactly zero slxvery if you don't include me and User:Ohnoitsjamie. So it's just me and User:Ohnoitsjamie in this dance. I'd be willing to offer to thumb-wrestle User:Ohnoitsjamie slavefy he's willing to come to Boston I can't pay his fare.

Failing that, I'm re-including the links on the theory that, given that there's no resolution, it's better to have information than not have information. Herostratus talk28 July UTC.

InI struck a particular pose for a handful of that summer's family vacation photos. I nicknamed it the "Phoon" pronounced "foon". On July 8th,entertainment blog TMZ. Educate yourselves. Is there any truth to this and can it be added in order that it can be refuted? It seems noteworthy that a celebrity would make such a claim, and if there is any truth I would hope not it should have a fair chance of being known, and in return should it ho a false claim it should certainly plannking a chance for a public forum where it could be refuted to prevent any further propagation of Xzibit's sentiments.

Verbatim from one of your "sources" Even your havf says there how to delete sony entertainment network account no connection. We can leave it up for now, but the sslavery of the wth is there is no source that says there's a connection. Maybe they could add a section called recent controversy? Wouldn't that be okay? I've removed the whole section concerning how to install norton ghost 2003 Durham incident which had citations that did not support the assertion and the comparison between planking and slavery.

If someone wants to make the bold assertion comparing planking to slavery, it damn well needs to have better references than a rapper's statement and a couple of web articles. Eli lilly pllanking16 July UTC. Tom Green invented planking in which is before the currently attributed and self-proclaimed creators of planking This article should give credit to Mr.

Green for doing so. Huqdonphonix talk13 July UTC. Please change: Students at Durham University in Northeast England received criticism for a Savery re-creation of the image of the Brookes abolitionist poster, in a manner reminiscent of the lying down game.

To: In JulyDurham Plankin received criticism after recreating the image of the Brookes abolitionist poster with students from schools in the North East of England, in a manner reminiscent of the lying game.

Also the world 'Northeast' is incorrect and should be replaced with 'North East England' xo the more flowing text of 'North East of England'. Slaves used the planks as beds. The article presented no sources to support this claim.

The correct slqvery historically referenced for this procedure is 'packing' or 'tight packing'. I've removed the entire Durham section. The two articles cited do what does planking have to do with slavery support or even mention the Durham re-creation.

The link mentioned above does discuss the Durham recreation as part of an outreach program. There is no citation indicating that there was any sort foes controversy and no citation comparing the incident to planking. I was not able to find any reference to support the claim. Since the claim is inflammatory and unsupported, I have removed it. Robotam, the article doesn't mention planking or the lying down game at all. It doesn't belong here. No, it doesn't directly mention planking.

It mentions and pictures students in North East England lying down to commemorate the "Brookes" abolitionist poster and receiving criticism for doing so in such a manner duringduring d same time period that the alleged North East England whqt became popular beyond that area.

The other articles mention planking and the perceived and in my opinion, incorrect nexus between planking and the Brookes poster. I don't mean to be a killjoy, and I freely admit How to be a good platoon leader know nothing about "planking" beyond what this article tells me.

But given the article's text, it's my current understanding that about the only rule of soavery "lying down game" is that both hands must be by one's sides.

And one of two photos in the "gallery" and the how long to recover from brain surgery decent one -- sorry, but the Taj Mahal photo's underwhelming, given how small the people are is of a man "planking" a streetlight, and his right hand is clearly gripping the lamppost -- you can see it.

I grant that this is a necessity for him to remain in that position, but I'd submit that either we need to change the article text clarifying that it can be planking if one hand's doing something else but you look badass while doing itor else find some more illustrative pictures.

Just a suggestion.

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Jul 06, Planking is related to slavery where they had to lie down on a flat surface. hands buy there sides they were chained up and left there for weeks and mostly on stacked on top of each other. Jul 06, According to mybajaguide.com planks were used as beds for slaves. Placed two-by-two, men and women were forced beneath the ship deck of slave ships. The more slaves a . Jun 29, Many on twitter have said that the term Planking or Plankin derives from slavery, where slaves were transported on wooden planks while lying face down in chains. Its really not too much of a stretch.

The Internet craze "planking" made headlines around the world last month when a young man fell to his death from a hotel balcony in Brisbane, Queensland. According to London tabloid the Daily Mail , the man tried to "plank" himself by laying across the balcony railing.

Planking involves participants lying down in unusual places and then uploading pictures of themselves to social networking websites. Ever since planking claimed it's first victim, there have been other deaths and serious injuries connected to the fad. What once was strictly isolated to groups of idle middle class teens on Facebook has now reached black Twitter.

Yesterday, "planking" trended on Twitter. Socially conscious Twitter users raised the theory that planking is a racist term derived from the African slave trade when shippers stacked slaves on planks in slave ships. But there is no evidence to support their theory that the term originated from the slave trade.

For so many, many reasons. Folks on twitter had pics of babies n animals plankin. I did a few yesterday. And why does it have to be a black issue? It's a competition that started in Australia right? So clearly black people aren't only ones doing it. Umm in the second pic a man planking and eating someone out. How is what the black girl doing planking? It just looks to me like she's passed out on the floor from drinking too much!

I'm so sick of the whole lumping all black folks together. WTF is this? I swear some folks just I don't get it. For future references "rompers" are not to be worn by everybody. This shit aint got nothing to do with black people.

Samyell's plankin pic Awesome I saw that pic yeterday. His hey my bookey. I'm tryna show my brother a lil love lol. I'm going to get my hair cut like yours this weekend I told you I'm not playing bout that bang boo. His I ask myself that same question every time you change your pic! GA otay gawn and give lil bro some attention lol aww we finna be sisters in bangs eh?

Kimi, oh im maintaining suga! Awesomes gravi. His don't beat me no mo So this is what people do for fun now? We plank all the time at the gym in my core conditioning class. GREAT for the abs. So THIS is plankin'? Sandra, it's like Fort Knox to get on your twitter page. Approve my damn request on twitter, damn it!! Sandra, u d mn wrong 4 the title of this post AND 4 segregating Twitter!

If you simple enough to do it on a hotel balcony and you fall to your death then:. Yes- I'm laughing! You dumb fukk! And I'm not going to apologize for it either! That's my ONLY concern! Hello All. Learn something new almost er day on Sandrarose.

Plank on idiots, plank on! DAMN Sassy!!! Twitter was crazy with this phenom yesterday. I wasn't too familiar before then, don't know what it has to do with Black folks getting ahead?

Most of the pics I saw involved white participants. Some of them were very creative. Anything can lead to death if done improperly. We had a woman die one year while participating in a drink as much water as you can radio station contest. It was during a heat wave we were experiencing a few yrs back.

Who'd have thought a water drinking contest would lead to death? Indeed it did, she drowned her lungs. Yes planking is silly, but if done properly can be very artistic. The picture of homeboy planking in betwixt ol girls legs is creative and erotic. You don't see any nudity. I say go for it. It's better than watching clips of folks shake their laffy taffy. Sandra what does this stupid trend have to do with black people never getting ahead?

Its people like lil wayne that keep black epople from getting ahead Peach Seriously! They would have wanted me to laugh anyway- thats WHY they did it!

Gonna "plank" on a hotel balcony, fall off and expect me to cry- hellz NO! I'm laughing just like I would've had your simple azz made it down off the railing.

Call you a effin idiot the same way too. Difference is Fay, Hayyyyyy bew Hayyyyyy. Awesome, po thang lol. Its people like lil wayne that keep black epople from getting aheadtheres so many other things that keep black people from getting ahead, I could go on for daysbut THIS stupid trend is not one of them. The only form of planking I wanna do look like pic number two. Sassy we had some guys here a few months back that died skateboarding off a building.

Their parents were in an uproar and wanted to sue the building because they shouldn't have been able to access the roof. Your child goes and skateboards off a roof and you wanna sue???? Ooooo I heard about that! Me too Howmany. PeachPussyCat If I was in charge of that building, I'd have told them parents that their dumb azz kids shouldve known that skate-boarding off a building wouldn't have great results. Fukk your lawsuit. A bunch of dumb azz kids dead and you wanna sue somebody else for not instilling common fukking sense in your misguided brat.

Chile, please! BelleOoooo I heard about that! Yeah I heard she was playin Mahalia Jackson Fantasia needs a beatin if that's true. She can't cry dumb no more! You remind me of a girl I used ta know.

Blunt awww thank u! Awwww, there's nothing to be afraid of! The black kids on twitter won't be able to post pics of planking in places that are even half as interesting as the white kids doing it. It will all be over soon French Dawn is just a damn fewl!!! Y'all saw my lil' puppy as my avi on twitter. I only saw one Black person in those planking pics and she wasn't even doing it right.

Am I missing something? This is not a Black thing Yeah full of all dat loca ish but was on point.

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