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How to Tune a Subwoofer Box to 30 Hz

May 24,  · How to tune a subwoofer box to 30 Hz. First of all, set the multimeter’s measurement to current. Once you do that, attach it in series in the middle of the amplifier and the subwoofer. Remember to drive the subwoofer using the frequency generator. Once you do that, the impedance will go to a low level in your subwoofer box. Subwoofer Box Enclosure Tuning Frequency Calculators: Enter value, select unit and click on calculate. Result will be displayed. Calculate for Box Enclosure Tuning Frequency Calculate Air Compliance Calculate Speaker Resonance Frequency Calculate Enclosure Volume or for Box.

Somebody, please advise. It's going to sound very boomy. You will need a subsonic filter set to 42Hz as well, to protect the sub from unloading and being damaged. So, what exactly am i supposed to do? Sorry, i'm a real noob to car audio. So, somebody please tell me: should i turn my subwoofer x-over frequency on my headunit to 42 Hz? Should i set my monoamp x-over frequency to 42 Hz? Should i just leave it alone? Posted on Saturday, April 17, - GMT adjusting the tuned frequency of a subwoofer enclosure is done by changing the length of the port slot or tube s used in the enclosure.

It has nothing to do with the settings on the amplifier. Thank you. So now, where can i find my subsonic filter so i can set it to 42 Hz as well? Posted on Saturday, April 17, - GMT that setting will actually be on the amplifier, if it has such a filter. It's not the "LPF" or low pass filter that's used to set where the sub amp starts playing, though. Don't confuse them. It'll be called something like a subsonic or infrasonic filter.

Ultra-low frequencies that cannot be reproduced by a subwoofer do not become sound but become unnecessary oscillations, which affect sound by causing distortion. These frequencies also waste amplifier power and can cause damage to speakers. Setting the Infrasonic filter switch to 15Hz or 25Hz cuts the frequencies below the respective frequency to improve the reproduction performance of the speakers by eliminating harmful distortion.

I'd recommend tuning the port s on your box to 28Hz, if you're having a box built. If you have a pre-fab box from a store that has a round port tube, that can be trimmed to tune it. You need to do some math to get the right length you'll need for that tube. If the box has a how to download sony ericsson pc suite port that's the width of the box itself, there isn't anything you can really do for tuning.

It came pre-tuned. That sounds good.

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Dec 05,  · The box will be a wedge shape slot ported box, and I can play around with the exact dimensions to get the right tuning. The subs are 2 Polk Audio MMsvc running rms each at 4 ohms. There is no "best" number to tune to. It depends on the vehicle cabin and what you intend to . Tuning Frequency (unit of measure - hertz) This is the tuning frequency of the box - Fb. Most manufacturers provide this spec in the woofer's datasheet. Universal tuning that fits most subwoofers - 36 Hz. Pipe Inner Diameter (unit of measure - inch) This is the inner diameter of each tuning port. Dec 21,  · In this video I provide examples of how box volume, tuning frequency and port cross section impact the length of your subwoofer's port. Watch this video and.

Gallery New media New comments. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Search forums. How many hz should my sub box be tuned too??? Thread starter dcferguson98 Start date Mar 29, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mar 29, 5 0 US.

Hey guy's I'm building a ported sub box to go under the seat of my gmc Sierra extended cab. Ive got 2 10in Rockford fosgate P3's that I'm putting in the box but I honestly have no idea how many hz I should tune it too. All the music that I usually listen to is all old school chopped and screwed Houston rappers to give you the genre of my music type.

If anyone could help with what hz I should tune to, that would be awesome[emoji16]! Sent from my N using Tapatalk. Jul 2, 2, 1 Michigan.

Jan 8, 7, 29 NC. So the low 32hz is gonna hit a lot harder than 45hz but the 45hz would be louder? Jul 24, 15, WA. Unless you are doing a db or more, 25hz is not gonna hurt anywhere at all at the slightest, At most you'll get ear pressure. However if you want your music genre to hit hard, i'd recommend 36 to 40hz because thats right right below where old school hip hop plays at.

You dont need to play anything under 30hz unless you listen to the new school rap with bloated bass so tuning low would just make you peak way lower than what you need for your genre. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, Mainly try to get enough port area to not get port noise and then get the proper tuning. The way you know this is by surface area of a rectangular prism basically The more surface area means the more air friction means less efficiency. Now you find the surface area of a cylinder.

Every vehicle will sound different and require a different type of tuning. Some will play rock just fine tuned at 32hz. Others will require 40hz tuning so its best to test out the cabin gain of each vehicle to see what frequency you peak at.

Yup gramps there's waaaay more to subwoofers and enclosures than you'll ever know. What you know only scratches the surface. Gains are very very tiny but gains are still gains. I've gotten this far on the build excuse the mess. How should i run the wires through the box for the subwoofers?

I heard terminal cups leak a crap ton of air. BSchrowang Budget Builder. Apr 24, 1 Peru Illinois. I heard terminal cups leak a crap ton of airSent from my N using Tapatalk. Aug 21, 4 0 Roosevelt, Utah. If i have a roughly 1. Create an account or login to comment You must be a member in order to leave a comment Create account Create an account on our community. It's easy!

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