what is a hurricane lamps

What are Hurricane Lamps?

The definition of a hurricane lamp is a special lamp designed to work in high winds because it has a glass chimney that protects the flame from being extinguished. An example of a hurricane lamp is an old fashioned candle lamp with a tall glass chimney . Jul 21,  · Hurricane lamps have a glass bottom that sits on a metal or brass base that holds oil. The lamp's chimney -- a long, clear glass cylinder -- protects the oil-soaked wick from drafts; that's how the lamp got its name. Some hurricane lamps have an additional glass globe around the top of the chimney for decoration.

Its flame can be fueled by oil or kerosene. Or it can have a light bulb and be lit by electricity. The chimneys of electric Hurricane Lamps are made more for decorative purposes. Hurricane Lamps come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are made completely of glass, while others have brass lamp bases with glass chimneys attached to them. I have a few of these lamps in my home; most are fueled by oil, while others are operated by electric.

Mostly, my Hurricane Lamps are for decoration, but the oil-type sure do come in handy when a storm knocks the household lights out. Oil lamps are generally safer to use than candles with their hot, dripping wax. Some people collect Hurricane Lamps, especially the antique ones. You can always find them on the auction block at web sites such as eBay. The lamps that fetch the highest bids are the ones that are in the best condition. Lqmps secret to keeping a Hurricane Lamp in good-working condition is to care for it properly and keep it in good repair.

For example, I have an electric Hurricane Lamp that has has handpainted flowers adorning its chimney. Therefore, I iis a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a quart of warm water and a soft cloth to gently clean it instead.

I then rinse it with clean water and carefully dab it dry with another clean, dry hurricaen. Many metal lamps can be wiped off with a weak solution of water and a non-ammonia glass how to wire a switch to light. There are several products on the market today that will do the trick nicely. Or, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove how to train a dragon race to the edge and light soil.

To remove the chimney or globe off an oil-fueled Hurricane Lamp to clean it, gently slide it up and off of the metal tabs located on the base. If the glass chimney of your lamp hurrixane broken, you can often hurricame replacements at your local hardware or home supply store. I recently had to purchase one of my globes that was broken in an accident with a broom handle. Or, perform a search on the Internet for the right size, color, and style of chimney or globe you need. You can also find other replacement parts for your Hurricane Lamp in this same manner.

The parts to an oil lamp are basically the oil bowl, burner, wick, and chimney or globe. The wick rolls into the burner and the burner screws onto the oil bowl.

Your email address will not be published. Hurricane lamps began as oil lamps that had a clear glass chimney or globe fitted on top of them.

The chimney protected the flame from being blown out by drafts and winds. Since hurricanes can pack a punch with wind gusts from seventy-four miles per hour and higher, that claim is pretty impressive!

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In today’s world, a Hurricane Lamp can be defined as any lamp that has a glass chimney or globe over its light source. Its flame can be fueled by oil or kerosene. Or it can have a light bulb and be lit by electricity. Of course, the light bulb doesn’t need protection from winds or drafts. A hurricane lamp replacement glass is one of the most sought-after parts for people who have hurricane lamps or lanterns. A replacement glass is critical for a lamp designed for drafty or windy scenarios. After all, without the glass, you basically just have a fire-lit lamp.

Hurricane lamps are lanterns which are designed to stay lit in windy conditions. The design of a hurricane lamp also promotes fire safety, in addition to staying alight, by making it hard for fire to escape from the lamp and spread. These lamps are primarily used decoratively, although in regions where electricity is unreliable or nonexistent, many people use hurricane lamps for everyday lighting. Hardware and lighting supply stores often sell a range of hurricane lamps. The key element to the design of a hurricane lamp is the tall glass chimney, which shelters the flame in the lantern from the wind.

In a simple design, the chimney fits over a container which is designed to hold a candle or oiled wick, and there may be a perforated metal cap for the chimney to add more protection. More rugged versions of hurricane lamps have a framework which encloses the chimney, with a handle on the top so that the lamp can be easily moved.

Classically, hurricane lamps are made with a clear glass chimney, which may be reinforced with metal wire in the case of a ruggedized version.

In ornamental lamps, the glass may be etched or painted with various designs, which obscure the light, but make the lantern more interesting to look at. Colored glass can also be used, with colored hurricane lamps being used historically for signaling, since people in the distance could easily detect a red or green light from a hurricane lantern.

Although hurricane lamps are meant to be safer in drafts, they do pose a fire risk, especially in the case of kerosene or oil lamps.

If the wick is turned up too high, the air inside the chimney may become quite hot, causing the chimney to explode. The shock of the explosion can cause the bottom part of the lamp to fracture as well, spilling oil which can rapidly catch fire. Explosions are also a potential risk with a candle-lit hurricane lamp. As a general rule, hurricane lamps should never be left unattended, and the wicks of the candles and oil lamps used should be regularly trimmed.

In addition to reducing the risk of fire, trimming increases efficiency, reducing the amount of soot produced by the lantern while it is in operation. People should also be aware that the glass chimney can be very hot with extended use, and it is not advisable to touch the chimney while the lamp is in use. Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the exciting challenge of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer.

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