what is an mhl cable

Sep 12,  · MHL was the solution developed to circumvent this problem. Created in a joint project by Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and Silicon Image, MHL was first introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S II in This variant of USB cable was designed to work with video signals, namely HDMI, without needing a separate adapter. Is My Phone MHL Compatible? Feb 10,  · Short for Mobile High-Definition Link, MHL utilizes a special type of HDMI input on compatible TVs and A/V receivers to connect a growing list of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. .

Is there a way to get your phone screen on your TV? Read on to learn more about How to install ram on a computer and how to use it yourself.

Note: Before you go ordering MHL equipment online, check to see if you can mirror your smartphone to your TV using the gear you already have at home. Ina band of electronics companies, including Sony and Nokia, developed the MHL connection protocol.

The standard takes smartphone and tablet content to the next level, allowing you to showcase everything from your phone on your TV with a single connection. Given the proliferation of wireless screen mirroring methods, MHL has fallen out of favor with many manufacturers, but you can still find plenty of televisions that support it. When MHL first launched, adapters like the one shown above were more or less the primary way to utilize the technology. The next step is simply plugging in your compatible device, which will allow you to display all of its applications, games, movies, photos, and music right on your TV, with resolution at 4K Ultra HD and above.

Luckily, there are workarounds. There are some cases where MHL would come in handy, though. The system is especially useful for those without cable or internet, for instance.

In addition, there are a few protocol-specific benefits that might make it worth going with MHL. First, MHL connections tout the convenient ability to what are convection currents caused by control data, which essentially means the remote that controls your display may also be able to control the connected device.

For mobile gamers, MHL connection also offers zero latency, which allows for lag-free display of your device on your TV during the most rigorous of gaming sessions. The cable also charges mobile devices up to 40W without any subsequent lag while displaying the content.

The system gives easy touchscreen access to all content on your phone right through the infotainment center. Likewise, plugging a smartphone or tablet into a compatible computer monitor can turn your device into a workstation, one you can pair with a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to create a semi functioning mini-office.

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Mar 01,  · An MHL cable is basically a micro-USB to HDMI cable. Plug the HDMI part into your HDTV or display and the micro-USB part into your mobile device, and you can send media from your device to your big. Apr 14,  · MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link. MHL uses a five-pin connection to deliver up-to p picture quality, khz sound quality and channel surround sound. Since the MHL™ connection uses such a small pin count, it is commonly used to connect smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to a High-Definition (HD) TV or display device. Aug 13,  · Think of it as a technology that turns a common MicroUSB cable into an HDMI cable, but with a few special features. MHL stands for Mobile High .

With MHL you can unchain your media from your phone or tablet and easily display videos, games, photos and more on a big screen. It can be liberating and it's all achievable with the help of just a single cable, yet a lot of people are probably unaware of its existence and many who do know of it still don't really use it.

That's a shame, because MHL carries a whole lot of potential, from obvious uses like watching stored videos on a big screen to more inventive applications such as using it in combination with a keyboard and mouse to type documents, essentially turning your smartphone into a desktop computer in the process.

The first thing to get out the way is what MHL is and how it works. Essentially one end of an MHL cable will plug into the micro USB port on your phone or tablet while the other will plug into an HDMI port on a television or monitor and your phone's screen will then be mirrored on the external screen.

Dr Judy Chen, President of the MHL Consortium, explained that it's a "connectivity solution optimised for outputting a mobile device to a larger display. A MHL Consortium spokesperson added that it can "simultaneously charge the device and it offers the unique ability to control your phone features via the standard TV remote. Probably the most obvious use for an MHL cable is to play videos on your phone but view them on a larger screen. That could mean playing locally stored videos or taking advantage of an app such as Netflix, essentially turning your handset into a home media player.

Since MHL is simply mirroring the screen of your phone it's compatible with any and all apps. But there are loads of other uses for MHL too. You can use it in combination with a controller for gaming on a big screen and almost replicate a console experience in the process.

You can use it to view photographs or even connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and turn your phone into a full desktop computer. It comes into its own for all these things even more when travelling, as while you might have a computer, a games console and a media player at home, simply packing an MHL cable and a few optional accessories such as a controller will allow you to bring home entertainment to your hotel room.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You could also use it while working out, to view exercise apps and videos on a big screen while keeping your phone charged. Or if you have an infotainment system in your car you could interact with your phone through it with the help of MHL and even mirror a satellite navigation app to it.

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