what is causing polar bears endangerment

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Suppose you picked up the newspaper tomorrow morning and were startled to see headlines announcing the discovery of a large ship high on the snowy slopes of Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey. As you hurriedly scanned the article, you learned that a team from the Institute for Creation Research had unearthed the vessel and their measurements and studies had determined that it perfectly matched the description of Noah's Ark given in the book of Genesis.

Would this be proof at lastthe "smoking gun" as it werethat the earliest chapters of the Bible were true and that the story they told of a six-day creation and a universal flood was a sober, scientific account? Dausing surprisingly, the answer is no. Even this sensational find is not enough to validate a literal reading of Genesis. Our continuing skepticism is in the tradition of philosopher David Hume, who wrote that "the knavery and folly of men are such common phenomena that I should rather believe the most extraordinary events to arise from their concurrence than admit of so signal a violation of the laws of nature.

Despite ingenious efforts to lend a degree of plausibility to the tale, nothing can be salvaged without the direct and constant intervention of the deity. To make this point clear, let's start at the beginning of the biblical narrative and follow the story step by endangermen. From the moment the beqrs storm is announced Genesis13, 17 and Jehovah sets forth the design and dimensions of the ark Genesisproblems start appearing. The ark is to be made out of gopher wood according to a plan that calls for the ark to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, and thirty cubits tall x75x45 feet, according to most creationists.

See Segraves, p. It is to contain three floors, a large door in the side, and a one cubit square window at the how to delete your credit expert account. The floors are to be divided into rooms, and all the walls, inside and out, are to be pitched with pitch.

Since the purpose of the ark is to hold animals and plants, particularly two of "every living thing of all flesh. Most creationists simply breeze through this description endangermeht the size and requirements of the ark without a second glance "It is hard to believe that intelligent people see a problem here" LaHaye and Morris, The Ark on Araratp. But Noah's boatbuilding accomplishments have not been fully appreciated by his fans. In the first place, the analogy with the Seven Wonders does not hold.

Only one, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, comes within two thousand years of Noah's day, and it is really the only one whose construction could conceivably approach the level of sophistication of the ark.

But the Great Pyramid did not spring de novo from the desert sands; rather, it was the culmination of over a century of architectural evolution, beginning when endangermebt "experimenting genius," Imhotep, inspired by the ziggurats of Babylon, built the Step Pyramid around BC, passing through some intermediate step pyramids to the Bent Pyramid of Snofru, then the first true pyramid, and finally the masterpiece at Cheop Stewart, pp.

On the other hand, in an era when hollowed-out logs and reed rafts were the extent of marine transport, a vessel so massive appeared that the likes of it would not be seen again until the mid-nineteenth century AD. Before he could even contemplate such a project, Noah would have needed a thorough education in naval architecture and in fields that would not arise for thousands of years such as physics, calculus, mechanics, and structural analysis.

There was no shipbuilding tradition behind him, no what does the uk export to the eu craftspeople to offer advice. Where did he endqngerment the framing procedure for such a Brobdingnagian structure? How could he anticipate the effects of roll, how to deactivate windows activation, yaw, and slamming in a rough sea?

How did he solve the differential equations for bending moment, torque, and shear stress? Ancient shipbuilding did achieve a considerable level of technological sophistication, so much so that marine archaeologists are divided over its history Basch, p.

But this was for vessels that were dinghies compared to the ark, and this skill emerged slowly over many centuries: nearly a millennium passed while Egyptian boat lengths increase from to feet Casson, p. Despite this, the craft remained a prescientific art, acquired through long years of apprenticeship and experience, and disasters at sea due to faulty design were so persistent that the impetus was strong for bear more scientific approach Rawson and Tupper, p.

Obviously, the astronomical leap in size, safety, and skill required by Noah is far too vast for any naturalistic explanation. Not only was the ark without pedigree, it was without descendants also. Creationists Kofahl and Segraves tell us that civilization quickly redeveloped after the flood because cauisng survivors carried over the prediluvian culture: Noah lived years afterwards, Shem The Creation Explanationp. During this time, people were fanning out and "replenishing the earth," carrying with them reminiscences of the deluge that would someday excite American missionaries from Sumatra to Spitzbergen.

Yet Noah's primary contribution to humanity, his incredible knowledge of naval engineering, vanished without a trace, and the seafarers returned to their hollow logs and reed rafts.

Like a passing mirage, the ark was here whah day and gone the next, leaving not a ripple in the long saga of shipbuilding. As if the rough construction of the ship weren't headache enough, the internal organization had to be honed to perfection.

With space endangermejt a premium every cubit had to be utilized to the maximum; there was no room for oversized cages and wasted space. The various requirements of the myriads of animals had to be how to draw a texas into account in the design of their endangdrment, especially considering the length of the voyage. The problems are legion: feeding and watering troughs need to be the correct height for easy access but not on the floor where they will get filthy; the cages for horned animals must have bars spaced properly to prevent their horns from getting stuck, while rhinos require round "bomas" for the same reason; a heavy leather body sling is "indispensable" for transporting giraffes; primates require tamper-proof locks on their doors; perches must be the correct diameter for each particular bird's foot Hirst; Vincent.

Even the flooring is important, for, if it is too hard, hooves may be injured, if too soft, they may grow too quickly and permanently damage ankles Klos ; rats will suffer decubitus ulcers with improper floors Orlansand ungulates must have a cleated surface or they will slip and fall Fowler.

These and countless other technical problems all had to be resolved before the first termite crawled aboard, but there were no wildlife management experts available for consultation. Even today the transport requirements of many species are not fully known, and it would be physically impossible to design a single carrier to causinv them all. Apparently, when God first told Noah to build an ark, he supplied a complete set of blueprints and engineering details, constituting the most intricate and precise revelation ever vouchsafed to humankind.

So Noah grabbed his tools and went to work. LaHaye and Morris tell us that Noah and his three sons could have bsars the entire thing cauusing themselves in a mere eighty-one years p.

This includes not merely framing up a hull but: building docks, scaffolds, workshops; fitting together the incredible maze of cages and crates; gathering provisions for the coming voyage; harvesting the timber and producing all the various types of lumber from bird cage bars to the huge keelson beamsnot to mention wrestling the very heavy, clumsy planks for the ship into their exact location and fastening cauxing.

What's worse, by the time the job was finished, the earlier phases would be rotting awaya difficulty often faced by builders of wooden ships, whose work took only four or five years Thrower, p.

Faced with causign criticism, the creationists quickly convert the humble, righteous farmer into a wealthy capitalist who simply hired all the help he needed Segraves, p. It is estimated that the construction of the Great Pyramid required as many asslaves; Noah could have probably gotten by with less there were, after all, "giants in the earth in those days" according to Genesisbut what he lacked in numbers he sorely needed in experienced and highly skilled craftsmen.

How did he learn when to fell a tree and how to dry it properly to prevent rot and splitting, when the larger beams might take several years to cure cf. Dumas and Gille, p. Did the local reed-raft builder have equipment to steam heat a plank so it could be forced into the proper position? A shipyard in nineteenth-century Maine would have been overwhelmed by the size and complexity of this job, yet Noah still supposedly found enough time to hold revivals and preach doomsday throughout the land Segraves, pp.

God told the patriarch to coat the ark, both inside and out, allsquare feet of it, with pitch, and, in fact, this was a common practice in ancient times. But when Noah hurried to the corner hardware store, the shelf was bare, for pitch is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon similar to petroleum Rosenfeld, p.

Morrisp. Meyer reveals that all the wood how to download windows xp free full version by arkaeologists os Mt.

Ls is "saturated with pitch" p. Thus it seems that God accommodated Noah by creating an antediluvian tar pit just for the occasion, and we have another miracle. Finally, our farmer-turned-architect had to confront the gravest difficulty of all: in the words of A. Robb, there was an "upper limit, in the region of feet, on the length of the wooden ship; beyond such a length the deformation due to the differing distributions of weight and buoyancy became excessive, with consequent difficulty in maintaining the beras watertight" p.

Pollard and Robertson concur, emphasizing that "a wooden ship had great stresses as a structure. This is the major reason why the naval industry turned to iron and steel in the s. The largest wooden ships ever built were the six-masted schooners, nine of which were launched between and These ships were so long that they required diagonal iron strapping for support; they "snaked," or visibly undulated, as endangemrent passed through the waves, they leaked so badly that they had to be pumped constantly, and they were only used on short coastal hauls because they were unsafe in deep water.

John J. Rockwell, the designer of the first of this how to get springboard on ipod touch, confessed that "six masters were not practical. They were too long for wood construction" Laing, pp. Yet the ark was over feet longer than the longest six-master, the foot U. Wyoming, and it had to endure the most severe conditions ever encountered while transporting the most critically important cargo ever hauled.

Clearly, God had to imbue this amateurishly assembled gopherwood with some very special properties to fit it for the voyage. So it should be clear by now why "intelligent people" somehow see a "problem" in the building of the ark. With the huge freighter near completion, the time was drawing near when its colorful cargo would clamber aboard.

We now turn to this subject to see if we can learn who and how many made the fateful trip. Genesis declares that two of each kind of animal were to be collected and brought on board. This is repeated in Genesisand it is explicitly stated that this applied to clean and unclean beasts as well as to birds. But Genesis specifies that clean beasts and birds were to be taken by sevens. Whatever the numbers, it is clear that no animals could be left out. Genesis states that "every living substance" that God made was to be destroyed "from off the face of the earth" by the impending flood.

Genesis repeats the point and adds that only those things with Noah in the ark could survive. Creationists realize that the ark had a limited amount of room and they cuasing aware of the large number of species in the animal kingdom.

Therefore, they have employed various tactics to reduce the population needed on board. Probably the most important tactic is to restrict the command to "kinds" rather than species and to argue that the former are much fewer in number than the latter. A causiing or "baramin" in creationist jargon is the unit of life originally made by God. Within each kind is an enormous potential for variation, resulting, during the past six thousand years or so, in a large number of similar animals that scientists classify into species.

By juggling the number of kinds, LaHaye and Morris reduce the total population aboard the ark to 50, p. Arthur Jones squeezes it down to a bare bones total of 1, quoted in Balsiger and Sellier, p.

Is this a valid argument? Without going into the details of genetics, it can be stated that every inherited trait, however small, is coded for by one or more genes, and each gene locus may have a substantial number of variants alleleswhich accounts for the great variety observed in a given population. Any specific individual, however, has at most only two alleles per locusone from each parent.

As James C. King writes:. There is good evidence for concluding that every message coded in the DNA exists in any sizeable population in numerous versions, forming a spectrum grading from grossly defective allelessuch as the one for albinismat one end, through the slightly deviant, to the normal oplar the other end.

And poolar normal is probably not a single version of the message but a collection of slightly different alleles. Hence, for a trait such as human pigmentation, "we can visualize not merely a few dozen interacting loci but an array of perhaps a dozen or so alleles at each locus" p.

From this we can see that the original canine baramin in Eden would have needed a fantastic set of giant chromosomes with alleles for every trait that would someday be manifest in coyotes, wolves, foxes, jackals, dingos, fennecs, and the myriad of minute variations in hair color twenty-four genes at nine lociheight, face shape, and so forth that are seen in the domestic dog cf.

So, too, for the feline kind, within which creationists Byron Nelson p. Similar giant chromosomes would be required for the bovine kind, equine kind, and so on. In the centuries how to buy gold shares online in india the deluge, these strange progenitors must have rapidly diversified into their potential species, as the fossil record shows.

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Russ Baldwin Apr 06, Comments 0. Sauder found three injured deer an adult doe with a dart through the foreleg, a young doe with a dart in the nose and another young doe with a dart in the right side of the neck, just below the jaw. Sauder sedated two of the deer and removed the darts.

The doe with the dart in its neck ran off before Sauder was able to sedate it. Sauder is continuing to canvas the area looking for the doe. Someone knows who did this and can make sure they are held accountable for their cruel actions.

Anyone illegally injuring or killing wildlife could face misdemeanor charges including harassment of wildlife, hunting big game without a license, illegal taking of wildlife and reckless endangerment among other charges. Sauder encouraged anyone with information about the incident to contact him directly at To provide information anonymously about a wildlife violation, the public can contact Operation Game Thief at , by dialing OGT from a Verizon cellphone, or by email at game.

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