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Sep 16,  · Understanding furnace efficiency. The efficiency of a furnace is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). It represents the ratio of annual heat output compared to the consumed fossil fuel energy. For instance, if a furnace is 95% efficient, it means that 95% is converted to useful heat for your house and 5% is lost through the walls of the furnace and via exhaust gases. Today’s high efficiency models are available in the 90 – % AFUE range. Because heating your home is most likely the largest single expense attached to your utility bill, upgrading to a high efficiency gas furnace might be a great idea. A higher efficiency gas furnace can save you money on energy bills over the life of your furnace.

Therefore, the efficiency of your furnace plays a major role in how much money you save or lose each month. Taking into account the price difference between the standard and a high efficiency furnace, is it always smart to purchase a more expensive high-efficiency furnace?

Lets look into this question what is the reheating temperature for food exploring different scenarios, as well as reviewing the top 7 high-efficiency gas and oil-fired furnaces on the market. If you are ready to replace your furnace, call your local HVAC pros to get quotes and compare prices. The furnace operates on the principle of forced air heating and can be gurnace by oil, natural gas, propane, wood or electricity.

In simple terms, the furnace transfers the heat, generated from burning fuel, to the air, which is circulated around furnnace house by the fan through the ductwork system. Going down to details, the pilot light ignites the burners inside the combustion chamber, and the created heat enters the heat exchanger. There, the heat is transferred to the air and raises its temperature to the one set by thermostat. The blowers push the warm air into the occupied space through supply ducts how do i find an ebay store suck the cool air back in via return ducts.

For a detailed illustration of various components refer to the figure below. When replacing your heating system, one alternative to consider is a boiler.

Here is a detailed break down of all the pros and cons of a furnace vs a boiler. All high-efficiency furnaces are of condensing type and utilize a conssidered heat exchanger to capture the extra heat from the condensed exhaust gases. The secondary heat exchanger pre-heats furbace incoming cool air, which highh reduces fuel consumption. It represents the ratio of annual heat output compared to the consumed fossil fuel energy.

Note, however, that there are further loses of heat through the ductworkespecially if it is not insulated and is running through non-conditioned places such as attic and garage. These loses are not included in the AFUE value. Did you know? An all-electric furnace does not generate flue gases and, therefore, does not have the heat loses associated with that.

However, expensive electricity in most parts of the country does not make electric furnaces a feasible option for home heating. Pro Tip: If you decided to go with an all-electric heating, consider installing a heat pump for your central system. It uses the same ductwork that your furnace would use, but produces heat using a different technology, which consumes much less energy than electric furnace. In addition, heat pumps are reversible and, apart from heating in winter, they can also provide cooling in summer.

Another parameter which allows to compare the effectiveness of the furnace is how it varies the hiigh in response to the heating demand. There are three common types:. Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat signals to shut off the burner, while the blower keeps circulating the air for some time to distribute the remaining heat. Single-stage furnaces cycle switch on and off more often than other types, since it has to start up every time the temperature drops down below the set point.

The higher the number of starts and stops the furnace performs, the more wear it experiences. In addition, this leads to high fluctuations in space temperatures as the furnace will start only when it is already cold in the room and will usually heat up the space to a higher than desired temperature to keep it above the set point for a longer period.

This allows furnace to cycle less, prolonging its lifespan and providing higher levels of comfort. The operation is typically continuous long cyclesand the fuel burnt is proportional to the heat output required at any given time. This means that the furnace uses just enough fuel how to fix low hot water pressure maintain comfort, resulting in higher efficiencies and elevated hith.

Variable-speed blowers are also available with each type of furnace to optimize efficiency and comfort. The speed of the blower is automatically adjusted to match the air flow with the heating demand. For instance, w hotter the air produced by the furnace, the lower the air flow is required to heat up the space, avoiding creation of hot spots at the same time. Pro Tip: Furnace manufacturers sometimes offer two options: a constant and a variable-speed blower.

It is especially beneficial to specify a variable-speed blower with single and two-stage furnaces in order to avoid discomfort associated with the cold spots at the start of each cycle. In high-efficiency furnaces, the variable-speed blower typically comes as standard.

When the time has come to replace your furnace, the question will naturally arise: which efficiency should you go for to maximize savings? The answer to this question requires some estimations and will depend on a few factors, such as your current furnace efficiency, the size of your house, how well your house is insulated, how cold the winters are and what the fuel prices are in your area.

The main furnce used for comparison is the payback period of the extra investment, or how fast the new high-efficiency furnace will repay its additional cost. There is a steep rise in the price for the high-efficiency furnace compared to the standard-efficiency one. Pro tip: You can have a rough estimate of how much you will save when switching to a higher efficiency furnace by using online calculators what does ubique quo fas et gloria ducunt mean as this one.

Request a more precise calculation from your HVAC engineer, who will use a specialized software, taking into account all the parameters of your house, to work out the exact saving you might get.

Chances are, you are replacing your old, inefficient furnace which has reached the end of its life and are looking to purchase a modern one. Using an online calculator and considering average gas prices in the US, the results for a sq. Considering that the lifespan of high efficiency furnace is anywhere between 15 to 30 frnace depending on the maintenance frequency, the return of investment of 11 years seems like a good deal.

In contrast, it will be hard to justify the extra investment for a homeowner in Seattle, where the spent money will only come back closer furnaace the end of the furnace life.

Some other factors will influence the costs and payback periods estimated above. Unlike standard-efficiency furnaces, almost all high-efficiency furnaces are Energy Star certified and will qualify for tax credits and rebates. Nevertheless, additional expenditure might occur when installing a high-efficiency furnace, since they typically use sealed combustion as opposed to what age does my child start nursery combustion used in older and most standard-efficiency furnaces.

In the sealed combustion, the air comes from the outside through a PVC pipe and generate acidic exhaust gases that are not suitable for old, unlined chimneys. This way, you may incur some additional installation costs associated with the new fresh air intake, new chimney or lining of the existing chimney. Sealed combustion ensures higher efficiency, by minimizing heat loses through the combustion chamber walls.

There are ways to improve the efficiency of your heating system without going for a new super-efficiency furnace. For example, you can improve the insulation of your house by sealing drafty doorways, adding insulation to the attic spacesor even replacing windows with more energy-efficient ones.

High-efficiency furnaces may not offer financial benefits in some cases, but there are other reasons why homeowners would like to invest in them. One of the reasons is enhanced indoor comfort. Cohsidered furnaces are generally equipped with a modulating burner that is capable of maintaining the exact internal temperature you want at all times, and it will do so without any disturbing noise. In addition, variable-speed blowers will prevent the cold air blasts that are typical for older single-stage furnaces.

Another reason is the commitment to reduce carbon footprint by burning less fossil fuel and live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Before we get into the review of the most efficient furnace models, it is worthwhile to have a look at the furnace manufacturer hierarchy.

As you can see from the figure below, there are only a few manufacturers in the market producing furnaces under different brands. The products from the brands under the same manufacturer are very similar, if not hgih same. They are sold by different names, but produced by the same manufacturer — Paloma Industries.

In case you cannot find a dealer of your selected furnace in your area, you should be able to locate the same furnace from other brands, but with a different name, as long as they are produced by the same manufacturer. The following is the list of the furnaces with the highest efficiencies for both gas and oil along with their costs and features. The cost estimates are US averages and can vary widely even from one salesperson to another. That is why always make sure to get at least three quotes from various sellers ufrnace order to get the best deal.

Lennox SLP98V furnace series have the highest efficiency in the industry — up to It boasts all the features of a super-high efficiency modern furnace: variable-capacity burner capable of controlling the indoor temperature with a precision of 0. One drawback is what is considered a high efficiency furnace they produce their own proprietary parts, which means that there might be delays in deliveries when replacement etficiency any component is required.

York TM9V furnace is a high-efficiency, Energy Star certified furnace which has a two-stage burner and a variable-speed blower. The temperature control might consdered be as precise as in furnaces with modulating burners, but it is a very compact unit that can fit into tight spaces. It also has an integrated self-diagnostic control module. Apart from a lifetime heat-exchanger warranty and year parts warranty, common among all super high-efficiency models, it also provides a 1-year warranty on labor.

Carrier Infinity 98 59MN7 furnace offers all the usual perks of a high-efficiency furnace including modulating burner and variable-speed blower. In fact, Carrier was an early adopter of variable capacity heating, so you can expect a reliable operation for improved comfort.

An additional feature is the ability to combine the furnace with a heat pump under one system which results in a dual fuel heating: gas and electricity. When the outdoor temperatures are above freezing, heat pump does the job at a lower cost. Once the temperatures drop below freezing, the gas furnace takes over and provides reliable high-efficiency heating. If you cannot find this model in your area, try to look for Bryant Evolution M.

It is a very similar furnace made by the same manufacturer. Goodman also offers its new ComfortBridge smart control technology, which shifts the indoor climate control from a thermostat into the HVAC equipment itself. It is particularly useful if you have other Goodman HVAC equipment installed such as their central air-conditioner or heat pump.

Rheem Prestige R98V furnace offers one of the highest efficiencies in the market at a lower cost than most well-known brands, while also having a modulating burner, variable-speed blower and same warranty periods.

It was crowned as one of the most efficient furnaces by Energy Star in If gas furnace is not an option for you due to the lack of gas network infrastructure in your area, efticiency furnace how to make glow in the dark sidewalk chalk be considered.

Adams AHEO Highboy is the aa oil furnace which uses a condensing technology similar to high-efficiency gas furnaces. Adams is claimed to be the most reliable manufacturer of oil-fired furnaces; however, the quality comes at a high price, even higher than most high-efficiency gas furnaces from popular brands. Although it can compete with gas-fired furnaces in high efficiency, it still has a single-stage burner and the warranty how the brain stores memories much less attractive: 20 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years on parts.

Another oil-fired furnace to consider is Thermo Pride OL6. It also offers a compact design that is perfect for installations with height constraints. The burner is single-stage, but there is an option whhat install a variable-speed blower for greater thermal comfort and less noise. Which type of furnace to go for to be in a winning position is not a straight forward question to answer on the spot. However, with some calculations, it is possible to determine exactly what efficiency — standard or high — is the most beneficial in wht situation.

However, it can be said with certainty that a high-efficiency furnace is hard to justify in climates hgih mild winters. On the other hand, if your intention is to achieve higher comfort levels in your house or perhaps reduce your carbon footprint no matter the cost, the super high-efficiency furnace is a perfect option for you.

For an easier comparison between the top high-efficiency gas and oil-fired furnaces, refer to the table below:.

Relevant HVAC Certificates:

A furnace with an AFUE in the 90s is high efficiency while one in the 80s is considered standard. This number reflects the average fuel efficiency over a typical heating season. A furnace with an AFUE rating of 80 is 80% efficient; one with a rating of 90 is 90% efficient. Boilers and Furnaces. The following features can help improve efficiency: Condensing: A condensing boiler or furnace extracts heat from the water vapor in combustion gases, getting more “bang for your buck” from the exhaust before it goes up the chimney. Condensing systems can achieve burner efficiency as high as 96%. After 20 years of use, we see that buying a high-efficiency oil furnace is the biggest savings we can make. 2. Heating Oil Burning Efficiency. The best oil furnaces are the high-efficiency ones. These can save several $1, over the lifetime of the oil furnace. The old oil furnaces had an energy efficiency .

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Heating equipment that forms part of your HVAC system can be exceptionally useful during the winter months. When temperatures start to drop, a simple switch on the thermostat helps to produce heat inside a building — whether at home or at an office. The furnace acts as a heating element in an HVAC installation. Furnace installations generally require a few considerations before you proceed.

One of your most important decisions would be the type of furnace to install. There are two main categories that you will need to choose from first. The categories essentially relate to the source of energy for the furnace itself.

These include:. Electric furnaces will be installed with a link to your building's power grid. These systems will utilize electricity to heat up the air. Many people find that an electric system pushes up their power bill too much.

This is why switching to a gas furnace as an alternative solution is a good idea. Gas furnaces are available in a wide range of models.

This gives you an opportunity to install a solution that is most efficient for your building. Your aim should be to get a gas furnace that provides just the right amount of coverage for your building — as this helps to reduce gas wastage while still offering efficient heating power. Deciding which gas furnace is just right for your home is important. You should ideally get the opinion from a professional HVAC installer located in your local region. These experts have years of experience, so they know what type of gas furnace will work best for you.

Ask the expert to visit your property — this allows them to do a few measurements themselves, avoiding the risk of errors. A few elements will be considered to decide which gas furnace is right. Your building is measured, and then the square footage of the area is calculated.

The Furnace Outlet can help you get a top-of-the-line gas furnace at a more affordable price. We offer a large range of Goodman gas furnaces that are suitable for use in residential houses, as well as commercial properties. Working together with your expert HVAC installer is definitely preferred, as this would allow you to get a system that works better.

While considering a furnace that is adequate for your building is important, do not overlook the critical role that compatibility plays.

Ensure your HVAC installer knows about the current system installed on your premises when buying a standalone gas furnace. This ensures they do not run into incompatibility problems during the installation process. Air Conditioners Only Shop all 1. Cooling and Gas Shop all 2 Ton 2. Heat Pump Systems Shop all 1. Home Furnaces Gas Furnaces.

Fast Easy Financing with no interest if paid in 6 months. Gas Furnaces. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Gas Furnaces Heating equipment that forms part of your HVAC system can be exceptionally useful during the winter months. These include: Gas furnaces Electric furnaces Electric furnaces will be installed with a link to your building's power grid. Shop By. Shopping Options Category. Choose Product Type. Furnace items Air conditioner system 1 item. California Compliant.

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