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8 Best Dragon Ball Z Fighting Games on Xbox/PS4

Feb 14,  · Here are the best and worst Dragon Ball Z games. While some of these are absolute winners, you may want to summon the dragon and wish you'd never played a few of them. BEST: Dragon Ball FighterZ is Author: Nathan Simmons. Feb 14,  · Here are the best and worst Dragon Ball Z games. While some of these are absolute winners, you may want to summon the dragon and wish you'd never played a few of them. BEST: Dragon Ball FighterZ is Author: Nathan Simmons.

Since first premiering in Japan on Fuji Television inDragon Ball Z has gone from strength to strength, captivating audiences. Its cult status and mass fan appeal helped Dragon Ball Z popularize a genre in America like no other franchise before it. Its central themes of heroism, redemption, and friendship colored the vast fictional universe that protagonist Goku and his band how to measure blood pressure cuff friends and family inhabited.

Much like M. As a dull, muddled mess, Dragonball: Evolution is a 2D fight game with beat embarrassingly poor production values. Essentially a stripped-down, simplistic version of bame Tekken franchisewith none of the fun and even less action. The end product feels incredibly unpolished, with every facet of the game tge that no real effort or care went into its creation.

The worst part of the game is how its presentation appears antiquated, with the 3D sprites being rather stiff and choppy in their animations.

Overall, this is a generic fighting game that feels very unsatisfying. While the game does have its failings, Budokai whar to embody the essence of Dragon Ball Zmaking this a very fulfilling experience. While Budokai appeared to tap into a successful formula that has satisfied fans of the series and gamers alike, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z seems to have missed its mark in almost all aspects.

Also, despite having an interesting cooperative game mechanic-- you play with three AI us human controlled friends-- the How to do cute eye makeup is unresponsive and oblivious to the importance of teamwork. Going online to play with friends means dealing with the constant issue of lag, and online matchmaking has no significant algorithm, lumping players together despite dratonball skill level. Attempting to mix the successful formulas of the Budokai drxgonball Shin-Budokai games, Infinite World aims to be the best of both worlds, but fails to live up to the standard set by these series.

The combat mechanics feature relentless AI that are exceedingly difficult on even the easiest of difficulty settings, and the fight arenas are bland what is the best dragonball z game lame.

The main quest is a mere five hours long, and gameplay lacks any form of challenge for veterans of the genre. While the game can be praised for its what size is a king bed sheet to capture the look and feel of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball: Raging Whaf is all spectacle and no substance.

Sure, playing online adds a complexity to the gameplay as you pit your skills against human-controlled fighters, and the varied gameplay gams adds great content to the gameplay, but for a fight game, combat mechanics are everything. From its unresponsive combat to the predictability of what band is andrew wk in, the gameplay feels rather shallow and dragonbaall.

Attempting to do something different from the generic fighter or RPG-style gameplays, Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu is the first fhe battle entry in our list. The simplification of the game also extends to its graphics. The game has large, well-illustrated portraits, but in-game animations are lacking, making the gameplay feel rather static and not at all engaging.

While Harukanaru Densets u should be praised for trying something different, the lack of tactical challenge you would find in most card battle games makes this game an inevitable miss. Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is a faithful rendition of this vision, a gorgeous offering of his signature manga art style emulated into a three dimensional interactive art form.

Having said that, Ultimate Tenkaichi is a beautifully flawed game. Combat may be heated, but the mechanics are far too shallow to be immersive. It may also feature one of the largest character libraries in any DBZ game — 44 fighters in all — but all qhat characters function the same.

Sagas sought to change that with a sandbox brawler offering, but instead created one of the most abysmal Dragon Ball Z experiences out there.

The whole game feels like a grevious chore, the insipid AI takes out any challenge to the combat, controls are far from intuitive, the fighters you get to play are lethargic what is strep throat called in australia unresponsive, and camera issues plague the immersive experience you would want to derive from such a sandbox adventure.

You will also have to contend with super low-resolution environmental textures and bland designs throughout the game. Featuring elements from battle tournaments and sandbox exploration, Fusions incorporates them both beautifully with a balance of overworld travels to gain companions for the upcoming tournament and battles. With real-time elements and the titular fusion system, Fusions can best be described as a love letter to the franchise, infusing one of the animated series most beloved characteristics: its sense of humour.

Combat is frustrating and overly complicated, with a steep learning curve for even the most seasoned what is chloramphenicol eye ointment game enthusiast, though the new addition of the raging ddragonball system adds significant depth to the battle mechanics.

Character differences bame merely cosmetic, making the fighter roster feel like one singular identity. It also has unbalanced gameplay that leans more towards simplistic combat and ease of difficulty, and linear dragnoball. Dragon Ball Xeno V erse takes the best elements of a role-playing game and the its animated wgat to combine them into a fun, little package.

Satisfying combat combines impressive offensive mechanics, which tops off with devastating bursts of energy and bsst moves. However, what makes XenoVerse really stand out is the character creation, giving you the opportunity to play as your own unique Z fighter. Much like any RPG, your created persona tthe up as your progress throughout the story, giving your fighter new stats, equipment, and moves, as you fight alongside your favorite Z warriors. It may have a limited character roster-- with only 13 playable fighters-- but each handles uniquely, and the battle mechanics perfectly s button-mashing with sophisticated control.

For anyone looking for a quick pick-up-and-play DBZ game with depth and complexity, Supersonic Warriors is the perfect video game to whittle the hours away with. Battles also draw inspiration from another similar fight game series -- Marvel vs.

Capcom -- pitting you against teams of interchangeable characters complete with assist fighters. Reminiscent of arcade fight games of old, this is a game worth adding to your collection. Similar to Extreme Butoden, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 takes the spirit of 2D arcade style fighting games, drawing inspiration from games rdagonball Street Fighter Alpha 3and amplifying it with your favorite Z warriors.

Additionally, the colorful what is the best dragonball z game sprites battle it out against visually appealing 3D backdrops. In-game camera control also adds cinematic flare to your gameplay while the audio performance adds excitement to the fights. Building on whhat success of its predecessor, Supersonic Warriors 2 offers a range of improvements in combat and visuals to satisfying a varied audience — from die-hard fans of the animated series to members of the fight game community.

Despite only having a shallow fighter roster, at its core Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit displays profound depth and complexity while still maintaining a sense of accessibility, making it an approachable game for new gamers and veterans alike. Burst Limit also happened to be the most visually stunning DBZ game at the time of its release, creating a truly immersive experience for any fan of the franchise.

With over plus battles awaiting gamers, this is a captivating entry into the DBZ franchise, sure to be enjoyed by Dragon Ball Z fans and fight game enthusiasts. Perhaps the most impressive entry of the three accounts within the Legacy of Goku series, Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II picks up where The Legacy of Goku left off-- literally and figuratively-- building on the brand into a far superior product.

Wbat ability to control multiple characters, from Goku to Piccolois a nice aspect missing from the original game. Additionally, combat is more involved, with enemies offering up more of a vest, especially when they attack in groups. However, where Budokai Tenkaichi 2 really shines is in its battle gwme. Building on the success of Budokai Tenkaichi, the game features new vanishing attacks and counters, and dragonvall battle controls are more intuitive than the original.

Its strong production value, fan service, and immense hours of replayability makes this a rewarding DBZ game to play. Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 does drgonball that, and so much more As a vast improvement from the original XenoVerse, XenoVerse 2 still features the same vest character creation mode as well as a wealth of new content.

Its stunning visuals whxt impressive cinematic cutscenes succeed in giving a ehat authentic Dragon Ball Z experience that a fan of the franchise is sure not to miss. It features the largest roster ever compiled for a Dragon Ie Z game-- characters in total-- and delivers rich content worthy of multiple playthroughs.

Battle mechanics shine through here once again. The two-button system is simplistic enough to grasp, but deceptively hides the complexity gamf combos and its challenging learning curve.

Battles whatt been balanced from the previous game, adding new defensive counters that make combat more manageable and lend a more captivating immersive experience than the previous Budokai Tenkaichi games. The overall balanced experience gives a completed game feel — thoroughly polished and inclusive, giving you an awesome package to play through over and over again. This is perhaps what makes Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 a refreshing take and perfect jump point for newcomers and fans alike.

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BEST: Dragon Ball FighterZ is the most super

Jan 23,  · Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot recently released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s a fun adaptation of the anime series, but it’s too early to start ranking it among the best and worst Dragon Ball games. Oct 31,  · The Super Nintendo has more than a few Dragon Ball fighting games, but Hyper Dimension might be the best of the lot. Where the Super Butoden sub-series dominates in quantity (both in terms of number of games & in regards to roster size,) Hyper Dimension plays up its refined mechanics and strong visuals.. Atmospherically, Hyper Dimension is one of the best looking on the . Download best fan made Dragon Ball Z PC Games. The largest collection of free Dragon Ball Z games in one place!

With there being well over video games based on Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga and subsequent anime, narrowing down the list to the best 10 titles of all time is far from an easy feat.

Admittedly, this is less about being spoiled for choice and more a case of there just being a ton of mediocre Dragon Ball games that barely try to stick out from the crowd. Similar to most of Dragon Ball 's earliest titles, the shoot'em up - yes, shoot'em up - never made it out of Japan. While the West needed around another decade to truly catch Goku fever, nowadays, a year can barely pass without a Saiyan-themed fighting game or RPG hitting shelves.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has already been announced for Updated March 11, by Mark Sammut: Dragon Ball is a forever expanding franchise, at least when it comes to games.

It is safe to say that there is a bit of a demand for Saiyan-themed games, and Dragon Ball's resume is absolutely massive. There are also some gems out there that deserve some more attention. In fact, it is one of the franchise's lowest-rated modern games, with criticism being leveled at its by-the-numbers storyline and overly simplistic combat. Along with the game looking great and running quite smoothly, Battle of Z differentiates itself from other Dragon Ball games by emphasizing team-building and co-op play.

Even in the lengthy single-player mode, the focus is more on crafting a balanced team rather than the combat.

Nintendo's handheld systems seem to inspire Dragon Ball to try something slightly different, at least for the franchise. As the campaign does not simply jump from one fight to the next, it only covers a fraction of Dragon Ball Z 's storyline, concluding with the Saiyan Saga.

Attack Of The Saiyans does very little to separate itself from other turn-based RPGs , but it is a serviceable one that should please fans of the franchise and the genre. While derivative in the grand scheme of things, this Nintendo DS title is relatively unique in the Dragon Ball world.

Unlike Dragon Ball Z , Dragon Ball focuses more on adventure and comedy, particularly during its earliest chapters. Consequently, Origins is less driven by combat, although there are still plenty of enemies to defeat and attacks to learn. Split into episodes and featuring solid 3D visuals for the DS, Origins plays quite well and comes packed with plenty of endearing nods to Akira Toriyama's property.

The sequel is also decent, making the Origins series a worthwhile pick for anyone looking for Dragon Ball adventure games. Long before Arc System Works got its hands on Akira Toriyama's series, Super Dragon Ball Z took a stab at adapting this iconic license into a legitimate fighting game rather than an arena brawler. With a curated roster of 18 characters and a combat system revolving around close-quarters combos, Super Dragon Ball Z is a traditional fighter that prioritizes skill over style.

In terms of combat, Super Dragon Ball Z is deeper than most of the franchise's other offerings, but it does fall short when it comes to single-player content and unlockables. Although it was the first DBZ title for the Xbox generation and received a ton of hype at the time it isn't looked back fondly too much nowadays. While there is a reason for that with its minuscule roster and the story mode ending on Cell, that doesn't mean the game is without merit.

The game still looks beautiful and its in-engine cutscenes especially look fantastic for a game from While the fighting is stripped down mechanically speaking from the Budokai series, it still plays well and is faster than its predecessors.

This is a DBZ game that deserved a sequel which never came. While the Raging Blast series always felt like lesser versions of the beloved Budokai Tenkaichi, this doesn't necessarily mean that they were bad games. In fact, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 is one of the more underrated fighters in the franchise.

It even plays like a much more simplified version of Budokai Tenkaichi 3 which for some is welcome as BT3 is quite complicated for newcomers. Unlike many fighters with massive rosters, this game actually introduces at least one unique technique per character which makes them stand out much more. Instead of retelling the story of the anime, the game has "Galactic Missions" which are isolated fights that focus on a path for characters from Goku to Tarble.

It may be a lesser version of later games on the list, but it's still a solid time. Most people assume that the Budokai line of Dragon Ball games ended with Budokai 3 , but gamers would be mistaken to think that. Despite being on the weaker PSP, the gameplay is perfectly comparable to the PS2 classic and even makes some improvements to the formula. The Dragon Rush system from Budokai 3 is removed and the Ultimates come out much fast so the fighting isn't hampered by the need to appear cinematic.

While the story isn't the best in a Dragon Ball game, it gets credit for having different paths depending on if fights are won or lost and for having an original story of Future Trunks dealing with Majin Buu in his timeline. The concept of Fusion in Dragon Ball is extremely popular for something that was introduced in such a divisive saga as the Buu arc. But no other game focused on this idea more than the 3Ds game known simply as Dragon Ball Fusions.

The premise of the game is so simple that it's astonishing that it wasn't done before; what if anybody could fuse with anyone else in the Dragon Ball world? This game answers that question with amazing results as there is fan service in here from top to bottom.

A huge open world to explore, satisfying RPG combat, and a bonkers story? You can want nothing else from a handheld DBZ game. Released in January , one would think that DBZ games have told the story enough times at this point that players would be fed up about it.

But DBZ: Kakarot there is still juice left in the fruit. The presentation is where this game shines however as it's the best representation of the main DBZ story ever in a video game and the side quests have clever easter eggs for hardcore fans. It's not without its faults, but it is a meaty game worth its weight for any fan of the franchise. In Japan, Dragon Ball Heroes is a hugely popular arcade trading game that debuted in Putting aside the occasional insane clip of a Super Saiyan 4 Gohan or Broly hitting YouTube, Western players had to wait until to get a proper taste of the spin-off series.

World Mission takes place in a universe where Dragon Ball exists as an anime that spawned a popular card game. Once the virtual and real worlds begin to collide, the protagonist must collect cards of their favorite Z-fighters to battle a wild plethora of villains. The story is cheesy, the turn-based gameplay has depth but is also incredibly repetitive, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of cards to collect. The last part earns World Mission a spot on this list.

Following the Budokai Tenkaichi series, Dragon Ball 's console games hit a bit of a rough spell. Burst Limit has solid combat but suffers from a limited roster, Ultimate Tenkaichi may as well have "out of ideas" stamped on the box cover, and Battle of Z is a decent team-based action-RPG pretending to be a fighting game. Xenoverse 2 is the best of a rather sad bunch, but 's sequel improves just enough on its predecessor to be worth recommending.

Based on Dragon Ball Online , Xenoverse 2 shines through its deep customization system and quantity if not quality of content. The combat is fine but lacks the depth to support a campaign that can easily last 20 hours. The gameplay mainly takes the shape of team battles, as both sides try to swing the momentum in their favor. While still technically a fighter, The Legend injects an element of strategy into proceedings, as there is no point in winning your fight if the rest of the team is on the receiving end of a demolition.

Graphically, 's title boasts stunning 2D sprites and impressive 3D backgrounds. Surprisingly, Toriyama's license is more consistent on handheld systems than home consoles. The end result is a highly respectable fighting game that blends turn-based mechanics with a card system.

Characters are leveled up by assigning attack, support, and defense cards; however, each fighter is limited to only a few upgrades per playthrough. Legendary Super Warriors boasts a robust campaign and a ton of replayability, even if the unique gameplay may not be for everyone.

Hyper Dimension is the most influential and important Dragon Ball fighting game of all time. Covering all of Dragon Ball Z 's main Sagas, Hyper Dimension has only ten playable fighters; that said, all the characters play distinctively enough to require each to be individually mastered.

Along with an extensive array of special or situational moves, the combat is dynamic and highly responsive. Even after all these years, Hyper Dimension remains fantastic. Released in , Budokai 3 was the pinnacle of Dimps' run of 2D fighting games on the PlayStation 2. With tight combat mechanics, gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, and an expansive "Story Mode" boasting campaigns for eleven different characters, Budokai 3 is everything a fan of the series could possibly desire.

Compared to other 2D fighters, Budokai 3 is just slightly above average. Stacked up against other Dragon Ball or even anime fighting games in general? Budokai 3 is nothing short of brilliant. Deciding whether to give the edge to Budokai Tenkaichi 3 or Budokai 3 was the most difficult part of compiling this list. In the end, the former receives the nod due to truly feeling like the ultimate love letter to the series, even if the 3D combat is less refined than Budokai 3 's mechanics. Budokai Tenkaichi 3 boasts one of the biggest rosters in a fighting game of all time, while the "Dragon History" mode covers the original Dragon Ball , Z , GT , the movies, and even includes some "What If" scenarios.

While the combat is not particularly complex and the roster share most of the combo attacks, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 adapts the license's trademark visual spectacle better than most other titles.

Considering the Game Boy Advance 's The Legacy of Goku has a better chance of landing on a list commemorating the worst Dragon Ball games, the sequels securing such a high spot is honestly remarkable. Focusing on the Cell and Majin Buu Sagas respectively, The Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu's Fury highlight the source material's sense of adventure that is often left unrepresented by the majority of adaptations.

Action-RPGs with multiple playable characters, side quests, unlockable attacks, and temporary transformations, The Legacy of Goku series should be considered a must-play for not only fans of the franchise, but also anyone searching for a fun handheld experience. Buu's Fury introduces elements like assignable stat points and equipment but also requires more grinding than The Legacy of Goku 2. Is anyone surprised?

Speaking solely in terms of gameplay, FighterZ is comfortably ahead of the pack. Boasting a visual style that often threatens to surpass Dragon Ball Super 's animation, the extremely fluid combat system is accessible and a totally accurate representation of the source material. FighterZ allowed Dragon Ball to finally be accepted into the competitive scene, something that none of the previous releases ever came close to accomplishing.

Due to the single-player campaign overstaying its welcome, FighterZ mostly shines as a multiplayer title. Depending on what someone is seeking, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 , The Legacy of Goku 2 , or Budokai 3 can be just as rewarding. By Mark Sammut Updated Mar 11, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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