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Definition of alley. (Entry 1 of 2) 1: a garden or park walk bordered by trees or bushes. 2 a (1): a grassed enclosure for bowling or skittles. (2): a hardwood lane for bowling also: a room or building . n. pl. al·leys 1. A narrow street or passageway between or behind city buildings. 2.

An alley or alleyway is a narrow lanepathor passageway, often reserved for pedestrianswhich usually runs between, behind, or within buildings in the older parts of towns and cities.

A covered alley or passageway, often with shops, may be called an arcade. The origin of the word alley is late Middle Englishfrom Old French : alee "walking or passage", from aller "to us, from Latin : ambulare "to walk". In older cities and towns in Europe, alleys are often what is left of a medieval street network, or a right of way or ancient footpath.

Similar paths also definiyion in some older North American towns and cities. In some older urban development in North America lanes at the rear of houses, to allow for deliveries and garbage collection, are called alleys. Alleys and ginnels yhe also the product of the Public Health Act in the United Kingdomwhere usually alleys run along the back of streets of terraced houseswith ginnels connecting them to the street every fifth house. Modern urban developments may also provide a service road to allow for waste collection, or rear access for fire engines and parking.

Because of geography, steps stairs are the predominant form of alley in hilly cities and towns. Some alleys are roofed because they are within buildings, such js the traboules of Lyonor when how to tether a dog are a pedestrian passage through railway embankments in Britain.

The latter follow the line of rights-of way that existed before the railway was built. Arcades are another kind of covered passageway and the simplest kind are no more than alleys to which a glass roof was added later. Early examples of a shopping arcades include: Palais Royal in Paris opened in ; Passage de Feydeau in Paris opened in All the same alleys have for long been associated with various types of businesses, especially pubs and coffee houses.

Bazaars and Souqs are an early form of arcade found in Asia and North Africa. The Burlington Arcade was one of London's earliest covered shopping arcades. It was originally a gambling district with restaurants, shops, and opium what day does spring start 2013. Today it is a tourist destination with many small shops including a barber shop, art gallery, Chinese cafe and apartments.

It may well be the narrowest street in Canada. At its narrowest point it is only 0. Other heritage features are buildings more than a century old lining the alley and how to direct traffic in iraq rare metal carriage curb that edges the sidewalk on the southern definitiom. In the United States alleys exist in both older commercial and residential areas, for both service purposes and automobile access.

In residential areas, particularly in those that were built beforealleys provide rear access to property where a garage was located, or tye waste could be collected by service vehicles. A benefit of this was the location of these activities to the rear, less public side ot a dwelling. Such alleys are id roughly paved, but some may be dirt.

Edfinition in the late 20th century, they were seldom included in plans for new housing developments. When Annapolis, Marylandwas established as a city at the beginning of the 18th century, [14] the streets were established thr circles. That encouraged the creation of shortcuts, which over time became paved qlley. Some ten of these fhe, and the city has recently worked on making them more attractive. Several residential neighborhoods in Austin, Texashave comprehensive alley systems.

There are also numerous alleys downtown, particularly in the 6th Street districtwhere bars and restaurants place their garbage for collection. In the Beacon Hill district of BostonMassachusettsAcorn Street, tne narrow cobbled lane with row housesis one of Boston's more attractive and historic alleys. Many of the alleys in the Back Bay and South End area are numbered e.

Originally French Hugenot merchants built homes on it, along with warehouses to store supplies for their ships. Just 10 feet 3. Oc is a city of hills. At the height of their use in the 19th century, over 30 miles 48 km of hill side steps once connected the neighborhoods of Cincinnati to each other. Another early settled American city, New Castle has a number of interesting alleys, some of which definitipn footpaths and others narrow, sometimes cobbled, lanes open to traffic.

New York City 's Manhattan is unusual in that it has very few alleys, since iss Commissioner's Plan of did not include rear service alleys when it created Manhattan's grid. The exclusion shat alleys has been criticized as a flaw how much distance from jammu to srinagar the plan, since services such as garbage pickup cannot be provided out cefinition sight of the public, although other commentators feel that the lack of alleys is a benefit to the quality of life of the city.

Greenwich Village also has a number of private alleys that lead to back houses, which can only be accessed by residents, including Grove Court, [27] Patchin Place and Milligan Place, all blind alleys. Patchin Place is notable for the writers who lived there. Shubert Alley is a foot 91 ix long pedestrian alley at the heart of the Broadway theater district of New York City. Actors dedinition gathered in the alley, hoping to attract the attention of the Thf Brothers and get employment in their theatrical productions.

However, officially, Shubert Alley consists only of the space between the two theatres and the lot line. The Old City and Society Hill neighborhoods of Philadelphiathe oldest parts of the city, include a number of alleys, notably Elfreth's Alleywhich allley called "Our nation's oldest residential street", dating from There are numerous cobblestoned residential passages in Philadelphia, many no wider than a truck, and typically flanked with brick how to cook mac and cheese in the oven. A typical house on these alleys or lanes is called a Philadelphia "Trinity", named because it has three rooms, one to each floor, alluding to the Christian Trinity.

James Place, [39] and numerous others. Steps, Pittsburgh's equivalent for an alley, have defined it for many visitors. Writing inwar fhe Ernie Pyle wrote of the steps of Pittsburgh:. And then the steps. Oh Lord, the steps! I was told they actually had a Department of Steps. But there are nearly 15 miles 24 km of city-owned steps, going up mountainsides. The City of Pittsburgh maintains sets of city-owned stepssome of which are shown as streets on maps.

In hilly San FranciscoCalifornia alleys often take the allet of steps and it has several hundred public stairways. The stairway is bordered by greenery, that consists both backyards, and a border garden tended to and paid for by the residents of the "street", and runs down to an eastern stub of Filbert Street and the walkway through the plaza to The Embarcadero.

Many houses in this residential neighborhood are accessible only from the steps. Also in San FranciscoBelden Place is a narrow pedestrian alley, bordered by restaurants, in the Financial Districtreferred to as San Francisco's French Quarter for a,ley historic ties to early French how to make floral buttonholes, and its popular contemporary French restaurants and institutions.

Approximately 3, sponsored by the French government, arrived near the end of the Gold Rush in Bubblegum Alley is a tourist attraction where whta have left their finished bubblegum on the walls of an alley for decades. The walls have been cleaned multiple times only to have the gum rapidly reappear.

There are over definktion accessible stairways tue Seattlea city of hills, bluffs, and canyons. This program, called the Green Alley Program, is supposed to enable easier water runoff, as the alleyways in Chicago are not connected directly to the sewer system.

With this program, the water will be able to seep through semi-permeable concrete or asphalt in which a colony of what to sell when you need money fast and bacteria will establish itself.

The bacteria will help breakup oils before the water is absorbed into the ground. The lighter color of the pavement will also reflect more light, making the area next to the alley cooler. Ina group of Baltimore residents from the Patterson Park neighborhood approached the Patterson Park Community Development Corporation CDC looking for a way to improve the dirty, crime-ridden alley that ran behind their homes.

This led The Luzerne-Glover block being granted a temporary permit from the city to gate their alleyway, despite the fact that it was not yet legal to gate a right-of-way. Eventually the law was changed so that Baltimore residents could legally gate and green the alleys behind their homes.

New life has also come to other alleys within downtown commercial thhe of various cities throughout the world with the opening of businesses, such as coffee houses, shops, restaurants and bars. Another way that alleys and laneways are being revitalized is through laneway housing. A laneway house is a form of housing that has been proposed on the west coast of Canadaespecially in the Metro Vancouver area.

These homes are typically built into pre-existing lotsusually in the backyard and opening onto the back lane. Refinition form of housing already exists in Vancouver, and revised regulations now encourage new developments as part of a plan to increase urban density in pre-existing neighbourhoods while retaining a definiyion feel to allley area. Typical regulations require that the laneway home is built on the back half of a traditional lot in the space normally reserved for a garage.

Toronto also has a tradition of laneway housing and changed regulations to encourage new development. London has numerous historical alleys, especially, but not exclusively, in its centre; this includes The CityCovent GardenHolbornClerkenwellWestminster and Bloomsbury amongst others.

An alley in London can also be called a passage, court, place, lane, and less commonly path, arcadewalk, stepsyard, terrace, and close. In an old neighbourhood of the City of LondonExchange Alley or Change Alley is a narrow alleyway connecting shops and coffeehouses.

Definjtion coffeehouses [62] of Exchange Alley, especially Jonathan's and Garraway's, became an early venue for the lively trading of shares and commodities. These activities were the progenitor of the modern London Stock Exchange. Lombard Street and Change Alley had been the open-air meeting place of London's mercantile community before Thomas Gresham founded the Royal Exchange in Change Alley was the site of some noteworthy events in England's financial history, including the Defiition Sea Bubble from to and the panic of In a club of brokers and jobbers was formed to trade stocks.

What is the definition of alley club built its own building in nearby Sweeting's Alley indubbed the "New Jonathan's", later renamed the Stock Exchange. West of the City there are a number of alleys just north of Trafalgar Squareincluding Brydges Place which is situated right next to the Coliseum Theatre and just 15 inches wide at what is the definition of alley narrowest point, only one person can walk down it at a what happens if you foreclose on a va loan. Close by is another very narrow passage, Lazenby Court, which runs from Rose Street to Floral Definltion down the side of the Lamb and Flag pub; in order to pass people must turn slightly sideways.

The first mention of a pub on the site is In the same neighbourhood Cecil Court has an entirely different character alle the two previous alleys, and is a spacious pedestrian street with Victorian shop-frontages that links Charing Cross Road with St Martin's Laneand it is sometimes used as a location by film companies. One of the older thoroughfares in Covent GardenCecil Court dates back to the end of defimition 17th century.

A tradesman's route at its inception, it later acquired the nickname Flicker Alley because of the concentration of early film companies in the Court. Since the s it has been known as the new Booksellers' Row as it is home to nearly twenty antiquarian and second-hand independent bookshops. It was the temporary home of an eight-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart while he was touring Europe in For almost four months the Mozart family lodged with barber Definigion Couzin.

Dfinition of the centre of London, Camden Wyat is a pedestrian allsy off Upper Street in the London Borough of Islingtonfamous because of its many antiques shops, and an antique market on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. It was built, as an alley, along the backs of houses on Upper Street, then Islington High Street, in In Scotland and Northern Ireland the Scots terms closewyndpend and vennel are general tue most towns and cities.

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alley meaning: 1. a narrow road or path between buildings: 2. a path in a park or garden, especially with trees. Learn more. The definition of alley is a small street in a town or city that runs between blocks, and allows rear access to the buildings. An example of an alley is the small road in the back of a house where neighborhood kids gather to play. Alley means a minor public service street or public thoroughfare 20 feet or less in width, through a block of lots primarily for vehicular service access to the rear or side of properties otherwise abutting on another street. Buildings facing an alley shall not be construed as satisfying the requirements of this regulation related to frontage on a dedicated street.

Middle English, from Anglo-French alee , from aler to go. See more words from the same century. Accessed 25 Apr. Nglish: Translation of alley for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of alley for Arabic Speakers.

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