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Ding-dong HotmailТs dead.. Microsoft has officially transferred all Hotmail accounts to its newer system: Outlook. ThereТs no need for Hotmail users to worry, though; their address will still. Sep 27, †Ј All email sent to that alias email address is delivered to the same account Ц possibly even the same inbox Ц as my original [email protected] address. I can tell mybajaguide.com to use this new alias as the default when sending email as well, making it look like IТve changed my email address even though I log in to the same place with.

For us to assist you better, kindly answer the following questions:. Meanwhile, if aimane how to manage a devil girl using Outlook. Fill in the name of the person you're trying to find and press Enter.

You can also use an email address to search. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. Learn the way to find people's email addresses. Finding an Email Address on the Web. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Xylee Del Microsoft Agent. For us to assist you better, kindly answer the following questions: Are you using an MSN application or a browser to access your account on MSN?

Are you searching for a specific person's email address on your contact list? Are you using Outlook. We'll be waiting for your reply. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. User Volunteer Moderator. Hi, Learn the way to find people's email addresses.

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Apr 21, †Ј Around the same time that Yahoo acquired its main competitor, Four11 RocketMail, Hotmail went to Microsoft and underwent a series of rebranding campaigns: MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail and. Feb 23, †Ј Are you searching for a specific person's email address on your contact list? Are you using mybajaguide.com to access your hotmail account? Meanwhile, if you're using mybajaguide.com to access your email, see the search bar at the left sidebar. Fill in the name of the person you're trying to find and press Enter. You can also use an email address to. Adding a third-party email account to Windows Live Hotmail is a great way for PC users with multiple accounts to manage and centralize the use of their email accounts. The "Add an email account" link in Hotmail is used to add another email address.

YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - About. Technology in terms you understand. Sign up for the Confident Computing newsletter for weekly solutions to make your life easier. Click here and get The Ask Leo! The common reaction is to want to change your email address or close your account.

You could create a new email address, but that typically creates a new email account. That means everything associated with the old account is lost in the transition: email and contacts as well as additional services like calendars, cloud storage and other items associated with the account. Everything remains in the old account, but the new account Ч and email address Ч is starting over with a clean, and empty, slate.

When Hotmail transitioned to Outlook. Become a Patron of Ask Leo! All email sent to that alias email address is delivered to the same account Ч possibly even the same inbox Ч as my original askleoexample hotmail. I can tell Outlook. Naturally, you must be able to log in to your account in order to be able to create an alias for it. This is not a technique that can be used to help you recover anything. Click on Add alias. My account now has two email addresses that will reach it: askleoexample hotmail.

Email sent to that alias will show up in the Outlook. In the account aliases list that was presented after we created the new alias, click on the Make primary link for the new alias.

Un check the opportunity to get more email from Microsoft, and then click on Yes. The alias is now the primary email address associated with your account. It may take up to 48 hours for everything to finish changing across all Microsoft services. People can email you at your old email address, and they can email you at your new email address. All the email will appear in your inbox. In fact you can log in to your account using either email address, and you can send email from either account.

When you compose a new message, click on the little down-arrow next to your email address:. You may have noticed that when we set the new alias as the primary, we actually have the option of removing the old email address:.

Now, on the surface it seems like you can complete an actual and complete change of email address by now clicking that Remove link. Once you do that, you lose all control over that email address. Legitimate people trying to reach you will be unable to. You may not be able to get it back. Worse, eventually someone else may be able to create an email account or alias with your old email address. Subscribe to Confident Computing! NOW: name your own price! You decide how much to pay -- and yes, that means you can get this report completely free if you so choose.

Get your copy now! I cannot write any email. What should I do? I would appreciate your help on this issue. That sounds like a browser problem. Clearing your cache might help. My wife has a similar problem. She has a Yahoo account she has not been able to access for many months. She forgot her password. The password is linked to a Hotmail account. She also forgot the password for her Hotmail account.

She is interested in changing to an alias but right now she cannot change anything. Is there a way for her to find her password so she can log on? There has to be some way to prove you are the account owner and not some hacker. Start here: Email Hacked? I never entered them before. Never entered my real name either. They made it impossible for me to login Е Ending rant. Thank you for this article. I have been using my email for almost 8 years now and I really needed this. I followed your instructions step by step however I did not receive a confirmation email from Outlook regarding my new alias.

My email address is xxxxx hotmail. I asked for and got an alias: xxxxx1 outlook. But now my mail is going from the alias, ie.

Please help me restore my primary and get rid of the alias? H I have just set up my outlook. As i like to have all my emails well organisaed I have several differnet accounts and addresses , I set up both my primary and alias email addresses in my Outlook, so that now I have two separate inboxes and all associated folders. How can I do that, and how come the email came to my alias inbox MS Outlook with the primary email appearing in the TO line?????

I have 3 e-mail addresses on one Hotmail account, the primary e-mail address and two aliases. It works well, but is it possible to change the sending name of each e-mail address, for example the primary address with my full name, the alias with my nick-name etc? And if not, why not? Show me how to do that, want to have a different name, not my name out there in craiglist world, thanks. This info is incorrect. All you are changing here is the first part of your address.

When the email is received it still shows your full name. How is that an alias? I have my gmail account as my primary account linked to microsoft. What do I have to to get my hotmail acccount back and still use my gmail as my primary account?

Great stuff Leo! I just created an alias in my outlook account, just for the sake of trying it out.

U mentioned not to delete the original address, as that would have unwanted consequences, so I wonder if deleting the newly created alias is also risky? If you have given that address to someone, the only consequence would be that their email to that address would bounce. April 4, at pm. Another more sophisticated option would be to use an email program like Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail and add an account entry for each alias. In Thunderbird, this can be done by clicking on the top level of the account folder the one containing the account or alias name.

The filter name will automatically be filled in for you, although you can change it it whatever is easiest for you to work with. Sorry but it seems to me that they missed the reason for having an Alias. I finally convinced my 80 yr.

He stays at the camp for the summer. We have a friend we email daily. Here ,s the problem we all three of us can view the others emails. If I email down east my husband logs on and there it is.

My friend logs on not even having hotmail and she can read our emails to each other. Privacy is Not being observed. How can I have my husband on my account yet on his own. Nicely done post. I have an email account just like you with Hotmail for many years. Now I wanted to switch my account to the same exact email address, but at outlook or live. The only reason you would not be able to switch an old Hotmail account to the same address at outlook. Because those are completely different accounts.

In fact, they may even already be in use by someone else. Hi Leo! I just signed in to a University and it requires me to use their newly created email for me, but when i tried to add that email as an alias, windows said that the email is already taken, while i know that this is impossible as im the only one knowing this email, and the university. When you add an alias to Outlook. I removed my Hotmail account from my MS profile unaware of the fact that the account will become unreachable.

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