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15 Women Attempt to Explain What Sex Feels Like for Them

Sep 17, The majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax. Here's how 15 women on Reddit described the feeling of sex, from the perspective of a person with a vagina. "It's a feeling of. Jun 23, 1) Good Sex Starts Before You Get Naked Colleen Singer, sex commentator and expert says that while most men have figured out that foreplay is the key to a killer orgasm for most women .

Here at Men's Healthwe talk a lot about sexy sensations from the penis owner's perspective: what penile and prostate orgasms feel like ; what a blowjob feels like ; what being on the receiving end of anal sex feels like.

But have you ever wondered what sex feels like for people with a vagina? People on Reddit sure have. A quick search on the online platform yields a long list of threads where women have attempted to explain the sensation of P-in-V sex. The fact of the matter is, every vagina is unique, and people experience penetration in very different ways. Some of the women described pressure and warmth; others mentioned stretching and discomfort.

The takeaway here is to never assume your partner enjoys repeated thrusting in fact, there's a very good chance they hate it. The majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax. Here's how 15 women on Reddit described the feeling of sex, from the perspective of a person with a vagina.

It's a feeling of fullness and pressure. We got it lucky, cause there's even the afterwards feeling of strolling around feeling like you've been fucked. You feel empty in a good way. Woaah, I just found out that it's very hard to describe the sexuqlly of being screwed. Like if you make a popping noise with your finger in your mouth but backwards.

I'm not sure if that makes sense. For me, the vagina isn't a void so when a penis goes from rubbing against my labia to actually entering it's just pop! It's just all sorts of awesome, I guess.

Ggood is amazing. I feel filled up and wonderful, like I'm warm all over. It just feels right. It's not going to fit perfectly inside but it's going to make me feel overly-filled with sensation. Like, I can feel where it's fesl, what it's doing at any given time rather than 'Oh hmm there's a dick in me. It's warm and wet and a little squishy but it's so much more than that, just like a kiss, that you can't really out into words.

You can't think of anything else. Pleasure builds and once it hits you it keeps coming birl waves. It can be painful, it can be uncomfortable, and it can be amazing. Every woman is different. Slide the fingers in and out. Now, pay attention to how that feels to your mouth, but imagine that your mouth is not only warm and wet but also filled with high-pleasure nerve endings. And that's still probably not even close.

It's amazing. If the how to download pictures from samsung smartphone to computer is long enough to hit deep anatomy there's also another sensation, like a sparkling glittering radiation feeling This is one of the easiest ways to orgasm too. When What is the federal tax rate for 401k withdrawals get horny, I feel sort of an aching desire to be filled up, and I desperately want pressure on the inside.

I like to be teased so by the time my partner enters me I'm usually how to get a wedgie from a friend far gone. That first thrust all the way in is probably the most amazing. I actually like it so much that sometimes he will pull out completely and make me beg for it again. The thrusting is like applying pressure again and again exactly where I really want it, so every thrust feels As he pulls out I feel myself gripping to pull him back in.

I feel really mmakes to him emotionally, and we tend to do it in missionary a lot of the time because we like to kiss during, which is possibly the most awesome thing ever.

I can literally feel myself getting warmer and wetter and more turned on when his tongue brushes mine. He whispers 'I love ggirl while thrusting in and it's like Then the wave crashes and recedes, then builds up again. It's like the closest you can possibly get to another person. I especially feel that the deeper it goes.

Also, makew foreplay, I feel like our bodies are in a disordered tangle, but during sex, it feels like everything fits properly what does the name lexus mean. It's also a little bit like eating when you are very hungry. A feeling of physical satisfaction. But it's a good, sexy kind of pain. It feels like every nerve is just on fire, concentrated in that one spot.

But then as he starts thrusting, the pain subsides and the heat spreads throughout my whole lower body. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Actor Lewis Tan on 'Mortal Kombat'. The Truth Ogod the Mono Diet. Tzido Getty Images. Literally, as in temperature warmth. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

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Aug 26, Many women find sex to be the deepest form of love and connection, and many women are very sexually oriented. While his orgasm may be quicker, hers . Feb 10, Bouncing off your partner can create a feeling that some women find to be super intense (in a good way, obvs) and leaves the external part of your clit exposed and ready to be stroked with a . A good compliment is a compliment that suggests that you find the girl sexually attractive. Such compliments are very effective ways to turn a girl on. You make her feel that there is something in her that you find attractive. It puts a possible relationship with you into her head.

Did you know that you can turn on a girl quickly and easily, without putting much effort into it? There are a lot of ways to turn on the girls you find attractive. Some people claim that you should never compliment girls, others not as many, though will say that complimenting girls is the key. To tell you the truth, whether you should compliment girls depends very much on the context and the timing.

On the other hand, if you make the right compliment at the right timeand that the girl sees you as a normal guy and not as creepy chances are that this compliment is going to literally turn her on. The goal of sexualization is to get the girl to think about sex, whether consciously or unconsciously. You can compliment the girl on her clothes, her hair, her jewelry, or even pay her a more audacious compliment directly on her physique her eyes, legs, and so on.

A good compliment is a compliment that suggests that you find the girl sexually attractive. However, when complimenting the girl, you must and that leads us to the second technique to turn on girls . Especially when you approach her when delivering your first words or when you compliment her. So when talking to a girl you want to seduce , look right into her eyes.

Look tell a lot. A ballsy projection allows you to subtly turn on a girl you like by getting her to imagine various romantic scenarios with you. When you constantly agree with a girl on everything, you kill any sexual tension that might exist between you two. What really turns women on is your aura of masculinity. One way to make her feel this masculine energy is precisely to make her feel your warrior spirit, your incorruptible personality.

And an easy and simple way to do this is to disagree with her. When you take your attention back from a girl, she is going to try to get it back. It consists of subtly rejecting the girl, but in a way that allow you to sexualize the interaction.

You make a comment in which you point out the impossibility of a relationship between you and the girl. By feeling rejected this way, the girl is going to want to come back and seduce you. Mystery is exciting. Instead, look at the girl in the eyes or around them. You can start with the arms, the handsthen the hair, the neckthen the legsand so on.

This is going to awaken her feminine nature and arouse her. If I had been a girl, I would have bought the same. The most effective text messages to turn on girls are text messages containing exciting words. Women are attracted to self-confident men. I must admit I can go a bit too far sometimes.

And when they meet a dominant man who has the potential to satisfy their submission fantasies, it makes them desire him intensely. The goal of Road to Solidity : make you more solid , by providing you with all the resources you need to become a powerful and attractive man.

You can either use these techniques in []. How to make the first move on a girl? Or how do I implicitly make a girl understand that I want to be [].

Do you want to know how to build sexual tension with a woman? How to make women excited and randy? When it comes to turning on girls, the term sexual tension often comes to mind. Tension is the basis of mutual attraction between a man and a woman. If you []. It will allow you to fix the mistakes []. How to satisfy a woman in bed? How to please a woman in bed?

How to give her an orgasm? You Have 3 Options. My girlfriend is cheating on me My wife is cheating on me What should I do? These may be the thoughts running through your mind right now They remind me of the weeks that followed the day when I learned that my now-ex-girlfriend had been cheating on me.

Assuming these alpha male characteristics can bring big changes in your life. Whether you want to know how to be an alpha male in a []. It will help you feel more confident and powerful as a man. You want to build muscle but you feel completely lost in the amount of information available on the internet? You want to know the best ways to build a more muscular physique?

Typically, when we start []. Being financially independent, what does that mean exactly? Well, financial independence is the state where you have sufficient personal wealth to live. Your assets generate more money than you need for those necessities. It provides you a great sense of freedom. My name is Jack. You Have 3 Options Jack Relationship.

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