what makes her so much better than me

what makes her so much better than me?

Tell me what makes her so much better than me (so much better than me) What makes her just everything I can never be What makes her your every dream and fantasy Because I can remember when it was me And now you don't feel the same I remember you would shiver everytime I said your name You said nothing felt as good as when you gaze into my eyes. Shes not better than you. Youre equals. I spent about 7 years of my 20s chasing the wrong girl. I didnt see it at the time but I had her on a pedestal. Every time we broke up, which was often, I thought I really blew it and would never find so.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and m to download your data on this help page. M y ex what does ethnic religion mean once siad what education benefits are there for veterans not the marrying type then bomb!

I'm devastated1and to look at me and her it's not self praise I look much better than her, what do men want? Some men want someone to give them what they want, when they want, and how they want it.

And without knowing it you did just that. Sorry to say you were used, when he wouldn't let you spend the weekend that should have put up???. What man wouldn't let a woman spend the night, let alone the weekend, come on now.

Were you that caught up in him you how to perform hymen examination in virginity test see it coming. Men can only do what we as women wyat them do and yes sometimes we can't see it coming.

But now that it has pick yourself up and move on. If you are better looking it doesn't matter, she has him and you don't. So you show him he lost out not you. He is a jerk and will get thhan in the end, she might run him crazy.

And than you will have the last laugh. Never waist time wondering what if. Think of it this way, you were to much for him to handle so he got someone he could. And remember she was there all the time. Move on you are too good for him. There are still good men out there they are just hard to find. Good luck and always D. First of all, beauty isn't the all deciding factor when it comes to what men look for in women.

Personality is the most important factor that men consider when committing themselves to a long-term relationship just like women. That being said, it looks like he simply wasn't as attracted to you as thqn was with this other woman. You shouldn't feel bad, though; somewhere out there is a guy who is tailor made for you. Whatever happens, don't berate yourself for how the relationship went.

Move on, and look forward to meeting a new bteter who may be a better match for you! It takes more than looks to make a relationship work. Besides you probably gave him everything he needed without him letting you move in. I don't mean to be rude, but you was not his lady. You was what makes her so much better than me the sex doll holding the place, until his real woman came along.

You ever hear the saying. Learn from this and consider it his lost. When your in a relationship and you feel things are not right then maybe it's the best you ended it anyway. He obviously wasn't right for you anyway, if he didn't respect you enough to give you his all. Be glad you got away from him. Nobody knows what men wha.

Luckily they all want something different, and he obviously found what he wanted in the other girl. Hsr there are plenty of guys out there who would want someone just like you Im sure. Nothing makes her better than you What do men want? Who knows?! They are confusing. Maybe it was just meant to be with her and not you. Maybe you're gonna meet someone better than him and who is right for you? Trending News. Woman donated billions, then the scammers appeared.

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Answer Save. It is not important what you think about yourself but it is important what he see in you as well as It is not important what he thinks about himself but it is important what you see in he. The Fresh One. Daddy Big Dawg Lv bettet. I don't think he was interested in you enough when he was with you.

You mustn't have been the "one". I'm sorry this has happened to you but it's not your fault. It sounds like you and him just werent meant to be. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Feb 28, M y ex now once siad he's not the marrying type then bomb! we break up and now he's getting married she's moved in with him when he wouldnt even let me spend the weekend at his place! I'm devastated1and to look at me and her it's not self praise I look much better than her, what do . What Makes Her So Much Better than Me? Beta'ed by: RhiniHeartBreaker. Disclaimer: Do you honestly think I own the Clique? If yes, did you even look at the cover?. You look out onto the makeshift dance floor in your living room made by the party-goers. Jul 16, I never really got over him!!! Hes been dating this girl for about a month and half. He started dating her 2wks after he wrote me. He says(ive heard) hes in love with her. I dont talk to him cause whats the point?? I really cant be his friend. I sent him a text not from my phone but my friends phone saying that i love him and that i hope his happy.

Check out words from the year you were born and more! We're intent on clearing it up. Build vocab with Puku today! Prince Philip dies at Some people think they're better than you because they say "better than I" instead of "better than me. They're not, of course. They're just among the select group of grammar enthusiasts who think that than can only be a conjunction.

You, on the hand, recognize that it can also be a preposition. Good choice. That's right: whether you say "better than me," "taller than I," or "more annoying than they" has to do with grammatical categories that we typically only consider when a teacher asks us to. Of course, we in fact rely on these categories for all of our language-based communication, whether we do so consciously or not. Than has been a conjunction since before the 12th century.

A conjunction , if you will remember no judgment here if you don't , is a word that joins together other words or groups of words. In particular, than has been and continues to be a subordinating conjunction. That means that it introduces a subordinate clause , which is a clause aka, a group of words that includes both a subject and predicate that does not form a simple sentence by itself.

As a subordinating conjunction, than joins a subordinate clause to a main clause , which is a clause that can be used as a simple sentence by itself. Here is an example of the subordinating conjunction than doing what it does:. We can modify our example to something much simpler that still demonstrates than as a subordinating conjunction:. Again the main clause is unchanged, but the subordinate clause is shrunk to almost nothing: it's than I , with the verb am understood but not explicitly present.

Now here's where things get strange. There is no longer an invisible but understood verb; there is instead a grammatically very simple comparison. Any time you see than followed by me or any of the other pronouns that would follow the verb see such as them , him , her these are pronouns that function as the object of the verb , it's functioning as a preposition. The use has existed since at least the midth century, but two centuries into English speakers' prepositional than habit, those 18th-century grammarians began to weigh in on the matter, and the most influential of themone Bishop Lowthsaid than was a conjunction and only a conjunction.

If than is only a conjunction, then any pronoun that follows it must be the kind of pronoun that typically starts sentences and clauses offthat is, it must be functioning as the subject in the clause it introduces : I , he , she , they. And this is in fact what's been prescribed by those who would tell you to use your language better: "taller than I," "slower than she," "older than he," "more annoying than they" are, we're told, superior to "taller than me," "slower than her," "older than him," "more annoying than them.

But there's another weird twist: the same grammarians who would have than only be followed by pronouns like I , he , she , and they also asserted that the pronoun whom and not who should follow than. To which we say, "Right?? Whom is used albeit rarely as the object of the verb, as in "I wasn't sure whom to ask.

And good old Bishop Lowth believed that whom and not who should follow than. His explanationwhich was that who has reference only to its antecedent and not to an understood verb or prepositiondoesn't have much substance. We suspect that the real reason he wanted "than whom" is because John Milton, literary sensation who lived in the preceding century, used it in Paradise Lost.

Lowth quotes the text:. Which when Beelzebub perceived, than whom, Satan except, none higher sat, with grave Aspect he rose, and in his rising seem'd A pillar of state Another 18th century grammarian was, we can only assume, muttering to himself. William Ward identified than as both conjunction and preposition in his text a mere three years after Lowth's assertion about it being only a conjunction.

And Mr. Ward is right: than is both a conjunction and a preposition, and its prepositional pedigree is unimpeachable: it was employed as such by the likes of Shakespeare, Swift, Johnson, and Boswelland Milton with his "than whom. What this means for you, our persevering reader, is that you can use than as either also. Go now, with our blessing. And of any who may criticize your use of than we wish only this: may you prove yourself better at justifying your pronoun use than them.

Or, than they because both are in fact totally fine. One last tip: if you want to follow the rule set up by an 18th century stickler because his opinions about than have been repeated for centuries without real justification, imagine a verb following the pronoun you want to put after than. It's not "more annoying than them are "; it's "more annoying than they are.

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