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Top 10 Dukes of Hazzard Car Facts Revealed About the General Lee

Aug 14, If you are interested in all the cars and vehicle brands and models seen in film The Dukes of Hazzard () this post may be very informative to you. Enjoy! Chevrolet Chevelle. Dodge Coronet. Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2. Dodge Charger. Chevrolet Camaro. Ford Mustang Mach 1. Chevrolet Chevelle. Ford LTD. General Lee. The General Lee, sometimes referred to as simply the General is the name given to a Dodge Charger driven by the Duke boys, Bo and Luke, along with cousins Coy and Vance (in season 5). It is known for its signature horn, its police chases, stuntsespecially its long jumpsand for having its doors welded shut, leaving the Dukes to climb in and out through the windows.

I was just 7 years old when the TV series first aired in The show first aired on CBS in and ran episodes spanning seven seasons until it ended in As the legend goes, the Duke boys were in trouble with the law since the day they were born. The main cast and supporting characters changed over time but the primary actors on the original show included:. In fact, the Charger received more fan mail than the entire cast combined during the shows entire seven seasons on air.

How many Dukes of Hazzard cars were wrecked? There were between and Dodge Chargers destroyed over episodes of the series. When production finally ended inonly 17 of the Chargers survived in various states of condition. What color was the Dukes of Hazzard Car? The exact paint color has been a source of debate since What color interior did hazzwrd have?

However, several chargers had tye interior colors when being converted for the show and were all died to match the correct light brown color. How did the General Lee get its name? The polarizing flag later became a symbol of moddl and proud Southern heritage for bikers, truckers, and many in the South. The confederate flag has also become a symbol of hate, discrimination, dykes racial injustice.

As a result, the show has been removed from syndication. What song does how to make a router table top Dukes of Hazzard moddel play? The what is the house gop Dixie horn tune used on the show djkes happened by accident. How much is a General Lee car? It hazzrd cast signatures on the passenger visor and was a recreation, oc an original car used on the show.

How high did the General Lee jump? On November 11,a stuntman launched one off a dirt ramp 16 feet high and 82 feet long. The opening credits of the show featured this iconic and historic police car jump off of a dirt mound. In an effort to keep the Charger level during the jump, multiple bags of cement-filled the trunk to help counterbalance the front end to prevent it from flipping.

Due to the height, speed and weight of the vehicle, it was totaled upon impact with the ground. Where can you buy a General Lee car?

Fortunately, there are many recreations and tributes available due to the popularity of the show and subsequent movies. You can often find clones, tributes, recreations, and even original cars at auctions like Mecum or Barrett-Jackson, at online sources hte eBay Autos, Hemmings, and Craiglist, or in printed publications like AutoTrader. What kind of car was the General? What engine did the General Lee have? The engine varied across three different displacements including, and cubic inch versions.

Each used a single 4-barrel carburetor backed by a 3-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission. Are you a fan of the Hazzars of Hazzard car? Do you wish you had one? Tell me what you think about it in the comments below! What model is the dukes of hazzard car Pop Culture. Quick Navigation. Code 70 Flame Red Paint Chip. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. How fast was this this thing? How much horsepower? I want the deets Loading What Do You Think?

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SHERIFF ROSCOS POLICE CAR Sheriff Roscos Police Car was one of four official Dukes of Hazzard model kits released in the 80s by MPC. It came with a few options that the TV car didnt have, like a search lights, a speaker and an antenna mounted on the side of the trunk. The model was molded white, so you didnt have to paint it. Feb 25, The Dukes of Hazzard Car Was a Dodge Charger. What kind of car was the General? Officially, the Duke boys car is a Dodge Charger R/T, however, they werent always available due to local supply shortages. When this happened, either a Charger or AMC Ambassador would be used instead. The General Lee Used Three Different Engines. Jul 06, Numerous Dodge Chargers were used in filming the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard." One was displayed during the 37th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Cars auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, in

It is known for its signature horn, its police chases, stuntsespecially its long jumpsand for having its doors welded shut, leaving the Dukes to climb in and out through the windows. Traveller was also the name of the car in Moonrunners , the movie precursor to The Dukes of Hazzard.

A AMC Matador was one of many different Hazzard County police cars used on the series, mostly in the first season; they had light bars and working radios. From the second season, the Dodge Monaco was mostly used.

From mid season four the similar looking Plymouth Fury was used instead. A Plymouth Roadrunner yellow with a black stripe was used by Daisy Duke in the first five episodes of the first season. Like other vehicles in the show, there was actually more than one Jeep used throughout the series.

Sometimes it would have an automatic transmission, and other times it would be a manual. The design of the roll-cage also varied across the seasons.

These Jeeps were leased to the producers of the show by American Motors Corporation in exchange for a brief mention in the closing credits of the show. Get In Touch.

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