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Hebrew words for prince include ??????, ????, ??????? and ??????. Find more Hebrew words at mybajaguide.com! Dec 18, †Ј The masculine equivalent is ????? (sar) which means СprinceТ. The first letter in the name, the letter ? (yod) is the prefix that denotes the future tense masculine singular for verbs, thus changing the meaning given by Alcalay above to Сhe will struggleТ, Уhe will striveФ, Уhe will be a rulerФ.

Sign In Register. Names with "prince" in Meaning. This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword prince. More Filters. Meaning [? Pronunciation what course should i take to work in a bank Related name Relationship any all core forms anglicized combination contraction diminutive elaboration from different gender from different language from place name from surname from word hellenized latinized short form variant variant transcription via meaning [?

Impression not set good bad boring classic comedic common complex delicate devious feminine formal informal masculine mature modern natural nerdy refined rough serious simple strange strong unintellectual upperclass urban wholesome youthful [? Sort default alphabetic by length random Display default detailed compact very compact. Other combinations of kanji characters can also form this name. This was the name of a 10th-century Fatimid imam. This was originally a title, which has come into English as the Arabic loanword emir.

However, it might alternatively be derived from the root jnp meaning "to decay". Anubis was the Egyptian god who led the dead to the underworld. He was often depicted as a man with the head of a jackal.

The Greeks equated him with their god Hermes. This was the name of a 6th-century Welsh saint who founded abbeys in Brittany. In Norse mythology Balder was the son of Odin and Frigg. Because of the disturbing dreams he had when he was young, his mother extracted an oath from every thing in the world that it would not harm him. However the evil fire god Loki learned that she had overlooked mistletoe. Being jealous, he tricked the blind god Hoder into throwing a branch of mistletoe at Balder, which killed him.

Saint Brendan was a 6th-century Irish abbot who, according to legend, crossed the Atlantic and reached North America with 17 other monks. Brennus was a Gallic leader of the 4th century BC who attacked and sacked Rome. This what name means prince in hebrew the name of a wife of the 11th-century Irish ruler Brian Boru. Alternatively, it may mean "not exalted". After she was thrown from a window to her death her body was eaten by dogs, fulfilling Elijah 's prophecy.

This was the name of a 7th-century Breton king, also regarded as a saint. This surname was assigned to all female Sikhs in by Guru Gobind How to make turkey tail mushroom tea. It is now used as a surname or a middle name by most female Sikhs.

The male equivalent is Singh. This is the name of a Chinese thunder god. Saint Mael was a 5th-century Breton hermit who lived in Wales. This name can be formed from other kanji combinations as well.

This was the name of a sister of the Irish king Brian Boru. This name was borne by the American musician Prince Rogers Nelsonwho is known simply as Prince.

This was the cognomen of several 3rd-century BC consuls from the gens Atilia. It was also the name of several early saints. A star in the constellation Leo bears this name as well. In the Old Testament this is the name of Abraham 's wife, considered the matriarch of the Jewish people. She was barren until she unexpectedly became pregnant with Isaac at the age of Her name was originally Saraibut God changed it at the same time Abraham's name was changed see Genesis Other kanji combinations are also possible.

He was the Aztec god of love, flowers, song and games, the twin brother of Xochiquetzal. In the Old Testament Zebulun is the tenth son of Jacob his sixth son by Leah and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. These are probably only folk etymologies. Apply this search to the user-submitted names. Modern Rare Archaic.

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The Hebrew word for prince is Nah-SEEKH ????Some may wonder about what Shar or (English version)Sar means This is "Ruler" or "Minister" ??, the two should not be confused with the word. ?????? noun masculine leader (literally probably one in front), ruler, prince; Ч absolute ?? 1 Samuel 31t.; construct (?????) ?????? 2 Kings 6t.; plural ????????? Job 3t.; ????????2Chronicles ; Ч ruler, prince Psalm ; Proverbs ; Job ; Job (in simile). Especially. 1 . From the Hebrew ???????? ('Izevel), which probably means "where is the prince?", a ritual question spoken in ceremonies honouring Baal. Alternatively, it may mean "not exalted". In the Old Testament Jezebel is the evil wife of Ahab, king of Israel.

Asked by Wiki User. Some may wonder about what Shar or English version Sar means Sar does not refer to royalty; it is an appointed position. Nah-seekh is an inherited position, usually referring to the son of the King.

There is no language known as "Jewish". Emir is an Arabic word, not a Hebrew word. There is no Hebrew word for "an. There haven't been any leaders of Hebrew tribes in thousands of years. In English biblical translations, that word is usually rendered as "prince". He is "hu". There is no Hebrew word for is. The word "womack" doesn't have a Hebrew definition. The word "womack" doesn't have a Hebrew word.

It's a name. The word Hebrew is a Hebrew word, borrowed into English from the greek language, in the same way that most Hebrew names from the Jewish Bible were borrowed into English via Greek, such as Moses and Solomon. This is not a Hebrew word.

Sydney is not a Hebrew word. It has no meaning in Hebrew. Jireh is not a Hebrew word. There no J in Hebrew. But is not a a Hebrew word. There is no Hebrew word for bishop; Hebrew borrows this word from English and pronounces it beeshof. Notsri is a Modern Hebrew word. The word Strong is not a Hebrew word. It is an English word. There is no Hebrew word for Whitney. There is no Hebrew word for tzibi. There is no such Hebrew word. There is no Hebrew word for Merdith. There is no hebrew word for Garcia.

There is no Hebrew word for Helen. There is no Hebrew word for quintero. Ask Question. English to Hebrew. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions.

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