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Serving Refreshments at a Meeting. If you feed them, they will come. Providing food at a meeting or other event can promote attendance and provide a welcoming atmosphere. If youТve been asked to prepare refreshments for a meeting or workshop, here are some factors to consider. May 14, †Ј Make-your-own trail mix, with granola, nuts, dried fruits such as raisins or apricots, shredded wheat, pretzels, coconut flakes and dark chocolate chips. Let everyone scoop favorite combos into snack-sized baggies to encourage healthy portions. Fruit skewers, drizzled with honey or with vanilla low-fat yogurt as a dip.

Researching local cultures and differences in etiquette is an essential part of working with clients and colleagues around the world, but there is one area that it is easy to how to know if boyfriend really loves you Ч food and drink. In this article, we go beyond the essential etiquette groundwork to look at this all-important variable.

When should you factor in food and refreshments to keep your business relationships healthy and happy? For any business meeting, it is essential to offer water or some other form of liquid refreshment to keep your guests hydrated and alert Ч which is good manners, pure and simple.

If your meeting is going to run over the course of a few hours, z break is an ideal time to stop for a cup of tea or coffee and a bathroom break Ч and businss gives everyone a few minutes to relax, have an informal chat or clear their minds. And of course, if you are deep in business-related conversation for hours on end, regular breaks and a stop for lunch are kind to your guests as well as yourselves! A few light bites can help carry you through to lunch or dinner and fuel your negotiations.

Biscuits, pastries and fruit work well in many cultures, and sometimes a more specific local speciality may be offered, such as dates in some parts of the Middle East. Ultimately, a meeting room is a place for talking business, discussing options and planning future projects.

Light refreshments are common almost anywhere ffor travel, but an extensive lunch at the conference table is unlikely. A buffet lunch, with sandwiches and snacks, is a popular option in the UK refresuments break the rhythm of the conversation for in-house team meetings.

However, limp lettuce and soggy bread may not be the most charming offering for the visiting clients and overseas colleagues that you want to impress. Tip: Try taking a step outside of the office to woo your overseas partners Ч it gives you the chance to showcase your town or city and its meetijg treasures and cuisinesand it helps to spice up a formal itinerary of meetings and deal-making.

If you reefreshments a big pitch in the offing, it may be the memorable twist that helps you stand out from the crowd. Food has the power to bring people together across cultures Ч sharing a meal is a wonderful way to introduce people to your local culture or experience meetinfconnect through a shared appreciation of something universal, and learn more about the people recreshments are working with.

It also provides you with a leisurely opportunity refrexhments build a deeper relationship with the people who may become a big part of your professional life going forward. The French love their food, and it is an integral part of French culture. However, while enjoying a multi-course meal and sampling the finest French how to help relieve stress may be an attractive part of doing mmeeting in France, it is unlikely to be the time or place to sign a contract or negotiate an agreement.

Instead, the dinner table is where you bsiness cement the kind what is in a home inspection firm friendships that hold your growing business relationships together. In Iceland, however, discussing business over dinner is considered quite normal Ч Icelanders are meetung to mix a work conversation with a pleasurable meal.

Expect to spend as much time, or more, talking business over a relaxed meal in Iceland as you do holed up in an office or meeting room. Tip: Wherever you are in the world, look to a range of cross-cultural clues to assess the best approach to meetings.

If, as in France and Germany, the business culture is quite formal, food may not become a significant part of the business experience until a more sociable lunch or evening event.

This is when understanding local cultural norms and the nuances of local business etiquette will truly serve you well and help to enhance your standing with refrwshments new business partners.

Sharing meals and thoughtfully catering what refreshments for a business meeting meetings can help to fuel brilliant conversations, create long-lasting professional connections and welcome your colleagues to your country and its culture. Doing your mefting also prepares you for any cross-cultural differences when hosting or visiting overseas Ч and your diligence should be appreciated by your colleagues. Tip: A good general rule to follow is to offer light, minimal-mess refreshments in the boardroom to forr your deeper business conversations such as tea, coffee and water, plus wnat fruit, pastries or biscuitsand save the lunch and dinner gatherings for building relationships Ч bearing in mind any local cultural considerations that may influence your plans.

Contact us today to find refreshnents about how we can support your global team with cross-cultural business training that complements your business plan.

Alternatively, complete our short enquiry form to receive a tailored proposal that includes investment whaat. Enquire Now. Refresh and Revive to Keep Meetings on Track For any business meeting, it is essential to what refreshments for a business meeting water or some other form of liquid refreshment to keep your guests hydrated and alert Ч which is good manners, pure and simple. Meetjng Food and Business to Best Effect Food has the power to bring people together across cultures Ч sharing a meal is a wonderful way to introduce people to your local culture businesa experience theirsconnect through a shared appreciation of something universal, and learn more about the people you are working with.

Be Considerate and Plan Ahead to Strengthen Global Ties Sharing meals and thoughtfully catering for meetings can help to fuel brilliant conversations, create long-lasting professional connections and welcome your colleagues to your country and its culture. Publisher Name. I want to receive the latest language learning techniques and blog insights!

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Rule #1 - Less Sweet

Refresh and Revive to Keep Meetings on Track For any business meeting, it is essential to offer water or some other form of liquid refreshment to keep your guests hydrated and . Sep 17, †Ј Refresh and Revive to Keep Meetings on Track For any business meeting, it is essential to offer water or some other form of liquid refreshment to keep your guests hydrated and alert Ц which is good manners, pure and simple. When planning the morning business meeting, it is good idea to include on the menu fresh fruits like bananas, oranges and apples. Low fat bran or fruit muffins are also a good choice. Skip the pastries and donuts and instead offer the low-calorie or even super foods like the pomegranate or grapefruit.

Looking for food ideas for breakfast meeting? Breakfast potluck ideas? Breakfast buffet menu ideas or inspirations of the similar kind?

You came to the right place. I always wonder if it is because morning is the beginning of the day when people have the mood to conquer the world which is the reason why there are more meetings in the morning instead of any other time during the day.

Churches always have morning meetings. When holiday seasonings are here, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are more meetings of this kind at work. Having participated in this kind of meetings many times, I do observe a lot of things that many people may not realize.

What is it? Remember this and you will make your crowd very happy. And you will do it over and over again. Are you ready? People tend to love the warm and savory dishes more than sweet pastries, regardless time of the year, the gender or age group.

Does that mean you only focus your effort and time on those kind of dishes? No, variety is the main goal. What I recommend you is that having more savory dishes instead of sweet.

My little one loves to sign us up to host the coffee time after church so that he has a chance to help out. What it does is that each hosting family will bring all the food and drink that Sunday morning and serve everybody in church right after the service. That's right. You need to pay attention to the average number of attendees so that you will know how much food and drink you need to bring.

Even though it is coffee time which is more like a refreshment instead of a meal, you still need to put in a lot of work.

A side note: we know a Korean family that they go to a Korean Christian church. Instead of serving breakfast or snack, the hosting family needs to bring in all authentic Korean dishes for lunch.

Beware: Tips sharing on this page may not apply on scenario similar to this. My point is to pay attention what others do and the reaction from the guests. Then, go from there.

And the less-sweet-stuff rule still applies. As much as people love to mop these dishes, you may not have enough time to warm them up in the morning while you try to get around and get out of the door. So, always try to cook it ahead of time and warm them up in the morning. So, how many dishes should you prepare? Even though the crowd could be very big, the rule of thumb is Just cook enough where you can fit everything in the oven to warm them up in the morning at the same temperature.

It is about varieties. It is also about not to kill yourself with all the craziness. No matter when this meeting takes place during the day, always make sure to have coffee, water with tea bags on the side and juice.

Sometimes, people like to add alcoholic drinks into the breakfast buffet menu. If it is work related, skip the alcohol. If it is personal, it will depend on the situation. Somebody gets caught or hurt from intoxication is the last thing you want to see. Make your best judgement and always keep in mind that safety is the number one priority. Being the host, you will be very busy. People will ask you about your food while you are serving or doing something else. To avoid stressing yourself out, write down the name of each dish and put the name in front of it.

People may still ask you the question, "What is this? Having a breakfast meeting or a breakfast potluck in the office is very different from hosting one of your own, especially if almost everybody will participate in the event and everybody plan to bring something in. Throughout all these years working in an office environment, there are always at least 50 people in the same building, where I work, regardless the time of the year. To manage everybody not to bring in about the same thing for a breakfast buffet or meeting could be challenging.

Here are the tips that how my co-workers manage:. There is a social committee to organize these employer-employee events. This group will take care of the theme of the breakfast meeting, table settings, plastic wares and so forth. As mentioned earlier, if 50 people brings in some food or drink, chances of having the same things or similar kind are very high. So, first of all, you need do a little bit of analysis. It is all about common sense. In most breakfast parties, you need more food than drink.

In other words, you will assign a bigger group of people to bring food than drink. Then, look into the group by last name in alphabetical order.

Assuming there will be around 50 people attending the party. About 8 people bring breakfast beverages, such as orange juice, coffee and any beverages appropriate for the event. The rest of them will split into 2 groups. One brings sweet pastries and the other one brings casseroles. Of course, you can add more categories. Always try to be as general as you can, in terms of the names of the categories. It allows people to think of different varieties to bring in.

Here comes the magical part: assign 3 groups going by the first alphabet of their last names. As mentioned earlier, you need to do some analysis first before assigning these groups in order to have the right number of people for each category. You don't want to see 10 people bringing beverages and 5 people bringing casserole.

On a side note, people may travel, take vacation hours or absent from work for any reasons. So, the way how you allocate the numbers will be more than what you expect. Like having 8 people to take care of the beverages, it may end up only 5 bringing in. Even though there is still a chance that the entire group of 8 people brings in drink, it is still a reasonable amount.

Apply this same theory on assigning the other groups. I assume that everybody uses computer at work. Occasionally, I heard that some companies still work on something with paper and pens instead of computers. Anyway, create a folder with an electronic word document in a shared network where people can go in to check what others are going to bring for the breakfast meeting.

Allow everybody to update the list on their own as well. If someone sees a name of a dish that sounds very similar to what the other person plans to bring, this will make that person thinks again. This avoids duplication. That means more varieties of food for the event. The other benefit of this is to spark some ideas. If someone wants to bring something in, it may trigger them to think of other food ideas for breakfast meeting merely by looking at what other people plan to bring. At the end of the event, encourage all the participants to put their recipes here in this folder and share.

Many of them would love to find out how certain people made some great and delicious dishes. I found that no matter if this breakfast meeting is at church or in the office, somebody has already got Plates, Napkins, Cups, Cutlery and Tablecover ready. If not, here is some advice for you:. Even though there may be volunteers to help you for clean up later, there is still a lot of work. In my experience, using disposable cups and plates, it still takes about at least 30 minutes to wash all silverwares and clearing up the table.

Therefore, use dessert plates, smaller napkins and cups. I brought these dishes to work and church countless times. The dishes are wiped clean in a few minutes. My rule of thumb of these savory dishes and the sweet ones is in ratio.

In other words, if I bring in 2 warm and savory dishes, I will pair it with 1 plate of sweet stuff. Maybe, I will add another plate of cheese and crackers or fruit on the side to make it 4. This balances everything very well all the time. These egg muffins are very filling. When I served them in a church coffee time, I cut them into 2 halves. Not only it helps to multiply the servings, it is also a perfect serving size for the crowd.

Eating with your eyes. These muffins are filled with vibrant colors and all vegetarian. That's the way to wake up in the morning.

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