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Recommended 26 January. Recommended 24 January. View Full List. Free To Play. Free to Play. Narrow by preferences Hide ignored items Hide items in my library. American Truck Simulator has come a long way since its hazy beginnings. Multiple trucks to purchase and places to see. American Radio channels help set the tone. My friend Pedro is a 2D side-scrolling shooter where someone feels the need to eliminate everyone while doing some kind of parkour just because a banana told him.

Read the full review. Continue your thrilling journey in The Gamd 2 if you enjoyed the prequel stam will definitely love this one. Team up and slam nuy. This is how a modern NBA Jam would look like. With an ending that will simply touch your bky, a short game but an enjoyable one give a chance to this GYAMH! Sci-fi themed walking simulator. You play as Amy and your mission is to recover Tacoma AI and uncover a series of events that happened not long ago you arrived.

Hades is a rogue-like how to make affair with married woman in Greek mythology and is the most engaging game from this genre I've played so far.

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A Way Out (70 per cent off)

Feb 15,  · Dota 2 is another eSports favourite and also one of the most-played games on Steam. It regularly tops the Steam Charts for most current players and is a true PC gaming love mybajaguide.comted Reading Time: 8 mins. I don't know what games you like but my cheapest and best value game I've bought is Rising Storm 2. It's a Vietnam era game and it's so great! Bought it for like 4 bucks on G2a but I think it's cheap on Steam .

Pocket-lint - Whether a game is good or not is often down to personal opinion, but we've crafted this list of fantastic PC games we've enjoyed that you might too. We've played and reviewed a range of games so you're bound to find something to suit.

Whether you're looking for free-to-play Battle Royale , deeply engrossing RPGs or tactical shooters, we've got a bit of everything. Here then is our list of the best PC games you can get from a range of platforms, presented in no particular order. D is not just another Battle Royale game, it's also one of the best.

Like Fortnite, it's free to play, but unlike the others it doesn't take itself too seriously. This game is based off the engine for upcoming WW2 MMO Enlisted and features a range of hilarity and brilliant gameplay that we love. For instance, you can equip special slippers that help you jump great heights or winged shin pads that help your run quickly, but wearing them hurts your stamina and means you can't run for as long without getting tired.

There are a number of different characters to choose from too, with special abilities that really make things interesting. One of these characters can raise gun-toting zombies to assist him, another can go invisible for a short time, another can dash off into the sky like Thor. It almost goes without saying, but you can't really have a best games list without including Fortnite. It's one of the biggest gaming crazes to have swept across the world.

Fortnite might not be a PC exclusive, nor is it necessarily the best game on PC, but it is mighty popular. Fortnite took the already loved Battle Royale genre and mixed in base-building, cartoon graphics and much more besides to make the game appeal to a wider audience. It's technically free-to-play but also regularly refreshed with new content that can be earned or purchased with a " Battle Pass ".

These are optional purchases which offer cosmetics such as loading screens, banners, character emotes, different gliders and more. It's certainly not pay-to-win, but it is a lot of fun. It's far more serious than Fortnite and doesn't have any base building elements, but the people love it. If you're serious about winning chicken dinners, then this is the game to play. It's been updated a fair bit since it launched too so there's plenty of fun to be had for new players and old alike.

It's been about since , but still plays marvellously. We've sunk around hours into this stunning RPG and loved every minute. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an extraordinary feat in game design, with a massive breath-taking world for you to get lost in. From slaying monsters to laying with wenches, the Witcher 3 has it all. Monster Hunter: World is one of those games that PC gamers had to wait for.

It released on console in early and we loved it , but had to wait until August to get stuck in on PC. Monster Hunter World allows you to play the "ultimate hunting experience" either on your own or with friends. The result of which is a gloriously addictive and endlessly charming game we're sure you'll love. You play Henry, a blacksmith's son who finds himself thrust into the chaos of war as his friends and family are slaughtered when a mercenary raid descends on his peaceful village. Henry then sets off on an adventure to aid the locals, fight off the bandits and help fight for the future of Bohemia.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a brilliant RPG for those who love the idea of messing about in medieval times. But don't expect to win every battle as you'll need to learn how to fight first and to earn enough money for good weapons, armour and a decent horse. You're only a blacksmith after all, so being surrounded by knights in heavy armour often results in a painful and messy death.

We utterly love this game and all the challenges it throws at us. PC gamers will also enjoy the fact that this game is challenging for your system. Try running it on ultra settings and you'll be warned those visuals are only intended for future hardware.

It's like Crysis but for the new age. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is undeniably spectacular. We thought Origins and Odyssey were great but Valhalla is something new and refreshing. Now we're in the boots of a Viking warrior on the shores of ancient England wreaking havoc. It's a fantastic outing in the series, with a reworked skills system and awesome RPG elements that make it incredibly enjoyable for hours and hours. One highlight is the ability to call your fellow Vikings in to help you raid nearby monasteries and enemy bases to find resources to build your own as well.

Mad Max is getting on now, but that's great because it means it's regularly on sale for next to nothing. It's a cracking game with hand-to-hand combat that feels like the Batman games from Rocksteady Studios, only more fierce and brutal.

It's a massively open-world adventure set in the post-apocalyptic Mad Max universe with a dash of both character and car RPG-like progression.

Upgrade your gear, weapons and vehicle to tear up the landscape. Hours and hours of fun. Path of Exile is one of those games that was great when it first released and has continued to get better ever since. It's an Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world with a heavy emphasis on visceral combat, deep character customisation and good, old-fashioned fun.

This is game is also not only free-to-play but also supports singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op gameplay too. Doom has finally made it to Earth and the planet is rife with all manner of demonic hordes that need slaying.

It's your mission to mash. We've smashed, torn and dashed our way through Doom Eternal and found it to be a whole lot of frantic fun. You know what you're getting with Doom and the latest outing is a highly polished, visceral thrill-ride of demon-slaying chaos. If you enjoy playing your shooters at full-tilt then Doom Eternal is a perfect choice. It's intense, fun and oh-so-satisfying too. Certainly not for the young ones though. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is getting a fresh new outing and is going back to its roots.

This time around there's a gripping single-player campaign , co-op gameplay and, of course, multiplayer mode. Infinity Ward has really pulled out all the stops with this one in our mind. It feels very much like the original Modern Warfare did back in Less jetpacks, much more serious stealth action. Fans of the older Call of Duty games will enjoy this one for sure.

Once you've finished the campaign, there's multiple co-op levels to play and a rejuvenated multiplayer experience that includes a player mode called Ground War. Metro Exodus is the third outing in the series and another return to brilliance from 4A Games. You take on the role of Artyom who is desperately in search of signs of life beyond the irradiated and desolate ruins of Moscow. Battling for survival against the harsh climate and a wealth of baddies that include everything from bandits, to winged beasts, belligerent mutants and venom spitting spiders.

There's a real sense of misery and hard times here as you're constantly forced to forage for ammo, gear and supplies to keep your guns firing or stalk through the shadows carefully avoiding death. Later on, a serious Mad Max vibe eeks into the game too and we can't say much without spoiling it, but we loved it. If you enjoyed the previous games, this one is bound to be a hit as well. And on PC it looks absolutely stunning. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege originally appeared on the scene in But it's by no means an old game as it's constantly being updated, reworked and refreshed with new content, characters and maps.

This game is, in essence, an online tactical shooter which pits one small team of players against another. Each "operator" in the game has a different play style with weapons and gadgets to help them complete their mission. What happens in the game will depend heavily on which characters are being played, so there's plenty of variety and a lot of fun too. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege can also be purchased as a base game for a very reasonable sum - allowing you to work your way through the main operators or you can pay for the complete editions and get access to even more.

Developed by a small independent team, crafted in Unreal Engine 4 and built with a focus on realistic gameplay , Hell Let Loose is another WW2 game full of promise. This game reminds us of Post Scriptum and certainly seems like a full-on tactical military simulator. Although currently in early access, Hell Let Loose is certainly well worth looking at. If you're a fan of more serious military sim style shooters like ARMA or Squad then this will certainly tick your boxes.

There's a lot of humping around the map, accidental team kills and frustrating moments where you've no idea who killed you, but there's also a lot of fun to be had, especially when playing with friends. Teamwork is key not only to your team winning but also to your enjoyment of this one. Get three gamers together and hop in a tank - with one carefully driving, one manning the main gun and one commanding and you'll soon smash your way through enemy lines.

You'll also find how tough the WW2 battles were though, when it takes an age to turn your turret or you can barely see a thing through the tiny vision slits in the front. Overwatch is essentially an online-only first-person shooter-slash-brawler with colourful, cartoon graphics and enormously enjoyable gameplay. It's a popular eSports game but great for casual gamers too. We thought it was utterly brilliant when we reviewed it in and it still keeps bringing joy to the masses even now.

Overwatch is almost certainly another game design triumph from Blizzard and well worth playing. Valorant feels like an interesting cross between CS:Go and Overwatch. A competitive shooter that pitches two small teams against one another.

Hero classes have their own special abilities and can make or break the game depending on how they're used. Valorant isn't exactly fast-paced but it is tricky to master, just like the other competitive shooters out there. It's also a lot of fun and it's free too - which is the best price for anything. Superhot is a brilliantly crafted first-person shooter where time moves only when you move.

This makes for some really interesting game mechanics and thoroughly immersive gameplay. This is certainly an FPS that requires some thought while you play. You'll need to suss out the situation every time you spawn, but even turning to look around moves time forward and brings on the horde of enemies hell-bent on killing you. Superhot is fantastic and it's even better in VR.

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